Thursday, April 30, 2009


There I was mojoless AGAIN … lots of ideas when lying in bed or washing up but when it came to doing a LO they all vacated my brain, However some times a tidy of my tool bags and a nose through embellishments and card stock, ignites something within me. The use of stash already purchased, is essential at the moment as funds are totally depleted and income is low, so I am trying not to look at new stash for inspiration.

I tipped out all my tools and odds and ends, along with quite a bit of rubbish usually found at the bottom of a well-used handbag.(How it all got there I have no idea As I mused over them and returned each to their correct home, I came across a pack of Daubers. How long since I used you? I thought. My mind wandered to stencils and then doyleys …. then Tim Holtz ( not sure how) and then his distress inks and before I knew it I was all messy and the remainder unsorted bits were pushed to the edge of the table.
I had grabbed a piece of card that had once kept an envelope rigid and rummaged for a doyley, a pack of which had come to light recently. I energetically daubed onto the said doyley, using it as a stencil on top of the card and this was the result.

The used, make shift stencil also looked fun so I created a lighter piece, while I was armed with ink and dauber, and cut them out so they looked like part of a lace collar.

I then sat and mused at what I might create with them and suddenly a photo sent to me by my American cousin, came to mind. I have wanted to scrap it for ages but everyone said I shouldn’t. She had found it amongst photos that her mother had received from her own mother and I was sent a copy of it as proof of a story I had heard.
MIL had said to me that she had a brother who died soon after birth and that her parents were devastated. When I started doing FH, every one I asked (after her death) said I had got it wrong and that there were only the 4 girls from his first wife. This picture shows Baby Boy Browning 1917, laid out for burial … morbid I know but he was much longed for, he is part of our FH and the parents must have wanted to remember him and others to see the photo.

If you fancy a look its on my Glimpsing the Past blog but here are two sneak peeks.

I thought that I wouldn’t push in anyone’s face, when they came through to this blog in case it caused upset. I am please with the result though.

On a happier note, the boys can now sit without toppling. It was a long time coming although they are ahead with other milestones but they now are enjoying holding and looking at their books on their own. Emma says that they babble sounds as they look at each page as though telling the story and stroke the textured areas. They are such contented souls unless they are unwell or hungry.
Take Care Angie xx

Friday, April 24, 2009

Blog Candy Giveaway

My friend Katy, had this link on her blog to Sue's blog for some yummy cocoa daisy candy!!! Please go and have a look, it's worth it!! On second thoughts..... maybe you shouldn't look because I want it!!!! Seriously though it's worth a visit. xx

Monday, April 20, 2009

Often I long to be totally on my own … not forever but just a few days. I have all these plans to be creative or, heavens forbid, actually do some much needed cleaning or tidying. There is no need to eat at a particular time and certainly no need to actually cook as bowls of cereal and sandwiches are fine for a few days. The cats can even wait until I actually feel like feeding them, as they only seem to realize that they are hungry when I venture into the kitchen.
Well this was one of those weekends. There was no one to bother about but me, and all I had to decide was should I do the things I wanted to do or those that were desperate for my attention.

On Friday evening I deliberated on how I was going to spend my Saturday but spent far too much time trying to justify why I was going to ignore the chores. Having finally made my decision I rose on Saturday to find that inspiration was thin on the ground and guilt was creeping in every time something caught my eye that needed to be done. The only answer was to shut my eyes but then scrapping would have been a trifle difficult!

I gave in, put my creativity on hold, and headed for a cupboard that was so desperate to be sorted that it spewed forth its contents every time its door was opened. As I attacked this much needed job I began to get angry as I felt that my ‘Me Time’ should be spent on me not this cupboard. When it was finished I was pleased with the result but was being beckoned by another. I resisted and instead, I made a large mug of coffee, grabbed a pack of biscuits and headed to the sofa where I lost my self in the TV by catching up on soaps etc, on V-plus. It was a sort of rebellion against all that I should be doing … just how I behaved as a teenager!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

OMG ... The cats have brought me a prezzy!

Two of the out side cats (Bilbo and Smudge) were sitting at the back door, calling to come in so I swung the door open and slammed it shut, twice as fast as I opened it .A few moments later I reopened the door a crack to view the gift of a disembowelled bird that lay on the step with the two proud givers licking their lips !!!!
“G ..Good Boys “ I stammered as I shut the door again to give me time to organize the discrete disposal.
Go on say it ‘you soft ***’ but cats will be cats or to me, boys will be boys.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Yeah it's raining!

Well it did rain for me here last weekend. … just what I hoped for… thus preventing that awful feeling of guilt and laziness which passes over me when I don’t go out into the garden but scrap instead.
I woke up to the rain and thankfully a glimmer of inspiration. As I am a slow scrapper I only created three 12x12’s over the weekend. I managed the DLO below and a single LO which have put on my ‘Glimpsing the Past’ blog. I find it hard to date the photo I used, of MIL’s mother. Any ideas? She died 1940 and would have been 40 in1933 so I think it may have been 1930ish but the blouse looks wrong as she wouldn’t have been in ‘up to the minute’ fashion and it doesn’t look like a late 20’s blouse to me. She lived in America but I feel that, as a fashion usually started in Europe it would appear a little later in the USA. Sorry for rambling but any feedback on date would be gratefully received.

I have been meaning to scrap these pics for ages. I followed the growth of this giant flower that burst forth from our tree last year. I have no idea what tree it is as I didn’t plant it but there are a lot of them flourishing in Fife even though they look exotic and in need of warmer climes.

Thanks for looking xx

Friday, April 03, 2009

Inspiration .... where for art thou?

I have to report that I have lost my Scrapping Mojo
I get an idea, run (well amble) to the table, having cast aside all other things that I am in the middle of doing, only to find that inspiration has drained away leaving me with an empty uninspired mind.

Last weekend I went to our Easter Crop and managed to scrap NOTHING!!!
I have to admit it was my job to do the Buffet but that didn’t take all the 8 hours.
So, as I cannot show you any layouts … here are pictures of the food tables as I was setting it all out.

The wonderful cakes were brought by members, as were the sweeties. The Simnel , inparticular, was to die for.

This weekend is totally free but I should do something in the garden, weather permitting. I am therfore praying for RAIN and INSPIRATION so that I can show you some layouts next week.
Here’s to The Return of Inspiration. xx