Monday, April 20, 2009

Often I long to be totally on my own … not forever but just a few days. I have all these plans to be creative or, heavens forbid, actually do some much needed cleaning or tidying. There is no need to eat at a particular time and certainly no need to actually cook as bowls of cereal and sandwiches are fine for a few days. The cats can even wait until I actually feel like feeding them, as they only seem to realize that they are hungry when I venture into the kitchen.
Well this was one of those weekends. There was no one to bother about but me, and all I had to decide was should I do the things I wanted to do or those that were desperate for my attention.

On Friday evening I deliberated on how I was going to spend my Saturday but spent far too much time trying to justify why I was going to ignore the chores. Having finally made my decision I rose on Saturday to find that inspiration was thin on the ground and guilt was creeping in every time something caught my eye that needed to be done. The only answer was to shut my eyes but then scrapping would have been a trifle difficult!

I gave in, put my creativity on hold, and headed for a cupboard that was so desperate to be sorted that it spewed forth its contents every time its door was opened. As I attacked this much needed job I began to get angry as I felt that my ‘Me Time’ should be spent on me not this cupboard. When it was finished I was pleased with the result but was being beckoned by another. I resisted and instead, I made a large mug of coffee, grabbed a pack of biscuits and headed to the sofa where I lost my self in the TV by catching up on soaps etc, on V-plus. It was a sort of rebellion against all that I should be doing … just how I behaved as a teenager!


voodoo vixen said...

I am so with you... I have to get the chores done or I can't scrap because I feel guilty!

Annie said...

I totally know that feeling - can't get on while everything is a mess, my mind just won't relax!

my5bratz said...

Wish I could say the same..I craft to the detriment of the