Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Woyww wk 137....Creativity …. Where for Art Thou?

My desk is a mess …but then so is my brain … creativity is lurking …but has not properly settled in, hence the jumble of papers and photos. Ideas have been sparked by browsing different blogs…I just need to make it all come together. It is for a double LO of a distant cousin several times removed …I never can get to grips with the number bit lol. I have already roughed out the story behind him so that when this all develops into a reality, I can post it on ‘Glimpsing the Past’. I have several projects hovering in my head …just need to let them out and see where they go. lol

Above is the fantastic prize I received from Jo at JoZart …the papers make me think I should be making birthday cards …and the main prize …the pendant …is STUNNING …thank you again Jo. xx

Here is a better shot of it

Lucky has at last got over her second operation and Rusty has gone for the ‘chop’ today. We are praying that he has not been too friendly with either Marvella or Wanda and cant believe we have still to keep them apart for another month …maybe I just need to save up for their operations too as they are both four and really too old to have a first litter…and I am too soft to give kittens away anyway.

I am drowning in hospital appointments ….the calendar is full … but its all for the good of my health. I started the tablets and am on my second week. They are to be increased at one a week till the forth week…so far so good-ish lol …I still have to get to grips with the diet but have reduced my sugar intake dramatically….however… like when I gave up smoking …my appetite has increased, which does not help.

Thanks to everyone who left encouraging comments …sorry I am so rubbish about visiting …only manage 30ish at the moment.

Take Care xx


Lunch Lady Jan said...

Glad to hear you're ok on the tablets - they did take a few weeks to settle in with DH but he's coping great now - so, take heart!
Nice to see you're playing at your desk again, that's what's important. There's no crafting rule that says you have to produce a masterpiece each time,just enjoy!!
Hugs, LLJ #43 xx

Helen said...

What a fabulous prize! So good to hear that the tablets are ok - good luck with everything else. Sometimes the ideas just don't leap from the brain to the page! You'll get there and it will be fantastic!

Annie said...

Really glad to hear the tablets are working well and you health sounds to be improving.....keep up the good work.
A x
ps fab gift from Jo

sandra de said...

I do hope the tablets continue tomake a difference to your health. Congrats on the ovely prize you received from Jo .

Neil said...

Thank you for sharing a bit of your world with us WOYWWers this morning! I hope you have a wonderful week.
Neil # 34

May said...

What a beautiful prize, great bunch of goodies, great to hear your health is improving and long may that continue, love to see your pages when finished, take care, Hugs May x x x x

crafty cat corner said...

Hi Shozzy
Glad you are feeling a bit better, its a real pain this aging thing, nobody told me it would be like this but better get on with it, nothing else to do.
I know I should lose weight for my own good but I am not the keep fit kind of person and to lose it I have to eat so little, that does not appeal to me but even so I don't eat half as much as I used to . Various aches and pains come and go and I now understand why my Mum and Mother in law used to complain when they got out of the chair. lol
Thanks for the visit to the blog and the comment on the tatting.
I tried this years ago with a shuttle and just could not get the hang of it, then recently I came across a blog with needle tatting, its not widely known here in uk but popular in usa as are a lot of crafts. I sent for the book from Canada and some needles from usa and to my surprise its easy to do. some of the flower shapes would look really good on your cards.

Keep well

jude said...

Glad to hear medication seems to be working.Hope you get chance to do some crafting.
Happy woyww

Elizabeth said...

Hi Angie, as soon as I saw your first photo this week I thought a heritage layout was in the making ... look forward to reading about it eventually. Oh, and I can't get my head round the cousin numbering thing either :) Lovely goodies from Jo, the pendant is beautiful and those papers are fab too. Good to hear you are getting your treatment sorted out and hopefully you will start to feel much better in time. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #99

Princess Judy Palmer said...

What an excellent prize you received! I understand what you mean about so many projects and ideas swirling around in your head that you can't settle down to any one thing. I hope you health continues to improve.

Karen said...

What a lovely prize to receive, well done and many congrats! Its good to hear that the tablets seem to be doing okay, I hope everything else all goes well for you as well and that your health continues to improve [[[hugs]]]

Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen #86

Brenda B said...

One thing at a time and it will all come together. How are you getting on with the ATG? They're fiddly to begin with but such a boon once you get the hang of them. Sorry to hear about the diabetes, my mam is diabetic and has a sweet tooth too so she hates it! Although she has learned to adapt, make things less sweet, or plain, like a scone with diabetic jam.

