Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday WOYWW

I am back from my break ….what a great, truely relaxing time I had ….and I had five days of scorching sun….and I burnt my nose ….I will be posting photos etc during the week if anyone would like to see Inverness….not my nose lol.

A big thank you to you that left kind words on the loss of Maddie …it was greatly appreciated …the other cats seem to be adjusting slowly.

I have done another square for my Log Cabin Knitted blanket …as seen above ...each square is about 13" and then you give it a border and mattress stich them together ....I need 9 or 12 depending on the size of blanket ...keeping the tension acurate is my main problem ....I already have two that are too big. lol. It really is for using up ends of yarn but I bought some big balls with varigated colours as I could not wait to save up the required odds and ends.

Sorry I’m not taking part in the ATC swap but I had to join you all on the link list. It is so hard to believe another year has passed and again the numbers have grown. I think it was about 20 of us when JD had the brain wave to start WOYWW …. and  I know she never imagined that it would still be going three years on and that its members would sit at their desks  and computers in all corners of the world …we are not a club or society …we are a family …. A caring family as I well know.

I still  have not been crafting …well does a tiny bit of doodling count? …. but I have been knitting  and have nearly finished my first ‘Fish and Chip’ baby out fit. Follow the link and you can read the story... Twiglet led me there.

I will try to visit as many of you as possible …I wonder how long the link list will be …and I definitely will visit any friends that  drop by my blog

Take Care xx

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Good Bye Maddie

Our Dear Maddie
July 2000 - 24th May 2012

While I was away dear Maddie became worse and showed signs of distress and pain and so my daughter took her for her last journey before she made her way to Rainbow Bridge ...met I am sure by those wonderful felines of ours that have gone before. I had said my good byes as I had my doubts that she had much more time with us and for that I was thankful. Apparently her parting was serene and almost beautiful ...like the beautiful cat that she was. 
When she was a tiny kitten she woulds sit in my daughters pocket and go for walks and car rides with her ... she was an amazing mother and grandmother...she even lactated when her daughter found it hard to feed and care for her unexpected kittens. She fell in love with our Felix the day he arrived ....father to her litter ... and they were inseparable until the last few months of her life when she seemed to encourage him to become close to Rosie. Felix is one of the only cats Rosie tolerates.
As  Maddie left the house for her journey to Rainbow Bridge, she  called out to the others in a voice my daughter had never heard before and for the next 48 hours there was a strange air amongst them all ... I feel she was their Queen but I am not sure who is next in line and maybe that is the problem ...neither do they.

Take Care. xx

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Angie’s (Sugar Free) Scone Recipe

Bridget asked for my recipe for these and others have remarked that they love scones ..this really is quick and easy and sugar free….so here it is.

Angie’s  Scone /Biscuit recipe ….
(I think I have worked out all the conversions for those from other lands)

1 lb/450g / 3 3/4  cups self raising flour (the type you use for cakes)
1 level teaspoon bi-carb of soda
2 level teaspoons of cream of tarter
Pinch of salt
3oz/85g/ ¾ stick margarine or butter
About 300ml of milk ….plain/soured/or buttermilk

If you cant find bi-carb or cream of tarter exchange them both for 3 of baking powder …
Milk can  be used straight from the carton …especially if its nearly out of date, as making scones was a way ‘off’ milk was used up in day gone by …. But souring it with 2tbs of lemon juice and leaving it to hopefully curdle ( which is what I do) or using buttermilk are better ( use white vinegar to create this if buttermilk is unavailable).

Mix the dry ingredients and rub in the fat until your mix is like fine breadcrumbs.
Pour in 250 ml of liquid (1 cup) and quickly mix …I use a  round bladed knife.
Add the extra liquid if mix is too dry …it might even need extra straight from the carton …but the dough should soft and be a little too wet to roll.
Always work fast and  with a light hand.
Turn half on to a well floured board and then flip it so that both sides are floured.
Pat out to about 1 ½ cm/just over ½ inch ….never much thinner  as it wont rise properly ….can be up to 2.4cm./1” thick….(rises well but makes less.)

