Wednesday, January 04, 2012

WOYWW 135 ….. The first of 2012

The purpose of the post …our work spaces … mine is a little sparse I fear…well on the crafty side… just making tiny in roads to the chaos …this bit looks ok-ish …still have presents to put away but you should see the rest of my space …or maybe you shouldn’t …not even I can bare to look at it. lol

No mojo as yet …but I can sense its presence, so I know some helpful soul has kindly told it to go back home …which is a start.

I got my Pink Gun for Xmas… which I have to say, the filling of said item defeated me totally… and then took DD quite a while …during which time she punctuated the air with some interesting adjectives before handing it back … filled. Does anyone else have problems with this one?

Catch up time

The cats ...We had problems with Lucky who had to have a hysterectomy on the 23rd, due to a huge abscess (not a bill you need at Xmas) and then when she was checked again just before New Year, she had an infection due to the internal stitches which caused her system to react badly and she had to have another operation …they said the tissue was necrotic ….we hope everything is OK now ...she is due to see the vet on Thursday …she seems a lot perkier. .

The festive season was a relaxed quiet one with some wonderful meals cooked by Vicki. The only thing that put a damper on things for me was that little Ben is under the weather again …being sick a lot …not wanting to eat ….all stemming from the colds that are doing the rounds in the family, so they were not able to visit on the Tuesday as planned. It seems so long since I saw them all and could give them a cuddle.

New Year was also quiet but we let Robbie and Kristofer stay up as a treat …and we chinked glasses at midnight to bagpipes on the TV. They thought it was so much fun and kept asking ‘Is it time for bed?’ and then beamed when they were told it wasn’t. They were so good …they played with games and their presents …and nibbled bits …then …as soon as the New Year was seen in ... went to bed … and slept.

Take two cats and a four year old …and the result is …..

Lastly …an up date on my health …some of you already know most of this.

The loss of balance gradually disappeared ….as did the cold /flu that had plagued me for over a month, so by Christmas Day I felt pretty good…considering.

My heart reading on the ECG had anomalies and they have no idea what it is …but I am not to worry about it as it shows no signs of strokes etc. …they may send a copy of the reading to a consultant to see what he thinks !!!?!!!. I just have to wait and see.

I am however … DIABETIC. Apparently I have been …they think … for sometime.

I know it was naughty of me but as I found out only a few days before Xmas with the cupboards and freezer groaning with yummyness …I thought … for the sake of a few more days … I’d enjoy myself… Today is the start of me watching what I eat …I see the Diabetic Nurse on Friday and then have to start taking tablets.

The thing that gets me down is that I gave up smoking 4 years ago (after 46 years) and my only real vice left were cakes. Visits to Tea Shops and Cafes for cakes and coffee …bakeries….home baked goods …and the odd deluxe chocs gave me so much pleasure.

Now that I don’t smoke I only enjoy tea and coffee with something sweet …I really am not a savoury nibbles type of person. As I have a silent gallstone I have to watch cheese …which I LOVE … but although chocolate can bother me …cakes never did. ….has anyone any ideas? Oh yes …they say the tablets can make me feel unwell for about a couple of months …great start to the year… not.

Sorry this was a long one …well done if you got this far….

And for those who remember …this reminds me of ‘The Goodies’ Kitten sketch. LolTake Care xx


John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Sorry to hear about all the health problems - feline and human - hope the New Year brings better news. It certainly does seem harder to have vices as one gets older!

Annie said...

Sounds like you have lots of poorlies going on in your life too. Really hope all start to improve very soon and you get your new tabs and diet sorted too.
A x

crafty cat corner said...

Oh the joys of aging.....
I get a bit fed up with it all as I am sure you do, I am always expecting to return to my former self with lots of energy and stamina but I think I am kidding myself.
I have a lot of digesive niggles and so like you should not eat cakes, pastry etc but as I do not smoke and don't drink very often I get a bit down when I can't even have a cake. lol
I tend to just have a plain biscuit, oh joy of joy's.....
Guess there's nothing we can do except buy some positive thinking books. lol
Despite it all I hope you feel better soon and get crafting, it really does take the mind of other things I think. Once you get stuck in you'll be okay.


crafty cat corner said...

Forgot to mention the decorated cats, love it....

jude said...

Glad to hear the cold has gone but sorry to hear about the other health issues.As for the wee pink gun it is a nightmare to fill,everytime it runs out oh i just think here we go again and to be honset last time it ran out havent bothered new roll still sat here gun still empty!Im glad im not only one!
judex 10

sandra de said...

