Thursday, March 22, 2012

The sea ...and some sadness.

Today I did not take my camera with me as I was just going to Lidl for ‘messages’ as they call picking up a few bits, up here but the call of the sea on such a glorious day brought me to a bench over looking it. I wanted to capture what I saw and felt but this time in prose rather than film.

The rhythmic sounds of the advancing tide almost hypnotized me as I sat watching what lay before me. What could have been a beautiful beach was in fact covered in debris, left behind when the sea last retreated.

Through a gap in the thin low blanket of cloud, the sun streamed down on to my face, so hot that my skin felt as though it was burning. I was not dressed for this unexpected warmth, not even a light breeze was present to reduce the effect it was having on me.

The water was a murky, silver grey in appearance and the view of the horizon beyond, was masked by an eyrie mist.

Numerous black specks could be seen moving along with the tide that flows through the centre of the firth, some bigger than others, oh how I wished that I had had some binoculars with me.

A couple of the larger specks looked like a swimming creature rather than the gulls I had at first thought them to be, in fact at least two disappeared beneath the water for at least thirty seconds before reappearing and continuing on their way in the direction of rocks further round the coast, where seals are known to bask but the smaller specks suddenly took flight confirming them to be some of the many gulls that normally fill the air above the water.

As the markers on the beach disappeared beneath the in coming water and the mist began to lift, a slight breeze picked up but only complemented the warmth of the sun on my face and made it even harder to believe that it was only the 22nd March and whats more, in ’ Bonny Scotland’ too.

I missed Woyww this week as I was worried about Maddie aka Madison Mistoffelees ...our wonderful 12 year old Sandy Tabby. I had to take to the vet and sadly our fears were confirmed …she has breast cancer. There is nothing they can do as any invasive treatment has little chance of success and would cause great discomfort. She will stay at home being treated to all the things she loves while we keep a watchful eye …any sign of distress will make the decision for us …it could be a few weeks as it has developed so quickly or several months …we will just wait and watch. Sorry this is a little depressing but it helps to ‘talk’.

This was her this morning ...a little sleepy.

Take care xx


weaverpat said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Maddie's illness. It's so hard to watch a beloved companion lose the battle. It just breaks a person's heart. I know you will give her all the love and comfort you have to make her days less painful.
My thoughts will be with both of you.

That was a lovely post about your time at the seaside.

HUGS to both you and Maddie.

Morning's Minion said...

When our dear Oscar cat was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor, our vet told us to take him home and love him. We had almost two months with him before it became obvious that his discomfort had increased to a point that he should be spared any more pain. It is a heart-breaking time, precious but with the sense of an ending in sight. I send you hugs!

Cardarian said...

Sorry to hear about your tabby - I hope you can make it as comfortable as possinle for her! Your lovely poetic description of the sea was amazing! I was sitting there with you in my mind! How lucky you are to live somewhere where you can look at the sea every day!
Lots of hugs to you and Maddie

Lunch Lady Jan said...

At least you know you have a little time to cherish your puss cat, bless her....
I don't know what's up with my email. I can only suggest that you try again. Don't worry about the tapestries - it was only a chance to see if a WOYWWer wanted them before they go on ebay. Nae problemo :)
Hope you are keeping well -
lots of love,
Jan xx

Arkansas Patti said...

Aww, I am so very sorry about Maddies diagnosis. Hopefully you both will have some quality time left. Bathe her in love each day.
Hugs to you both.

Sheilagh said...

So sorry to hear about Maddie's illness, I am sure you will make her last weeks/months as comfortable and happy as you can.

I love your description of the seaside, very poetic.

Have a good weekend.

Big hugs


Alison said...

I loved your wonderful description of the beach Angie, it felt like I was there.
Sorry to hear about dear Maddie, hugs to you both.
Alison xox