Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Week 56 .... W not OMWW

I feel a cheat ...there is no photo of my area ... there is NOTHING on my desk to photograph.... well that's not absolutely true as I have tried to start my canvas ....unsuccessfully.

I have made the discovery though, that the pens I use do not like to doodle straight on to canvas seems so hard to do and the flow is just not there ...not to mention that the tips are suffering. Maybe I am naive thinking I can ... I may have to do my Zentangle on to paper and then apply it. Any ideas or help with this problem will be greatfully accepted.

I am also still lacking full Mojo appears to have returned my head ...and then I sit to create and nothing will materialize ... maybe I am forcing it all as I feel I should be crafting but my head is so full of other things ..... I so want to take part again in the WOYWW club properly.

I thought I would pop on a couple of cat photos as I know that many of you are cat lovers too

Honey Pot (HP as I call her) doing what she does best

Rosie ... not amused after a visit to the vet....the Ginger Monster has returned and got her on her back...doing more damage than we realized ... and it unfortunately turned onto an abscess ...yuk

Last but not least last my Peony has flowered ...this was to be its last year before it was to be uprooted lol.Any ideas on what the plant is behind it with the small funny yellow flowers's taking over the garden .... ??plant or weed ??

I am hoping that if I stop stressing about not being creative ... I will find my self creating ...
hope you don't mind me joining in anyway and will forgive me if I don't make it round to everyone ...I will try ... even if it takes quite a few days but it does make my back ache somewhat .

Take Care xx

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ben and Jake are TWO

Well here I am back …blogging twice in two days, after two weeks of silence …well near silence as I did pop by one or two blogs as I was having withdrawal symptoms. There is still not much of a creative haven here at the moment but I am hoping to get my act together very soon ….just need a little mojo sent my way ladies …and gents. I still so want to do my journal and canvas and yes I think one will be a zentangle … maybe with a twist … but I think I will be also making a 6x6 or 8x8 album of a very special day out.

Monday was Ben and Jakes 2nd birthday and on Tuesday we all met up at Edinburgh Zoo …me armed with ice blocks and a picnic, all in my flowery shopping trolley…. the perfect accessory for a woman of my years lol

Ben and Jake helped with the map reading
It was so hot and humid that some of the animal houses suggested that visitors remained in the enclosures for no longer than 10 mins and many of the out door animals hid away in the shade.
The boys loved the day no matter what and totally fell in love with the penguins.
They were some large enclosures and then at 2.15 those penguins who fancied a stroll, parading around the green opposite, accompanied by the keepers.
I had to laugh as …after the penguins set off … one came to the now locked gate and screeched and screeched…I am sure he was saying; ’Hey fellers …you forgot me’.
Later we found that there was a viewing area under the penguin pool …it was brilliant. Ben and Jake were captivated and a little girl managed to get one to follow her fingers through the glass.
They loved the 'pretend animals tooand the big catsJake had to wave to everythingThere was so much to see and the boys lapped it all up was a wonderful day and every one was happy but exausted
Needless to say 5 adults and 3 cameras and we missed the best shot of the day in the monkey enclosure …Ben had his face pressed up against the glass giggling at a very cute monkey when it rushed towards him and planted a long large kiss exactly where his lips were resting… chattered shrilly and then gave him another… he never flinched …just continued to giggle. We were so surprised and enthralled that when Emma said ‘ Did some one get that?’ we apologetically mumbled in the negative. lol

Sorry for the photo over load ... but I thought I'd add one of me too
Take Care xx

Friday, June 25, 2010

The NHS .....Can I have a moan ...please?

This was to be a happy post about a visit to the zoo …now it’s a moan about the NHS and the happy post will be tomorrow… hold on to your hat ….here goes with the moan.

At 2.30 am I was awoken by the phone and a distraught Emma …DS Steve had woken in such agony that he couldn’t speak …he could only writhe and moan with the pain. Finally he managed to indicate that it was in his back and for Emma to phone Mum.

Now DS is not a typical man …he has a slight cold when he really has the flu and he withstands great pain before reaching for a painkiller …so my immediate reaction was to instruct Emma to phone an ambulance, which she dutifully did. She was met by the usual questions …is he conscious, is the pain around the heart etc etc … the reply was that he was not an emergency and so no ambulance would be sent even though they must have heard him crying out in the back ground ….but someone from NHS 24 would get in contact. They made contact and had to talk to Steve …who by this time could make a few utterances and then they said a nurse would now contact him. She did and through the severe pain he managed to answer the same and a few more questions. The nurse felt that he could have a visit from the doctor and would arrange it. Nearly an hour later the phone rang again …it was the doctor …she had so many visits a head of him that she was not sure how long she would be and said that he should get himself to the nearest hospital …it would be quicker.