Sorry to hear that your last little vice is going to be rationed. Sometimes it just isn't fair. I suppose if you have to have limits then make the one you can eat the absolute best.

The kitties with decorations look adorable and so well natured to have slept through it all.

Carmen said...

A cake now and again would be no harm? As long as you weren't doing it ALL the time? The Slimming World plan is apparently very good for diabetics. I loosely follow it because I want to lose weight, my friend who is only a year older than me follows it because she just found out she's diabetic. She's looking amazing on it and I know she was a bit naughty at Christmas too. It's not a diet - more a re-education in what to eat and you get to still eat lots of yummy stuff.

Glad the balance thing was sorted though - hope the ticker behaves! Love the kitties snoozing on, completely oblivious.

Neet said...

Oh Angie, so sorry to hear your health catch up is not particularly good news. One thing you could focus on when having to give up the sweet stuff - think of the hour glass figure you will have. Glad there was nothing to worry them with regards to strokes and you did not have to go on Warfarin. There, that's my new resolution, think on the positive.
Sorry to hear about your little cat being so poorly, hope all is well now.
Glad you had a nice, if quiet New year (or should I say Hogmany)and my very best wishes to you and yours for 2012. May it bring you much better health and therefore happiness.
Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet #1

Arkansas Patti said...

You have really been plagued with the sick bug. Hope Lucky is doing much better and am glad your flu bug has finally gone elsewhere though sorry it still is affecting your family.
Diabetes does take lifestyle changes. Learn what they are and try really hard. The side effects are not to be messed with.

Helen said...

At least you know about the diabetes and if you get it under control, you will be allowed the odd treat so I hope your diabetic nurse is good to you! All the best for 2012 - and love that kitten - I do indeed remember the Goodies Kitten episode, one of my favourites.

May said...

Bless you, Once you have seen the diabetic nurse you will feel a little better about it all, you say you are starting tablets not insulin so that's good, I am sure it will all turn out fine don't worry, I do hope your little cat is recovering well x x x Hugs May x x x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Oh Angie, you must feel what have you done to deserve all this?? My DH was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, two days before my birthday last August. After the initial shock, he has grasped the problem and is tackling it well. The Metformin helps hugely, you will have to watch what you eat but you can still eat the odd sweet thing!! Wishing all good luck as you deal with this...
Hugs, LLJ #34 xx

L00py's Craft Creations said...

Oh Angie hun, big hugs, well my Dad is Diabetic, but you wouldn't know it to look at what he eats!! Once you get it sorted, there are ways around it, and Dad does love his sweet stuff!!
As to the Gall Bladder, my FG has issues with hers as well, and hate to say it, but Choccie, is supposed to be bad for it too.
Hope the puddle is ok,



April said...

Sorry to hear you are all going through the mill at the moment, hope your medication gets to work without too many side effects. Hope you get back to your desk soon and get creating! April #82 x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Hi again. DH says the major drawback of Metaformin is washing machine tummy. It does settle down a bit. He highly recommends reading Diabetes for Dummies, by Alan J Rubin published by Wiley. Good practical advice which helped him a lot.
Hope this helps, LLJ xx

Twiglet said...

Bless you - what a lot you have to think about. I am sure things will improve once you get your diet/medication going. My mum was a different woman once she was diagnosed and my little sis got her diet under control. Be determined and you will feel oh so much better! x Jo

SueH said...

My Christmas was quite too Angie, despite going out to friends on Boxing Day but that seems to be the way of things now there are no little ones in the family.
New Year was spent at my God daughters (just 6 of us) playing board games until 1 in the morning and that’s the first time in years that I’ve even bothered to say up and toast in the New Year.

Sorry about your on-going health problems. It’s not going to easy for you by the sounds of things, having such a sweet tooth and all but Boots do a range of Diabetic chocolates that you can indulge yourself with on the odd occasion if it really gets the better of you.

Love the photo of the puddy cats, they look so comfortable laying there. Hope Lucky gets on ok on Thursday and you get some good news.

Happy Crafting!
And a Happy New Year.

JoZart said...

Well Angie you have brought the year in with so many problems but I really hope things settle down for Lucky's health and your's. I notice how many of the little pleasures in life have to be given up....... that's a real meanie! Hope you manage to balance your health well given time.
There is a great video on the web... I think there's also one on the 3M website which gives clear simple instructions for loading your ATG. You'll soon get used to it and will soon find it invaluable.
Good luck and lots of love for 2012,
Love JoZarty x

Princess Judy Palmer said...

