Wednesday, March 28, 2012

woyww ..wk 147 ...Not a Lot

My desk is a mess ...hardly changed so no photo ...and I really have not been crafting much....nearly didn't join in again but I did make DIL to be, a birthday card

and I have finally finished kniting my Jo Scarf ...must get the beads attached now. I have also started the front of my jumper but had to rip down about 12 rows due to an error ...grrrr.

I have been baking loads of my plain scones simple and quick ...go with everything....disappear fast ...hence no I think that they are similar to American biscuits.
I really miss it when I'm not being part of this weekly gathering so I hope you will excuse the lack of a desk shot.
I have made this a short one ... hoping to get more crafty in future weeks.

We are having a few days heat wave up here at the moment ...on Suday night we all were in at the neighbours ..having a glass of wine while the kids had a late night playing to gether. They had just installed a Fire Pit was fun relaxing but we all could not get over sitting out in the garden at 9pm in T-shirts .. in March Scotland....we had better enjoy it may be our summer lol
Take Care

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The sea ...and some sadness.

Today I did not take my camera with me as I was just going to Lidl for ‘messages’ as they call picking up a few bits, up here but the call of the sea on such a glorious day brought me to a bench over looking it. I wanted to capture what I saw and felt but this time in prose rather than film.

The rhythmic sounds of the advancing tide almost hypnotized me as I sat watching what lay before me. What could have been a beautiful beach was in fact covered in debris, left behind when the sea last retreated.

Through a gap in the thin low blanket of cloud, the sun streamed down on to my face, so hot that my skin felt as though it was burning. I was not dressed for this unexpected warmth, not even a light breeze was present to reduce the effect it was having on me.

The water was a murky, silver grey in appearance and the view of the horizon beyond, was masked by an eyrie mist.

Numerous black specks could be seen moving along with the tide that flows through the centre of the firth, some bigger than others, oh how I wished that I had had some binoculars with me.

A couple of the larger specks looked like a swimming creature rather than the gulls I had at first thought them to be, in fact at least two disappeared beneath the water for at least thirty seconds before reappearing and continuing on their way in the direction of rocks further round the coast, where seals are known to bask but the smaller specks suddenly took flight confirming them to be some of the many gulls that normally fill the air above the water.

As the markers on the beach disappeared beneath the in coming water and the mist began to lift, a slight breeze picked up but only complemented the warmth of the sun on my face and made it even harder to believe that it was only the 22nd March and whats more, in ’ Bonny Scotland’ too.

I missed Woyww this week as I was worried about Maddie aka Madison Mistoffelees ...our wonderful 12 year old Sandy Tabby. I had to take to the vet and sadly our fears were confirmed …she has breast cancer. There is nothing they can do as any invasive treatment has little chance of success and would cause great discomfort. She will stay at home being treated to all the things she loves while we keep a watchful eye …any sign of distress will make the decision for us …it could be a few weeks as it has developed so quickly or several months …we will just wait and watch. Sorry this is a little depressing but it helps to ‘talk’.

This was her this morning ...a little sleepy.

Take care xx

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WOYWW 145 ...or rather my table

Not quite sure where week 144 went and this past week has sped by again with little crafting done...but I have managed a little knitting and have promised myself that I will clear my desk and get on with the many projects in hand.
What you can see is the result of my Birthday visit to Hobby Craft ...I could have bought so much more but I was restrained ...for once....and enjoyed wandering around ...up and down the aisles ...every single one ...well it was a great way to work off the wonderful Chinese Buffet we had for lunch....and give me some room for a cream tea....yum
I could not resist the 'Buy 2 get 1 free' offer on PVA ...and the tiny Tapestry frame ...ideal for traveling ....and the beads were 'Fill a Cup for 4.99' perfect for finishing Jozarts scarf deign ...oh yes I now have a proper light so I have no excuse not to craft in the evenings.

I thought I would let you have a peek at some of my 'Cat Collection' ...I only add the odd one occasionally, nowadays.
See ...I can do short ones lol ...and the verification is off.
Take Care xx

Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Birthday with my Family

The perfect way to celebrate a birthday …in the midst of ones family …watching the grandsons play together.'Hungry Hippos ' was a great success.

We had a lunch prepared by Vicki and Jay, that was more like a Birthday Tea …everyone enjoyed it …it was such fun …and I then sat watching them all play together …adults and kids alike and listening to all the giggles was magical.

Later in the after noon I was brought a Birthday cake …not with 65 candles thank goodness … as I had to blow them out. …much to the joy of Ben and Jake, who cheered and clapped as the flames were extinguished in one blow. (not a flattering shot)

As for presents …they were perfect too. My main one from Vicki and Jay is a few days away in Inverness in a little hotel over looking the River Ness (booked for Mid May). To open on the day was a DVD of ‘Call the Mid Wife’ …I had moaned that I missed the series on the TV… and of course my Chinese meal that had to be postponed along with my craft shop, due to being unwell yesterday... my actual birthday ( all planned now for Tuesday )

Steve and Emma gave me some cash to spend on what ever I fancied .. and a rose bush called ‘A Mum in a Million’ and a really unusual pot to plant it in …a pottery one modelled on a leather milk maids bucket … it will sit on the door step to welcome visitors…. and I’m keeping the name label prominent so that every one can read it... lol.

I have to say this is one of the best birthdays ever.

Take Care xx

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Its My Birthday …and I can cry if I want to

Around 9am on the 10th March 1947, I entered this world as a tiny 5lb bundle of joy…so not sure what I really feel about turning 65 today …sort of numb …full of disbelief as inside my head I am not even 45 …and relief that I’ve actually reached it, as physically I don’t match up to the 80 years olds up here

Now how did I feel on some of my past birthdays … well the morning of my 20th found me sobbing and when I was asked why, I just managed to say that it was because I was no longer a teenager …maybe I was just scared to grow up

My 30th came and went …too busy being a Mum to worry

My 40th I kept quiet about …I let it pass with as few knowing as possible … it was marked only by close family…I was not ready to face the big 4..0

My 50th was the one where I decided to grow up and grow old gracefully …a mistake …should have waited another 10 or so years

My 60th was exciting …why?…because I got my Bus Pass and now could travel free. This may seem a little thing to most of you out there but it is an amazing saving as public transport is so expensive here in Fife....and I actually 'whooooped' when it dropped through the letter box sad am I lol

So 65 is really just another year …another number .. . …and is it any different to any of the other sixty four…or is it the start of another chapter maybe.

Today I’m being treated to Chinese Buffet lunch and a day wandering around a Craft Supermarket … and tomorrow the family will be here …all together spending the day with me….no party just a simple light lunch. …and that’s just perfect …what more could I ask for.

Take Care xx