Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Last Post

I cant believe the year has gone by so fast ...each week feeling like a day this age or a sign of the times? ...I hope the year to come, passes at a slower pace ...maybe I will enjoy it more and the things around me ...hopefully I will have more Mojo for my crafting....and health will be better.

This is for you cat lovers .... HP (Honey Pot) and Phoebe ..rarely in the same room..growling as they pass ... found cuddled up on the top of the bunk bed ...showing a little sign of annoyance, having been woken from their slumber.


See You All In 2012

Take Care xx

Monday, December 26, 2011

Hope you all had a Happy Christmas

So much work and hype .... I cant believe its all over …well its not for us as we have Steve, Emma, Ben, Jake and Olly coming over tomorrow …health and weather permitting. …Steve has the flu cold bug now…I cant wait to give the boys all big hugs …that’s what I miss.

We had a quiet Xmas …loads of wonderful food …and the fun of watching and sharing the joy of Christmas with Robbie and Kristofer. They were so good …chose certain presents to play with and waited for Jay to unpack, put together and insert batteries into the others. They only ate a few of their chocolates from the stocking and didn’t eat any from their big boxes that Santa brought them (well Fred next door) until this morning. I was so thankful that Vicki did so much and I was feeling a lot better but we were worried on Saturday because Robbie was being sick…. Kids bounce back so quickly though.

Xmas Morning

Rusty's Xmas pressy went down well

Steve finally proposed to Emma on Xmas night and was accepted. The ring is made up of lots of small black and white diamonds …beautifully different …and is a perfect choice for Emma. I think they will wait for a couple of years before they marry, as they need to do a lot of saving…. I am so happy for them both.

Take Care xx

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

wk 133 ..Happy Christmas to my dear WOYWW Friends … although I feel more like Bah Humbug

Life is rubbish at the moment …(wanted to use stronger words but thought better of it) …I have missed so many WOYWWs this month…I so wanted to do so much creating and home baking and although I do most of my shopping via the net I do actually enjoy having a nose around the shops …and then there are the few Xmas festivities I really enjoy, like the German Market in Edinburgh … and the children’s school nativities.

Well for me they are all cancelled … So … Bah Humbug. …Thank goodness Vicki will be doing the main meal and most of the cooking.

This cold/virus has hung on so long it is affecting my balance …some days its really bad …others I can cope …and its sucked every ounce of energy too…being a virus nothing can be done ….oh yes and to add icing to the cake …the doc thinks I may have some sort of heart arrhythmia…can I please just add another Bah Humbug ….not that I want to dampen the Christmas spirit lol …I am just feeling sorry for myself.

To make this post a little festive here are a few shots of our mantle piece …all the ornaments have been gathered over the past few years.

…and this is the beautiful bunting I received from LL Jan … for which I am sending another big thank you.

So ladies …and gentle man …I wish you all an amazing and very Happy Xmas and if I’m not back before …a very good New Year.


(ie Long may your chimney smoke … which means long and be well)

Take Care. xx

Friday, December 09, 2011

2 Weeks 2 days to go ...Am I ready ??? NO I'm not.

Just a quick one to say sorry I've not been around ... this is my first December post and ANOTHER heavy chesty cold .... given with love and kisses from Robbie and Kris ... have reduced my blog hops and creativity to zero....cant believe I missed two woyww ....and I am so behind with dropping by my blog friends ....hope I am forgiven.

Not sure what Lucky and China were thinking as they gazed at the corner

Here is Rusty and the boys can see by their eyes how unwell they feel

Will be trying to do some visits over the next few days.

Take Care xx