Now can you imagine the situation …even if he had a car …how could he drive? …Emma doesn’t drive any way …and then there are the twins?? So ok …there are cabs …if he could manage to struggle into one … but then £20 each way for a family whose bread winner was made redundant from a job he had only done for 4 years …is no joke …every penny counts …and that’s assuming there was cash around at that time as there is no cash point within easy reach. As luck would have it Emma had withdrawn some cash for something else and when I next spoke to her she was in tears not know what was happening and wondering what to do for the best. Steve had just about managed to get down the stairs to a cab and was on his way .. at last …to hospital.

Fearing the worst I had packed a case and scraped together the £75 cash, for a cab to get over to them but Emma said she would only need me to come over if he was to be admitted.

The result of the hospital visit was positive …. ish.

It was almost certain he has kidney stones and one was being pushed out of the kidney. He was given a jab and some tablets and told he would finish passing it in the next few days …and that he would know when he had …. and that was it. No one said whether he should follow it up or whether he it would happen again or whether there was anything he could do to prevent them from forming … just off you go home armed with painkillers and muscle relaxants.

I am sorry but I feel that he should have been taken in by ambulance as that amount of sudden unexplained pain is an emergency. Also that amount of stress worry and fear does not help a 30wk pregnant partner ... and what would have happened if they had had no money ...would they have sent an ambulance then ... 2 hours after the first phone call ….no one knew it was only stones ..and I hate saying only stones as there really was no ONLY about it.

If anyone gets to the end of this ….well done ….I feel better now having got this off my chest.

Am I expecting too much from the NHS nowadays???? ….30 odd years ago an ambulance would have arrived and we still had our own doctors turning out for home visits …life does not always change for the best.

Take Care xx

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

WOYWW …..A New Year Begins

My area is a muddle and I should I say that my mind is too…not sure what I want to do next …creatively speaking.

I feel I should create some LO’s … or maybe play with tags or the like …but after my brush with being arty, I quite fancy a canvas …or maybe that journal thingy I have wanted to do for ages … as a record of the different Zentangle patterns I use within a piece….basically … I am in a quandary

Anyway …here is my WOYWW table …..

I have put some components out including a bowl of beads … I actually came across a whole forgotten box of them going back 9 years ago to when I dabbled with jewellery. I have a glimmer of an idea so I left a few out to prompt me while I muse over it all. I do hope I am not still musing this time next week lol.

The eagle eyed of you may have spotted a Take Away menu amongst the bits I still have not put away since the challenge of last week …maybe… in my subconscious …I feel that IF I get stuck in, I might not fancy frequenting the kitchen except to make myself coffee …I have no other excuse for it being there …really I haven’t … lol.

I have recently created three Zentangles …the last is in silver, which I love … but it is hard to get a good shot.

This is my favourite detail and I may recreate it in black and white …sort of Art Deco.

What great fun it was last week …can’t believe I got round everyone of the WOYWW crowd in three days...I love reading the post and adding a comment…how many of us were there??? ... (I think there were 2 that would not let me post)…what wonderful creations and busy desks…much food for thought and inspiration. Maybe we could do another challenge before the 2nd Birthday ... for Xmas maybe??

Thank you again Paula for my prize …looking forward to hearing the plop onto the mat.

Take Care xx

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

WOYWWAC Thanks every one for teaching me so many things


So … What IS On my Workspace this 52
nd Wednesday? ….
That’s easy …my effort for the Birthday Challenge.

Time is Relative …whether it is the lifetime of a butterfly …or flower … or us … it is still a lifetime.This year the weeks have become somehow shorter … they seem to only contain 5 days …and the reason is WOYWW ... as soon as one has arrived, we look forward to the next so I used TIME as a theme.

‘WOYWW’ is found in three places …both sides and amongst the Zentangle.


As I said last week, I have nosed through so many craft areas, shared folks’ ups and downs and learnt so many crafty things. I have learnt that you do not need to meet someone in order to feel that they are a friend and I now know I can be more daring and experimental … in fact I have started to believe that I can be a little ‘arty’ too.

I have probably taken too many shots but I wanted to show the elements that make up this work because I have used a lot of acquired knowledge on this ‘Wall Art’ thingy and I have recycled too, as it was a small shelf unit. Sorry .... it has yet to be hung but I ran out of time to do that … at least I finished ‘it’ … just …but there was a moment on Monday …when a divider got stuck fast, as I was putting it back was half way in ...would it budge ...not for love nor money ... the whole thing nearly got assigned to the bin but I gave it another yank ... and I won. LOL.

I will visit all the blogs this week but it may take me ALL week to do it, as I really don’t want my back to get worse …please bare with me …I shall do it in number order so I know where I am.

I am really looking forward to seeing all the creations

Take Care xx