Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm Back

What a fantastic day ... Steve, Emma and the boys came over for the day ...they at last have a car which means they will be over more often I hope. It was great to see them all and Ben and Jake again got on so well with Robbie and Kristoper. We ate a huge roast ...well 3 different meats, loads of vegetables and Vicki's scrummy roast potatoes ... Vicki also made a Treacle Tart to die for, served with whipped cream... we had no problem finishing it off and all the boys loved it too.

The boys having an art class lol well its never too young to start .... Ben and Jake with their new short hair

and Olly ...all smiles as usual

During my sort out I found these old photos

DD aged 3, as the Statue of Liberty ... must have been summer of '76 ...Church Garden Party

and me in the early '80's ... I quite like this one ...why do we have to grow old ???...I still mistakingly think I look like this ...until I pass a mirror LOL
...and I think those glasses are back in fashion.!!!

Lastly ...a peek at my new room .... the sleeping area ... more of crafting area later.

Take Care ...I will get back on track soon ...hopefully with some crafting....xx

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Amazing what you find in long lost boxes.

I have been going through a couple of boxes that came down from the loft ....much of my late Mums bits that came up here with me. Before they go back ...probably not to be opened again for quite a while... I needed to check the contents. It took me so long to do the job which would take others barely an hour, as I had to read every letter and check every book ...thats me I'm afraid but Idid find some treasures. Most important to me was a photo ...badly torn but scanable .... and on the back it said 'Sandy 1895'. This is Alexander Ritchie ...the little boy standing in the FH LO '1875' ... all grown up. I will get a copy soon and do a LO but I just wanted to share my discovery.

Alexander 1869-1914

I also found one of me ...late 1980's ....a slimer form hidden under baggy clothes ...on the Norfolk Broads ....please dont laugh.
Take Care xx

Friday, May 06, 2011

Another Day Out With the Camera

Yes Wednesday was to be the last really sunny day for apparently a while, so I was so glad that I jumped on a bus and made my way to St Andrews.

The bus sped through the spring country side which was highlighted by sections of vibrant yellow Rapeseed sitting between the green of young grain and what looked like brown corduroy . The neatness and regular spacing of the straight furrows amazed me …sadly I could not capture those on film as we were travelling too fast.

St Andrews a a great place to wonder around….of course there is THE golf course and the university, three almost parallel streets that have many small interesting shops, including many tiny local food purveyors and loads of places to eat ….but there are also ruins …and you know how much I love capturing shots of ruins.

This is the West Port …one of the few surviving Scottish city gates … I love entering South Street here …I feel I am stepping into history …despite the cars you need to dodge.

Traffic cones and workmen mar much of Market Street at the moment, so I ignored it and captured some of the little old houses in side streets.

I then headed for the first of the ruins….

St Andrews Castle …it sits overlooking Castle Sands and the North Sea. There has been a castle standing there since the time of Bishop Roger (1189 -1202). It has housed wealthy bishops, been a home to kings and a feared prison for those who got on the wrong side the resident bishop and were to be incarcerated in the ‘bottle dungeon’.

The next ruins were those of the Cathedral of St Andrews ….

This was founded in 1158 and was the seat of the Bishops and later Archbishops, until the reformation in the Sixteenth century, when it fell into disuse. It was a impressive building having a length of over 100 meters. Now the ruins are in the custody of Historic Scotland.

This is a great place to just sit … have a sandwich …and take it all in.

Many students sit and revise, reciting prose into the air or sit with earphones, motionless but intently listening. …probably to taped lectures rather than music.

I sat on the seat you can just see in the photo ......

... and these were weatherd stones that caught my eye. I find it hard to believe that they have been there for nearly 900 years....if only they could talk.

….And then there are the gulls who nest high on those walls and pop own to beg a crumb

Hope you enjoyed the trip

Take care xx

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

WOYWW ...the Cetenary week

Although this week has again sped past at a rate of knots, I have managed to enjoy the sun as well as doing mundane things …not that I sunbathe … but it encourages me to go out more and enjoy my surroundings…and basically feel better about myself.

Last week I didn’t dare show you my craft area …and I still cant …but I am giving you a sneak peek into the mess that is mine.

Those of a tidy nature look away now …unless you love cats.

The Fireman Sam blanket was deposited in the middle of it all, by either K or R ….or was it me in an absent minded moment?? … and then Willow took up residence. The patterned paper just visible at the top, is a wallpaper sample for maybe the feature wall in my bedroom …in the alcove behind my bed …all the rest of the walls will be plain, as they will mostly be hidden by storage for clothes and crafts.

Last week I showed you the result of the lesson at our crop… and so many thought it was a fun technique too and worth a try. Well done Vicki for bringing it to our attention …she is not sure where she saw it first or whether it emerged from her own grey matter but I’m not sure it matters as her variations are endless and certainly her own.

Here was my effort for the challenge that was set for the Easter Crop… didn’t follow it as close as I should have but I was happy with the result…. not bothered whether I won or not …and I didn’t lol

…and here are two I finished off in between chatting.. There would have been three but when I photographed the third, I realized that it needed something more. I know my LO’s are simple but it was too simple. …even for me.

I have been digging out old lettering which may well have gone out of fashion but ‘waste not etc’ and if it fits requirements ….why not.

What do you do with old stash you still might or might not, one day have a use for …

Bin it or Save it …or Give it away?.

I think the weather will break today …it would be nice to have just one more glorious day though. I hope everyone has enjoyed this glimpse of summer we are having in spring …I know I have.

I will visit as many WOYWW blogs as I can over the next three days …seems to be around 70 of you each week …remember, if you visit me and I haven’t made it to you, I WILL return the kindness and visit you.

Thanks to all that dropped by … it means so much.

Take Care xx