Friday, July 31, 2009

What's a Wall????

OK now ...What is a wall ...and how come I have all these e-mails suddenly? ....from people, some of whom I haven't been in contact with for 10-20 years ...and some I've never heard of ... or I have totally blotted from my aging mind. The answer .... Face Book.
I only asked DD about it in passing and now here I am totally drowning in emails. I panicked ...I'm not good with new concepts especially those connected to the Internet.
On hearing yelps , and maniacal mutterings DD rushed in to give assistance ...thinking the worst. 'Dont panic ...I joined you.' she nonchilontly replied to my utterings ......... 'WHY' ... I spluttered .... 'Got fed up with all my friends asking about you thought you should talk to them' came the reply 'and any way there are loads of people out there that may want to make contact, for old times sake' ...and with that she left ... leaving me bewildered and bemused. She has now prommised to spend some time with me , while I sort myself out and become confident on it she mad???? ...does she not remember that it took six months for me to feel confident on Blogger??? lol.

Talking of Blogs .... am I a boring person ?? .... no do not answer that ...what I mean is, everyone seems to want and enjoy changing headers, colours and the bits down the side but I'm still happy with the original ones my daughter set up for me, in the colours I requested. Is it expected of one to regularly change it all? ....OK you can answer that ... I've had mine for a year-ish and it is only crossing my mind now ... because others are doing it ... often.

Well I did finish my LO from WOYWW and here it is ... hope you like it.

Ended up painting chip board as I couldn't find any Thickers that I was happy with ...unbelievable considering the number of packs we have between us, here in this house. The idea was sort of a modern and vintage mix as they remind me of two little old men reading their newspapers lol ... Statler and Waldorf ... lol. I think DS will kill me for that remark.

I must rev up my mojo and get some more Heritage LO's done .... I am getting some lovely responses to my FH blog on the UKS Genealogy forum and it makes me so happy that people who only know me through UKS can enjoy these LO's and MY Family History too. Thank you ladies.

I shall go now as a I feel a glimmer of mojo coming on
Thanks for reading this.

Take Care xx


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh Angie, Facebook - I'm very impressed and scared for you!! I have a reallymean theory though..which is why I'm not a FB member..if we aren't already in touch or haven't stayed in we really want to be now? Your LO is GORGEOUS, I could just eat those babies. And boring? Now don't be silly. Keeping your blog the way YOU like it is confirmation that you know what you want and like. Me, I'm a changer because I don't know want I want. Choice is a killer for me.

Carmen said...

Boring and you don't really go in the same sentence now do they? I'm lucky, I found a background I loved almost straight away and can't imagine getting rid of my raven, he's my little pet.

As for Facebook, I'm only a member so Craig can spy on what his family is up to *g* and there are some cool giveaway comps on there that you have to have a FB account to enter (I've yet to win any though) You can, when people request to be your friend on there, press ignore. I've done it loads of times. Nine times out of ten it's people that didn't want to know me in the past so they're not geting to know me now. It's back to that discussion Julia's been having on her blog about followers. It's people wanting hundreds of 'friends' showing on their page.

Jazzy1972 said...

Tee Hee! pop to my blog when you get a chance, I have given you an award. xx

Emilie said...

Gorgeous lo!!!

I fell for facebook too! great way to stay in touch with my friends and family back in france!
I love reading you and you are defenetly not boring!!! I find that the best blogs are always the simplest one without all the decoration in the background... but only my opinion...

LadyBug said...

I have to say I'm a regular Facebooker and have been for a couple of years. it's amazing how many people i have "found" or been "found" by since joining. It's also I great way for me to chat with my sister and friends who I left ont he mainland when we moved here. although I do have all the emails turned off as I can't stand being told via email everytime someone does something..... drives me mad!!!
Defo nothing wrong with your blog staying the same Mine only changes so often as I'm fickle ;) and love new shiney things :)
your grandsons are delightful!!! look at their little faces! so full of joy while looking at their books. and the blue is a perfect match!

Jocelyn said...

Oh you are so cute!!!!! Look at you Miss Popular on fun!!! NO YOU ARE NOT BORING!!!! I used to change my Blog every week and now that I have had it done for me.....I am not changing a thing...I love it and I love yours!!!!! Your Page is just those pics and the colors and details are just PERFECT!!!! is a major thing and when it hits.....grab it!!! Love you sweet friend and thanks for all the wonderful comments!!! :)

Julia Dunnit said...

Aha, thanks for the inspiration! And 1972 is an OMG becuase I was already at Juniors and good grief, it only seems like 10 minutes ago -lucky Jay, huh!

JaneH said...

LOL... I keep getting reminders to look at Facebook but just can't figure out how it all works. Just under-impressed. Give me good ol' blogs anyday!

Thanks for the comments on my blog. It's nice now to see what YOU've been up to. Love your family history blog as well.