Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rub on lettering …for or against? …and where are they anyway.??

As I sat at my desk trying to piece together my double LO ...yes I feel creative ...I found I needed lettering …lots …and I turned again to my favourite ..Making Memories alpha books.

Sadly my supply has greatly depleted over the years and I am not sure if I can find them … or anything in their place. I am thinking of raiding my DD supply but I'm not sure if she has any left now.

Many rub-ons do not survive the test of long storage times …they adhere themselves to the backing sheet …they float off before they are positioned …or they refuse to let go at all. I remember one make that you had to warm before they would work at all …many crafters used to sit on these did last and work as well as they did when I first bought them.I know the books were not cheap but they lasted and there are plenty of most letters in each book.

I like stickers …mini alphas …chipboard … and even stamps but I am gutted that I gathered a large collection of a particular makes letter stamps …that cost me mega bucks … only to find that after a year of not being used …many of the letters ripped when being removed for use.

What lettering format is your favourite? And does anyone know if those books …or similar …are still made …or are rub-ons just out of fashion!.

Take Care xx


LadyBug said...

I have some of these books, in a different font and sadly I have loads of zzzzzz's and xxxx's, qqqqq's and such letters left but very little of anything else. I find these have been the best rub on's and boy have I tried the different brands!! Like you I have found they either fall off, won't let go or the wrong letter grabs my photos! I haven't bought any rub on's or thickers since buying my cricut two Decembers ago, I do however buy loads and loads (too many) small alpha stickers like the ones that October Afternoon and Cosmo Crocket make. Px

Carmen said...

I've not had much luck with rub-ons, I either et all the problems you've mentioned or I rub half another letter/image off at the same time. Shame as I do like them and they are fab for dimensional work, used them all the time on my duckies.

Out of fashion, I don't know, it's so long now since I've gone to a show or shop and had a proper stash shop that I don't know. *mutter, mutter* at stash bans!

Alison said...

I've never been a fan of rub ons, having had bad experiences with some. Hope you manage to track some down Angie x

crafty cat corner said...

Thanks for the comment regarding Tom. The interview went well but he doesn't drive so there may be a hitch, we'll see, if not it's all good experience and I'm sure he'll come good in the end, he's very determined.
As for the tatting, best not to mention it at the moment. I started off okay but am having trouble now, the thing is there isn't much in u.k. about it, its an american/canada thing and the books are so expensive.
I need another book that explains it a bit more and don't fancy paying too much for it in case I don't keep it up. Knowing me it will be a 5 minute wonder. lol
Hope all is well with your checks, isn't it a bu**** getting old, never thought it would be like this did you?