Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Where does time go?

I really must do some scrapping but I need to be in the right frame of mind. I watch DD and have an idea but when I sit down to scrap my head is empty.
The last LO,s I managed were for an exhibition at Abbotshall Church at the end of May.
Each group that used the church hall were asked to show the members of the church what they were all about. The activities range from Scottish Dancing and Painting to Scrabble and Warhammer not forgetting the Guides. Our crop did a really nice display set up by DD and this was my contribution.
This is in the centre of Kirkcaldy
I chose these next photos to illustrate the Parish church and really enjoyed researching its history.

The exhibition was held here.
Considering that I'm retired and have almost nothing that I have to do, the days just slip by. I cannot believe that 11 days have passed with out me putting fingers to the keys and recording my activities. What activities I hear myself asking ... and find it hard to answer. Although I have not been blogging I have been glued to the Internet... moving so little that I groan when I rise from the chair to attend my needs.
Food shopping is of course a necessity and I find myself opening both local supermarket online windows and comparing who is going to give me the best value (sad) ... any other kind of shopping is a total no go area at the moment and especially stash.
Researching family history is what has taken my time up and as I get side tracked so easily, I find myself looking up things that are interesting but have absolutely no relevance to what I'm doing!!!!!. At the moment I'm gathering everything together and getting my head straight so that I can start my Family History blog properly.
The shame is, that to check some things, I need to spend money ...... there's that word again!!!!!
I have just had a very chilled weekend. Vicky (friend of DD) came over and in fact we were all so chilled that we all stayed in our ‘Jammie's’ all day on Sunday. It was fun as it made me feel like a kid again.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Mothers ...... who'd have them?

I am sure that is what my son is thinking at the moment, after me visiting him for a few days.
I try so hard not to interfere and not to say the wrong thing but my mouth just opens and the words just pour out.
I can hear them but am not able to stop the flow. I'm hoping he doesn't hear me as he never listened to me when he was at home. Saddly now he listens and I find I have created an atmosphere for an hour or so which finally he tells me off about, as he hands me a mug of tea. I squirm as I drink it because he is right .... its his life and I am just as bad as him about tackling the things I moan about. I sit there and a voice inside my head is shouting "I'm your mother .... and I care. Its my job to nag". Luckily my mouth is full of tea so I manage to keep quiet and soon everything is back to normal. Have I learnt from my mistake? ....YES. Will I do it again? ...I hope not but I'm going to carry super glue in my handbag .... just in case.