Brenda 104

Judie aka Craftymess said...

glad to hear the tabs are okay, great pressie as well

hugs and thanks for the snoop
Judie xx

Katie said...

I hope you continue to feel better! Have fun crafting! Haha...and I hope every thing works out for your cats too :)

katie (112)

Arkansas Patti said...

So glad you are doing well on the meds. I hear sometimes it can take a while to get adjusted.
Just take regular small steps with the diet. That will be the hard part but is really important.
Keeping good thoughts coming your way.

ScrappnBee said...

No rubbish. I think the most ever that I managed was 80, but usually I can only get 40 before Weds rolls around again! LOL! Love your prize from Jo. No Worries, you will eventually get ti together! Good luck with the cats and your own health! Happy WOYWW- Amanda 40

JoZart said...

Keep it up Angie, you'll get balanced soon and feel much better.
I'm so pleased you liked your blog candy prize from me! Thanks for the credit!
I hate the ageing process but you've got to get on with it and there's no going back. Hope you are all sorted very soon..... keep smiling!
Love Jo x

505whimsygirl said...

Hee hee. I get a kick out of your title post. Maybe I'll try to think of something clever.... or maybe not.

Lucky you, winning such a cool prize!

Sounds like you are on the right track healthwise. I need to get at it also.

WOYWW #117

Neet said...

Fingers crossed that the pills help you feel much better and that thet help mojo return. Glad to hear that the fur babies are ok too.
Take care - Hugs Neet 11. Xx

okienurse said...

Glad to hear meds are starting to do good!. Congrats on your prize and I love the pendant1! Good luck getting the crafting elements to work together! I wonder if it has to do with winter and cold? I can't think of any ideas this week at all. Have a great week and thanks for sharing! Vickie #33

CraftygasheadZo said...

What a fab space to play in.Thanks for sharing. Zo x

JoZart said...

Thanks for getting back to me and I must say that your comment really could have been written by me. I too feel like that and so make the most of each day. I no sooner get up than I'm going back to bed so I've GOT to fill the middle bit with something worthwhile! I'll email you but I couldn't find your addy!!
Keep smiling!
Love Jo x

Twiglet said...

Gorgeous pendant - that Jo is so talented! Keep up the good work with diet etc - you will get there. I am having a rest from making little frocks - I have been making children's dressing up outfits for a friend instead!! Have a good week. x Jo

pat said...

Thanks for the visit. The watercolor on the back of my desk was to be done in all shades of red and sienna for The Color Challenge. It had been so long since I've had out the paints that I just couldn't get into it. I still have a week or so to try. Love what you do with the photos.

Morning's Minion said...

I missed the post where you mentioned the diabetic issue. We never know in what ways we will have to cope. I think that since you managed to stop smoking after so many years, you will conquer this trouble also. Changing diet and habits is so much harder than one would imagine.
J. has recently given up coffee and says he is sleeping better. I could surely do with less chocolate and sugar--something to work at.
By the way--your desk looks the way my sewing table does--always a work-in-progress which means it gets untidy while I'm pondering what to do next--and finding time and energy to do it.

MaggieC said...

Glad to hear that the tablets seem to be doing their work and not causing you too much trouble. If the mojo has gone walkabout, just refuse yourself permission to craft for a week. By the end of the week, your brain will be going mad to get at it and create something beautiful. Have fun. xx Maggie #70

Ann B said...

Lucky you winning one of Jo's blog candy prizes and the pendant and thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment on my journal page. I'm very late this week getting round the desks - usually visit at least 40 of them by Wednesday evening but I couldn't get going at all this week because of my sinusitus. Glad you are getting settled on the meds.
Ann B

famfa said...

Not been here for a while. Sorry. Well done for the prize, it's lovely. Hope the cats get sorted, one way or another!

Mrs A. said...

Lovely prizes. Glad to hear you are feeling better on your pills. Hugs mrs a.

Pam said...

I hope your ideas come together-I know what it's like having a buzzing mind

Alison said...

Glad you're getting to grips with your tablets & new diet Angie. Hope the mojo comes back soon, it's hard when you have ideas in your head but haven't got the will to start them. Great prize too, lucky you!
Alison xox

Carmen said...

Slowly, slowly Angie. That's me at the moment. We'll get there, plod along at our own pace. I know what you mean about the appetite. If you ever want a natter - you know my email :)

Love your lovely prize.

Bridget Larsen said...

wow lots of yummy goodies there, lucky you
Bridget #26

Katie said...

I love the prize you won! I hope the tablets are helping you feel better :)

Happy WOYWW (on Monday!)
Katie #16

Anonymous said...

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