Either … work into a circle …lift onto a lightly greased baking sheet and cut  into 8 pieces which can be left in the round on separated into triangles….I do the round when in a hurry.
Or …. Cut out circles …I like a 2”/5cm cutter.
Brush the top with milk if wanted …I don’t bother.
Then repeat with the rest of the mix..

Bake near the top of the oven 190C/375F/ gas 5 for about 15 mins for individual ones
Ovens are so different as are the thickness of your scones …check at 12 and gauge things.
Or …. 20-25 mins for the large.
If they take a lot longer, try a touch higher temperature next time.
The bottoms should be deep golden and sound hollow when tapped, like bread.
Allow to cool on a rack .
They are best on the day they are baked or the next… but are fine for  another day and freeze well.

You can add any dried fruit to the mix for a sweeter scone ….no need to sweeten as they are great with butter and jam. The plain are great with anything and at any time of the day.

Cheese Scones
Using the basic recipe above ….
Reduce the fat by ½ oz/14g
Add 4oz/113g of grated strong mature cheddar
 and  1oz/28g of fine grated parmesan or similar
Pinch of celery salt instead of ordinary salt.
Freshly ground black pepper to your taste …but it does need  a little.
Brush the top with milk and grate a little cheese on top.

Sorry if this sounds long winded but I didn’t want to forget any thing …they really are so quick to make.
Good Luck …Have fun.
Take Care xx

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

WOYWW 154 …. Not actually my desk …and it’s not Wednesday either.!

Thought I would post when I could…so here it is.

I cant believe that I have been missing in action for so long ….thank you to those who have dropped by to make sure it wasn’t a health issue. I have had a few problems with swollen ankles when my legs are down and I am sitting still but I will sort it soon …promise . The main issue is  a dead computer …who put its feet in the air and gasped its last, a few days before DD was due to save  all my data …grrrr.
 At the moment I am borrowing her lap top when I can …its seems  so different ….and I miss my trusty old friend. I am hoping that after my holiday in Inverness, I can track down our local mobile Computer Doc in the hope that he can rescue the data at least and then I need to look into getting something new ….not that my old one was actually old but in the computer world anything over two years is old , and over three years is positively ancient.

So what have I been up to? ….not a lot paper craft wise … although I did do a pre-crop challenge LO.
The challenge was to use the colour Green ….. Paint …. Any kind of flowers. … and distressing.
The green is actually brighter in real life. 

 I have however been busy knitting. It is all Jo’s fault …I have become addicted to her scarves…..
This was my first ....
I have done two more and have the yarn for actually another three …all are in a heavier weight than Jo’s original …but they work.

…and  this is a comfy jumper …

I changed the sleeves and neck to suit my requirements and I have enough  yarn left to make …yes you guessed it …a scarf to match .lol.
I also have found a pattern for a blanket …a knitted log cabin …based on the patch work design. More of that another day …I have done about a third already.

Last but not least I have been making scones ….lots.

 My ones are like American biscuits …no sugar and go with everything. For the non diabetics I have tried adding coconut and glace cherries rather than the normal sultanas and raisins …. And for all of us I have perfected the ultimate cheese scone… so yummy if I say so my self and great with home made lentil soup.

I am off to Inverness at the week end …please pray that the weather improves ….at the moment its rain and more even heavier rain.
I hope you will all understand if I only get round to a few of you this week as I may not have much  computer time… and I have to pack … but when I get back I hope to get back to normal soon … sadly I may have to miss the 3rd Anniversary ATC

Take Care …I really missed  you all…..xxxx

PS. Madison update ….She is doing well …enjoying life … still eating her favourite foods ….flora ….cheese …chicken and MILK????…in fact she seems to have a huge appetite ….although  the growth is much larger,  her quality of life is good still  and she will stay here with those who love her until she shows distress and discomfort.
PPS I hate this new posting system ...took me ages ...and I still dont know what I am doing lol xx