Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Last Post

I cant believe the year has gone by so fast ...each week feeling like a day this age or a sign of the times? ...I hope the year to come, passes at a slower pace ...maybe I will enjoy it more and the things around me ...hopefully I will have more Mojo for my crafting....and health will be better.

This is for you cat lovers .... HP (Honey Pot) and Phoebe ..rarely in the same room..growling as they pass ... found cuddled up on the top of the bunk bed ...showing a little sign of annoyance, having been woken from their slumber.


See You All In 2012

Take Care xx


crafty cat corner said...

I know where you are coming from regarding the years going so quickly.
Its a bit of a worry when you haven't got many
I hope to get really stuck into my crafts this next year, I know I feel better when I am making something.
I hope you are soon up to scratch and feeling really well again soon.

It's nice to know that others have cats that don't get on, ours are all from the same litter, all grown up together and yet still have moments of bashing each other. lol

Look forward to your posts in the new year.

Bettythebaglady said...

Happy New Year Angie. Lots of love and hugs from Betty

weaverpat said...

The years do seem to fly by too darn fast! The plan is to make the most of them, but somehow I end up piddling a lot of mine away doing not much. Maybe this year we can all get a better handle on things! (wishful thinking!!!)
I hope you are soon feeling better. Have you been to a Doc? What is happening with the heart problem? Zip still has the irregular beat but it doesn't seem to be hurting him.
Love the picture of the kitties!
Happy New Year to you and your family!!!

Arkansas Patti said...

Maybe there is hope for the world if those two can learn to co-exist.
I would like to say time will slow down for you but in my experience, each year adds speed to the vehicle of life. Just hang on and enjoy.

Wanda..... said...

Happy New Year, Angie!

Rosebark said...

Know what you mean Angie - and afraid it is a sign of age (each year that passes is a smaller percentage of the whole of your life so far - if that makes sense). I completely relate to weaverpat's comment about piddling a lot of time away. The number of times I've thought "I'll just do X" thinking X is the work of a few seconds, only to find the relevant piece of paper has vanished.... Sure you can fill in the rest!

And thanks for your comment on Rudolf, Angie!#

Happy New Year

Carmen said...

The years are going by TO flaming fast!

Here's hoping to a happier, healthier more creative year for the pair of us!

Yay to the friendly mogs!

Peter said...

Happy New Year Angie. Love the photo of the cats. It is funny how they do sometimes manage to actually get along together!... we had quite a difficult first year with our Nigella Stopit, because she really did want to play with Ginger, but he found all that frightening.. Much better now they enjoy each other's company, and both have been known to curl up contentedly together on the bed in the morning, or in front of the heater. Anyway, hope that this new year will be far better for you and that your health will improve. Soon be spring again! xx P

JoZart said...

Hi Angie, Just wanted you to know you've won a prize from my blog candy for your funny story! Pop over to my blog. Congratulations!
I left a message on this post last week but it hasn't come up but check out my WOYWW post and you might be interested in Jump Start to get your mojo kick started. I'm finding it great inspiration!
Love JoZarty x

Morning's Minion said...

What is it with cats who have to live in the same house and can't resolve their personality clashes?
Most of the confrontations occur in the middle of the night and we wake up suddenly to thumps and yowls.

Anonymous said...

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