Wednesday, July 29, 2009

WOYWW ....8

Well its WOYWW again and STILL no Del ...I have had no real mojo all week ... until last night! What is it about the approach of this Wednesday blog get- together that often kick starts the grey matter.You nearly didn't get a photo as DD went out with the camers but it isback now. My area is a mess but there in the middle of it all is a 3/4 done LO I must try and finish it tomorrow . I have even started to think about making a mini book, using Ladybugs instructions, but normally, they are not my thing. I have done the odd 6x6and a 'Tags on ring' thingy once but her book has started me thinking about gifts. It crossed my mind that I could make it, without photos, and then give it to non crafty friends who could fill it as a 'brag book' with photos of their chidren/grandchildren /pets etc.

A big THANK YOU to all of you that gave me ideas on how to deal with the ferocious feline. Shooting ... with water ... seems the most popular but the chilli/curry powder idea sounded tempting except that my own cats might be upset by it.

Thanks for reading this ... its a bit short but it makes up for all the long ones lol .... Iwill be back soon with finished LO ... hopefully

Take Care xx


Carmen said...

That's alright I did a humungous post to counterbalance things ;)

Brilliant idea on the brag book gifts. There's a thought I may have to remember.

Love your duckie peeking over the top there and overseeing things :D

Julia Dunnit said...

Ooh Angie, that LO looks interesting! Sad to hear that Del; or the erm, body parts, are't appearing - haveyou checked with that other scrap talent in your house - could she be a ducknapper?
LOVE that you think of WOYWW as a blog get-together - perfect. And...whatcha planning for that lovely bottle of paint??

LadyBug said...

pleased to see big yellow ducky has lived to face another WOYWW. I was worried the mogs may have been off with her as well ;) photoless minibooks is a great idea! I had thought to make up a huge pile of them and do a craft stall at a boot sale??? good luck with the angry cat!

Sam said...

Your desk looks very busy!The brag books are a good idea, ladybug showed me how to make them when i popped in for coffee one day and now i have made loads, they are so easy!

Debsg said...

Brag book, thanks for the idea. Love the duck.

Claireliz said...

Hi, nothing wrong with short posts. Thanks for the tag.. as it happens I'm an obssessive reader.

Jocelyn said...

Short posts are good....right down to what we hear from you sweet friend!!!! Can't wait to see the creations!!!! :)

my5bratz said...

I'll have to send you a pic of this duck I saw while out first thought was wouldnt Ange love to get her hands on that chance of being dragged off to see Dels big sister is still hanging round ;0)