Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Well its nearly WOYWW 108

Not sure what is up with my creativity …I’ve gone through boxes of paper… and embellishments …I’ve even had some glimmers of inspiration …and jotted down an idea or two …even created a sketch from a friends LO at our crop, but nothing is happening …creative brain seems to have shut down.

I did manage two …just …at the crop on Saturday...and I think I like them ...the one of Emma and the twins has been waiting to be scrapped for ages (sorry they are rubbish shots …must take another of Michael when I put it on my other blog) ….

... but from then, nothing … no LO’s will become a reality, even though I want to scrap so much… so I then tried to put brain in gear for card making …need one done for Friday ...actually found paper that would be suitable and fiddled … and faffed … lots of sighs … but still nothing developed. The door bell rang to break the chain of deep and annoyed sighs … it was the postman … with a packet for ME….and the contents are now what’s on my desk….it was my 2nd prize from Jo at JOZART. …if this is 2nd ….1st will be a very happy bunny.

It is still there from yesterday so it is my WOYWW photo, as I gave up and went out to sit by the sea as it was actually sunny up here …yes I know everywhere else in the UK has been suffering 30+ degrees, on and off, but we have been at about 12-14 and very wet…. it must have been about 20+ by the coast and my face got burnt.

I had a great time just sitting and reading by the sea…not to mention the large Belgian Bun I shared with these two …

I think they were siblings or husband and wife …one kept telling the other off but they stayed with me for ages …just soaring into the sky now and then and returning for a chat.

On Saturday, I treated myself to some more Pro-markers from the visiting shop …ANGEL CRAFTS ….well I had to make my new drawers a little fuller and these two new stamps should work well with them I think

…oh yes… a clock mask slipped in too lol…maybe I should give up being creative and just loose myself in colouring for a while …I really did think my organized new room would inspire me …maybe I’m trying too hard …or its too organized lol.

Computer still poorly but DD has taken off everything of importance onto ‘sticks’ …will be taking your advice and getting an external hard drive soon as I can.... and probably a new tower.

Take Care xx

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Its 3'o' clock and I have just realized that its that special day of the week when I stick glued to my computer ....who I have to say is VERY poorly and may soon be destined for computer heaven. I am panicking about everything that is stored on my ancient box of tricks ...well I don't think its that old but apparently eight is like a hundred in human years ....and how much it is going to be ....and which Peter will be robbed to pay for Paul.

Well the question is as always,
WOYW ...this W.
Well I have to say very little that is artistic as I have been looking at my Family History this week ... but I have bought some storage bits....some still on the desk here ....some 3" rings for a friend, for her very fat book and if you look to the left, on the shelf, a cute 6x6 set of drawers for my
Promarkers along with two paper folders that might be handy when cropping.... I hold my hands up to the Mars wrapper ...yes it was a double and it was cast there instead of the bin ...that's what stress does ...well that's my excuse. lol

Take Care xx

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WOYWW ...Week 106 already

This is my desk this week…

I have been playing with my relatively new Promarkers which I have not used for colouring images much yet so I thought I would run a few images off and have a proper go…Thanks MaggieC for the tip to leave the images to dry properly…24hrs seems best.

I am rubbish at drawing so found some ‘how to draw’ sheets (seen to the left) …I am still rubbish lol

I also treated myself to two new stamps …. and a couple of sheets of A4 card, which I don't normally buy ... to make birthday cards with ( seen to the right) …Robbie’s Birthday theme is to be pirates.

I have tried to keep it short and sweet this week as my other posts earlier this week have been a little family photo heavy.

Will get round to as many of you as I can over the next few days. Loved last week ...seeing all the wonderful PIF creations.

Take Care xx

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nursery School ...Obstacle Race

Here is better Cake pictures …

I chilled on Sunday but the others had a day out to a park that had everything from a Petting zoo to go-carts. They had a wonderful day. Unfortunately Monday brought a bug ….Kristofer was so sick …but less than 12 hours later he was asking for toast and jam!!!. I remember a wonderful doctor we had when my ones were young, who said give them what they ask for …no matter how strange …it will stay down longer. …and it does. He is now fine and did his Obstacle Race today …with Robbie …at Nursery School.

We didn’t expect Robbie to take part, as these sort of occasions overwhelm him …last year he just clung to Vicki after a melt down but this year he seemed keener. Just before the start he dissolved into tears but a hug from Vicki and left on his own, to decide when to start …he tacked on to the end of the girls …. , resulted in these photos

Kris enjoyed him self too although looks serious ....

Take Care xx

Ooops … spoke too soon …Kris is now upset at the other end !!!! should have realised he was still not quite himself.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Well we survived ...

There were 12 children ... one under 1 ...one under 2 ...2 over 11 and the rest between just about 3 and 6 ... and 10 chatting adults. I have to say that the older two boys were fantastic with the little ones. We covered the floor in balloons and put the music on ....everyone was happy...who wouldn't be with balloons to play with/burst ....loads of food ... and pass the parcels with little prizes in each layer ...a huge cake ... everyone was still happy .... and then a party bag to leave with, tailored to each child....we cracked it I think.
Here are a few photos ...not very good ones as I didn't realise I had a dirty lense .....

The food buffet tables... as we were getting them ready.... organized

...... to cover all heights .... can you see the animal shaped sandwiches?

Getting ready for one of the pass the parcels....

Which twin got it ???.....

Birthday boy opening the present he had put on the top of his list

The cake Vicki created for the little boy who loves sweets ...touch of the Willie Wonkas but without chocolate dont you think.LOL ...I must get better shots of it from Vicki.

