Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm Back

What a fantastic day ... Steve, Emma and the boys came over for the day ...they at last have a car which means they will be over more often I hope. It was great to see them all and Ben and Jake again got on so well with Robbie and Kristoper. We ate a huge roast ...well 3 different meats, loads of vegetables and Vicki's scrummy roast potatoes ... Vicki also made a Treacle Tart to die for, served with whipped cream... we had no problem finishing it off and all the boys loved it too.

The boys having an art class lol well its never too young to start .... Ben and Jake with their new short hair

and Olly ...all smiles as usual

During my sort out I found these old photos

DD aged 3, as the Statue of Liberty ... must have been summer of '76 ...Church Garden Party

and me in the early '80's ... I quite like this one ...why do we have to grow old ???...I still mistakingly think I look like this ...until I pass a mirror LOL
...and I think those glasses are back in fashion.!!!

Lastly ...a peek at my new room .... the sleeping area ... more of crafting area later.

Take Care ...I will get back on track soon ...hopefully with some crafting....xx


Peter said...

Your mention of Treacle Tart makes me wonder if I should delay the beginning of trying to lose some more weight until next week... or the week after... or the week after that!

Not sure if I am in favour of growing old... I too have a "surprise" when I catch sight of myself in the mirror. I am beginning to look more like my father... or grandfather... every day, it would seem. I hope that you have kept those big glasses from the 1980s, they look great! Far nicer than the odd little half size rectangles that people seem to wear these days.

Olly has a wonderful smile!
Hugs from us in NZ. P,L,NS, and G

Arkansas Patti said...

Goodness, Olly never has a bad day does he? Love the budding artists also.
Love seeing the young you. When I see pictures of my self as a young person, I sometimes don't recognize myself. I have gotten too used to the mirror image--darn.

Jo Power said...

What a great picture of you and love those sunglasses.
Treacle Tart haven't had one of those in years my mum used to make the best ever and we always had it with cold custard as none of us like hot custard. Great to see you are still blogging xx