Friday, May 28, 2010

Backs .. crafting ...and blogging ....dont mix

I have to apologise for not commenting on every ones blogs this week .... I started with high hopes but after about 10 the aches began ....I then took some pain killers and managed to pop by a few on and off during Wednesday and Thursday ... leaving comments on about 20 more ...I just don't want to risk it getting worse. Today I had a play with my project and it is turning out ...well ...sort of different from what I imagined in my mind lol. I am praying that the bits I had to remove will go back in place ...otherwise I'm in a fix ...or it will have to change yet again ... I so hope I get it finished.
Week 52 is important to me as our little band of friends who gathered together in week 1, never imagined how large they would grow in a year. During that year I have made cyber /blog friends ..sharing their highs and lows and having a good nose around their crafting world .... and I have learnt such a lot from everyone ...thanks JD for being the Captain of the WOYWW ship.

As promised I am going to bore you with a few more 'Nana' photos



Ben getting ready to audition for Joseph

Meeting the Gruffalo's

Say cheese

Brotherly Love ?????

Father and Son ...ahhhh

All Tuckered Out
As you can see it was Ben who was the one who I managed to get the most shots of this time, as he stood still longer lol but I took many more

I said I would tell you what Steve and Emma used my little gift to them for,well it was for a private scan as the hospital that they attend will not tell anyone the sex of the baby. As they hope to move just before or just after the birth they are packing away everything they can now and putting it in the loft. Rightly Emma said what was the point in packing all the outgrown clothes of the boys if they were having a girl ...and they
intend this to be their last. Today is the day that they had the scan and now they know it is to be another boy. I know in many ways they would have loved a girl but there are a lot of advantages to having another boy and both parents are very happy about No 3 being a boy ... as am I ... I love grandsons.

Just thought I would add some shots from the train ... on the way home. During the last half of the journey ...after we cross the Firth of Forth ...the train follows the beautiful coast line of The Kingdom of Fife

See how close the tracks are to the beach

Sorry the train shots a alittle blurred but it was moving at a fair speed.
Hope I haven't bored you too much

Take Care xx

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WEEK 51 .... one week left to create a masterpiece ...not

I’m back …just in time to blog Week 51 .

PLEASE forgive me for not leaving comments last week but a huge thank you to every one that popped by mine and left comments …even though I was away.

I had a great catch up … reading all your comments over a very large coffee this afternoon …but I think I will need a gallon and a huge cream cake ..or three … before I tackle a catch up on everyone’s blogs …I will deal with every ones WOYWW this week first …back permitting

I am afraid my area is totally clear

… not a thing in sight…but just out of eye shot is the project that I HAVE to tackle this week, for Wk52 …I am soooo behind that I am going to have to lock myself away for several days and pray I get inspiration …..I sort of know what I want to do … but will it work for me in time? I started it all, way back, with plenty of time to create something worth showing but then I became distracted by life.

I have been visiting the GS’s, … then cat sitting while they all popped over to Ireland for a few days and then spent DS’s birthday with him …even though he was shattered after the long journey home that day. Emma bought him a caterpillar cake lol and he loved it …he really is still a kid at heart

Here are my two cat charges .... 15 year old Tig (ginger) and just over a year old , Harley ... short for Harlequin.

I did do a quick Zentangled Birthday card for DS ….he loved it and just kept looking at all the patterns for ages.

DD sent over a pair of Gruffalo’s for Ben and Jake as its one of their favourite stories …they loved them … their eyes lit up and of course Emma had to read the book …again …and again.

I also managed to get two really nice separate shots of the boys to go in a pair of new frames … so hard now, as they never stop moving. I will bore you with a display of my better shots later in the week …. sorry to those who really are not onto cute photos … just steer clear of the next post if you prefer that a Nana and her camera were seperated ... never to be reunited in your life time LOL

Take Care xx

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Week 50 WOYW Monday

I have to say that not pouring over the computer, for a week, has really helped my back but then I realized that I am away for this week and only just back for next ....and I have not really got any further with my project for the following week....yikes ... trust everything to go chaotic at the wrong time.

I am setting this up to appear on Wednesday ...with a little help from a friend lol and I will understand if you don't leave comments as I wont be able to visit your blogs this week ... I just felt I had to post along with the rest of you all .... normal service will resume next week.

My desk has new stash on it ...yeah ...a little of this and that ... including some TH.This spend is due to a mystery windfall ...a little one ...not enough to make a difference to a credit card or ???? ...but enough to spread some we all had some stash and this is mine.
Where did this come from? ...well this is what happened ... I went to the bank to shut some accounts that were donkey years old and had the odd fivers still sitting there and I found that one had a little bit more than I thought it had...... result lol . I have been feeling so down not having money I could just fritter and have fun with ...and then there it was. Even DS is getting something he and Emma wanted ... more about that later.

See you in a week,
Take Care xx

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Edinbugh Rocks

Firstly ... I want to thank everyone who dropped by my WOYWW ... over the past few days ... a record number....68... wow. It took me till Friday evening to visit every one on JD's linky thingy ... if I didn't, then its because it wouldn't let me or I may have jumped a number, but that must be 3 or 4 of you... at the most. What fun it was popping in on everyone but as it took me so long it means I am behind with visiting my other friends and looking at the posts in general over the past few day...I shall try to catch up ...if creating doesn't get in the way lol

I have just come back from an amazing day in Edinburgh.This is the first photo I've managed to get of all four of them together ...and yeah .... the baby bump is there too.

We all met at Waverley Station ... then on to a Chinese Buffet ... followed by a stroll in the park ... what could be better.
I ate so much ... yet not enough to feel ill ...after dosing myself with medication, my back held up very well and so I was keen to stroll in Princes Street Gardens. The boys were keen to show me how good they were at walking and tried to show how well they could run too ....hoods on jackets are so handy when catching a runaway toddler.


After a little stroll we felt the need for some tea at the pink outdoor cafe and this is where an extra special part of the day began ......
Ben was so tired he dosed off but Jake's ears picked up a distant rhythmic drumming and appeared to be tapping his foot in time. