Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Day Of Silence ...18.03.2011

Sometimes we can feel so low when life throws things at us that we find hard to cope with. Maybe we just feel hard done by …or short of cash …or in debt, but we need to stop and think …how would you cope if you were in Japan at the moment? Earthquakes, a tsunami and the invisible killer, Radiation and maybe not knowing whether most of your family and friends are still alive makes most of our problems seem insignificant in real terms .

In respect for those that lost their families and have no idea what the future holds for those that did survive, I am joining the group of bloggers that are holding a day of silence on Friday the 18th March.

This picture I have borrowed from the net as it said so much to me … the origami cranes are for hope and the children holding them are the future.

If you want to know more or donate, here is the link

Will be back on Saturday xx

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Babies and Birthdays

The Family

What a wonderful few days it was with Steve and his family. What good company Ben and Jake are …and how ‘edible’ Olly is. Emma and I were chatting about what a contented baby Olly is and that he is a Happy Soul and then we decided that Ben is a Sensitive Soul and that Jake is a Dramatic Soul …..potential Oscar winner …2035 lol.

We had hoped to manage the park one day but it rained and rained …and rained … with snow and a glimmer of sunshine in between. As consequence the 300 photos I took are a little samey …don’t worry, I have selected a few which I feel, demonstrate their souls and my wonderful few days..

The first three are sort of a role reversal as Ben looks more dramatic lol

Did someone say NO??

Is it safe yet?

Maybe a smile will help.

Ben, a book and a bear

Jake and Harley


Oh so contented Olly



Olly ....watching



My birthday arrived ...along with a very good pair of kitchen scissors and a cookery book I had been looking for, for ages …brilliant.

Note that the hair band is no longer on me

I had a really chilled pyjama day for my Birthday and Emma cooked me her special stew which I love, followed by …… drum roll please .....

Steve said he couldn't fit on 64 candles so 4 had to do lol

I didn't want to leave them as It was magical being with the boys but my second birthday celebration awaited at home.

Saturday arrived and Vicki and Jay cooked me a 3 course meal ….Yum.

Prawn and Courgette salad

Macaroni cheese with a twist (Emmental and wine)

Vicki’s Special Sponge with Vanilla butter cream and forest fruit jam … (Vicki’s own).

A large square of this was served to me with a 'cupcake' candle ...forgot to take a photo though.

You might think it’s a strange combination but each is something I love so why not have them on the same menu lol. …infact we started eating at four with a ‘Cream Tea’ …how I LOVE scones piled high with jam and cream but we had no room for the cheese board at the other end of the evening …still there is always today lol.

They gave me Chocolates and sunglasses …and then, when I go to a Promarker Demo in a few weeks I get money to spend.. If I don’t manage to spend there I have a couple of other ideas.

I hate photos of me as it just reminds me that I am aging rapidly and I'm no longer the young person I think I am ...but I had to pop this last one in for those that actually reached the end of this photo over load

Take Care xx

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Nothing to report on WOYWW 92

Sorry …I’m not here … well not on Wednesday …I feel a lot better now and so I’m off to spend a couple of days with Ben, Jake and Olly. I am praying that I’m bug free, as I would hate to pass this on. Thank you for your good wishes for my recovery .. they really helped.

Sorry there is no photo of anything crafty, as its WOYWW …or anything else for that matter…but I had nothing to show you …I haven’t even linked as I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time but be warned ... I may be filling a whole post with GS photos on my return providing my beloved camera behaves its self ... and I will be a year older too. OMG … 64 on Thursday … not sure I am ready yet lol

For those who happen to drop by …I’ll say ‘Hi’ to you on my return.

Take Care xx

Sunday, March 06, 2011


Oh I have been so rough ….I barely left my bed on Thursday … and Friday was a repeat performance. As my computer is next to the bed I did manage to pop onto a few blogs to leave WOYWW comments …about 10 mins at a time and I was floored.

I still have a sore throat and my chest is now bubbly… is a cough next?? … but at least I am no longer confined to food that slips down easy. I am however feeling a bit down over the fact that I am due to visit the GS’s and do not want to take over any bugs but it seems to be the story of our arranged visits … one or either comes down with something …fingers crossed for Wednesday..

Well you can imagine I was at a low ebb by yesterday, when I heard a packet plop on to the hall floor …sorry no mat …cats killed the last two. I opened it slowly as with reduced energy, the package was stronger than I and there inside was my very wonderful and useful prize from Wipso and Twiglet …their new Craft Apron … or as I like to call it …. ‘My Life Saver’ alternative use to crafting

Here it is being set up with the bits I can never find as I just seem to put them down and they vanish ….no Madison is not one of them …she thought it was for her. So far I have chosen… pens and a note pad. … mobile and house phones and a purse with the window cleaner change in it …the rest will be filled later …maybe my list of things to do might be a good idea .

....and thats Mika hidding under the table.

Again …..THANK YOU LADIES …it made my day.

Take Care everyone xx

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

WOYWW Week 91 …already

Sorry …. there is no desk or table or floor to poke around …I still am not that organized yet …and wont be until I sort out my bedroom with new storage, now that Robbie and Kristofer have the craft room that was, as their bedroom..... IKEA here I come is £65 though

I have now come to the point where I know where most things are but usually what I want is in the box at the bottom so by the time I find the things I think I need, the creative grey cells have ground to a halt.

Here is the first one from the crop.

ME …I was cute once lol


The crop on Saturday was the ideal place to try and resurrect my inspiration …I only took a variety of papers and bits to create two LO’s …and then only managed one and a half as I couldn’t make the second work until Sunday …still, chatting and looking at the other’s work …not forgetting munching Vicki’s yummy cake, seemed to fill the time. I am so jealous of the speed that some manage to create masterpieces but I also have come to the conclusion that my style is mine and trying to emulate other does not work for me …no matter how hard I try. I am a simple scraper who loves to find the right papers for the photo she wants to use …well I hope I manage it.

MUM ... so beautiful

I knew I wanted to have music paper on there some where ...tried and tried on Saturday ...then I spotted my flower punch when I went to bed .... and the problem was solved

If you want to read a little story that is connected to the LO, just click on the ‘Glimpsing the Past’ button on the top right….I think they make the photos come to life for the viewer.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT …How come a three year old can talk and ask questions, non stop from dawn to dusk …but 10 years later they can manage only a grunt or two.

I will try to visit more than the 40ish of last week ….promise... but I think I am developing a nasty cold thingy.

Take Care xx