So much in one post! My first though--like you I think I would have done the holidays not worrying about diabetes. It is definitely time to do so now though.

The tape gun-I used to have a red ATG one and that was a nightmare to load. I understand once you get the hang of it, you'll wonder why you struggled.

The kitties-sorry to hear about Lucky's hysterectomy and complications. We always want the best for our fur kids. The picture of the kitties with toys all over them reminded me there is a website called Stuff on My Cat. hee hee

505whimsygirl said...

Maybe the diabetes was causing some of the dizziness - either low or high spikes of sugar? A friend of mine has diabetes and she's managed it for quite some time now (years). There are lots of sugar free options so maybe you'll find something. I use Truvia in my tea instead of sugar. It's derived from a plant - maybe ask your diabetic consultant.

It's a bummer, dealing with health issues.


DottyA Cards & Things said...

Hang in there Girl! This shall pass and something else will take it's place believe me...!
As for the Pink Tape Gun, I've had mine now for a few years and LOVE it.... It dose take some getting use to but after a few times you will have no problem... just follow the arrows and pics that came with it and it will happen!

Hazel said...

Sorry to hear about Lucky - hope she is recovering now - and also about your diabetes - all the best for the time of adjustment on the tablets. As or the tape gun, I love mine - have had it for ages now and use it every day (I go through loads of rolls of the stuff so I change it quite often) - I'm jealous though because mine is an old yellow one (Hazel, WOYWW 108) x

Enfys said...

A great first crafty peep of the year. Hope you all feel much better very very soon, and have a happy and healthy new year!

Julia Dunnit said... least when you have the Diabetes under control, you'll still be able to have a treat, just have to factor it in a bit. Glad you had a quiet and relatively ill free Christmas, was beginning to think you were stuck with that balance thing, so am very glad to read that you're up to looking at your desk, and WOYWWing. Bet it was lovely for the boys,surrounded by love and warmth, no doubt the gals will produce marvellous LOs from photos!
The ATG gun is a gift. It made me swear and get childish about it the first couple of times of loading..the instructions are HOPELESS. There are a couple of good guides on you Tube, and I think Ive got it down now. Hate it, but wouldn't be without it!!

Katie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about all of the health issues going on, and at such a time of year for all of it. I hope it all works out soon.

I've never gotten one of those adhesive guns because I'm afraid to fill it!

Katie #81

Anne said...

Hello sorry I am late in visiting- have set myself the goal of visiting all desks before next WOYWW. Sorry to read about all the health problems and hope all will be well. Tahnkyou for sharing. Happy New Year Anne x

Robin Panzer Art said...

Oooh I just love your little helpers! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Bridget Larsen said...

Oh dear so sorry to hear of your health problems, it sucks getting old doesnt it? My whole family has diabetes, type 2 and my MIL has type 1. My uncle lost weight and exercises and lost his diabetes, I am borderline. I see the effects of diabetes in my grandmother who is 90 years old, her wounds dont heal and have puss oozing out, thats enough to know that I have to be very careful and give sweet stuff up. Diabetes is the #1 silent killer in Australia. Now pumpkin and cinnamon sounds yummy, was that a jam or a cake LOL, I must get the recipe for it-somewher.

Alison said...

Sorry to hear of all the health problems Angie. Hope everything gets sorted & you adjust ok to your new diet. Thanks for the reminder of that Goodies sketch, they were a favourite of mine! And thanks for reminding me to buy refills for my ATG! Lol!
Happy new year!
Alison x

MaggieC said...

Getting older is a right pain in the ...... I reckon your system can count the years too, and decided that this will go wrong at a certain time etc. The main thing is that you do not let it get you down or beaten. You need to find another vice quickly to feel guilty about. Hope the tablets do not upset you too much and that all the poorly folk (two legged and four legged) are soon back to full health. xx Maggie #72

The Crafty Elf said...

Things hopefully are looking up for you which means it's all going in the right direction. I hope all works out and you continue to write your wonderful posts, I always look forward to your talented writing skills! Loved the pictures....

Jocelyn said...

Oh sweet friend....I am so sorry to hear about your health issues.....Joe is diabetic and we fight it on a daily basis...he also smoked and gave it up about 10 years ago and he too loves his sweets. This disease is so difficult because sugar is hiding in all things that we eat. I do let him cheat a little, as long as his guar reads are on the lower end. They have tons of books and cookbooks for diabetics! Some of the desserts are not bad!!!

Thank your for you concern...I posted on my blog!!! can you imagine that?

Love that pink tape runner!!!

Hugs to you!!!