...And I have to squeeze in one of Olly
Take Care xx

Friday, June 10, 2011

I really am not a card maker ...but I try

I have made the first three cards of the four I need.... one is for tomorrow and the other two are needed to go with presents for next week.
I called on the computer and peel-offs for help ...I know they are a dirty word amongst you creative card makers and i should wash my mouth out with soap and water, but they just work for me on kids cards ...and I did only use words and numbers lol.

As the recipients are unlikely to look at my blog I thought it was safe to show you them today.

This is for Kristofer ....who is obsessed by the number 4 ... as that is what he will be on his birthday ... and runs around finding 4's on everything. I thought I would use the word 'Grandson' as he often calls me Nana Anja rather than the original Nanja that he called me, when he first came to stay.

The next two are for the twins ... what I didn't know at the time of their naming was that they had Super Hero name sakes ... Ben Grimm aka Thing ... and Jake Olsen akaThor ...only found out when their new room was decorated.

Will be back after the party ...if I survive

Take Care xx

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

This is the beginning of our 3rd year together …. wk 105.

Well as I said on the last post… I really did manage to visit everyone on the list … one or two didn’t want to let me leave a comment and I may just have missed a couple of you when the numbers seemed to change …but all in all it was a fantastic day …or in my case 3 days .. of visits, to all you WOYWW crafters out there. So much to look at ...so many ideas ...so many tips. I really regreted not playing along with the PIF but cant wait to see all your creations on show this week.

Told you I couldn’t stay tidy …this is actually the contents of the ‘to file’ box where I dumped bits as I was trying to allocate homes for things …now I HAVE to find homes for these …today.

I have noticed so many ‘to file’ containers as I have nosed around your spaces but I think mine is the biggest ….a 12”x12”x13” cube that fits in a square beneath the desktop. …any advances ????.

So what have I actually done in my sanctum this week? ….I have been through all my papers and tried to kind of sort them and label the boxes they are in.

I still have a large box in the loft to go through as well ….later…most of them are ‘bulk buy’ remainders from a certain shopping channel … and those that were bought while the balance of my mind was ….well …disturbed and certainly else where. You know the sort of stuff ...the 'Why did I ever buy it'. and the 'dont remember that one' ...... I think Charity Crafter may be getting another load lol.

DD put my knobs on for me …not sure where she found the time …it has been another busy week …and she gave me this room warming pressy too.

I will be doing a little crafting later in the week as I HAVE to make four birthday cards …and then we have a 4 year olds party on Saturday …has anyone some spare Valium ???? lol. Thankfully Vicki is doing most of the organizing and cake making …I’m on sandwiches and sausage rolls etc.

I will not make it round everyone this week but I will do as many as I can and I promise to visit everyone who drops by my place.

Take Care xx

Monday, June 06, 2011

A Give Away I though you Might Like

It is Monday already …not sure I will have much to show you on WOYWW as I am still sorting …what fun it is…I will have to see …but what a great WOYWW last week was. I actually managed to visit everyone….all 130+.

Now the reason I am posting today is because of a ‘Give Away’ and I know how much you all love some thing for free so I thought I would pass it on.

Just pop over to Vicki’s blog and leave a comment …. Easy or what!.

Can not do a post without a photo ….The kind lady at Cupar Library found and emailed me the following pictures of James Stark whom I spoke of, on a previous post….so kind of her.

This was a post card from 1922 of the ‘Angel’ being unveiled by Earl Haig and James Stark.

This is from an almanac of 1912 …when he became provost

A LO soon I think.

Take Care xx

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Two Today ….WOYWW 104 ?

I want to wish this amazing family of crafters
Very Happy 2nd Birthday
send a big THANK YOU to Julia Dunnit …mother of this brain child.

The answer, however, to the question in the header is, I’m afraid …NOTHING. For once, in the two years I have been a part of this amazing group, which evolved from an idea that rolled around in the brain of JD ….my work area is ….TIDY. So all those that know me …will you get up off the floor where I know you must be …suffering from shock.

This tidy thing is because I have moved all my stuff back into my newly decorated room which has become my space for … blogging …. crafting …and sleeping. …my inner sanctum. I still have to make it homey with photos and pictures … sort each area and label what is in the boxes … sort out curtains and put on some new door knobs …when I say ‘I’ with regards to the knobs I mean hand them to DD with a screw driver lol. The room is not very large but I think I have made good use of the space …and best of all … I LOVE IT.

Take a look …it may never be like this again …once I get creative. The cream cupboards, which were white, have been revamped with a coat, or three, of paint and are full of stash in boxes and my clothes…could not bear to replace them … along with my computer desk and my other unit for clothes and the TV …maybe one day there will be Expedit as far as the eye can see.

I would like to ask one question of you who have Ikea Expedit. …

’What plastic storage boxes do you use in the cubes???’

Several people told me that the 12x12 Really Useful boxes are brilliant …without their lids … and as they sit inside each other only the top one in open …but they don’t….or has Ikea changed the dimensions slightly??

I am sitting here listening to an amazing CD of pipe and drum music called ‘Keeping it Tribal’. This is only possible due to DD informing me the other day that I am a total Techno Dunce….and I have to agree. I was asking her what I should do about a CD player as I was ordering a TV for the room …she was struck dumb for a moment and gave me that look that said ‘stupid or what??’ …."USE THE COMPUTER" finally came the reply … I gave that pathetic look and she sighed a sigh that could have extinguished a hundred candles as she gave me the toddlers guide to playing music on the computer.

I am so sorry, fellow crafters, that I am NOT taking part in the PIF …life and my room got in the way …which is a shame as DD gave me a brilliant idea …maybe I’ll make it for my self.

I shall make an extra effort on this special week, to get round to more than the 70 I usually manage … but be assured, everyone who drops by and leaves a comment for me, will get one from me too, if I haven’t yet made it to them already …it may take a few days though …maybe nearly the week but I’ll get there.

Take Care xx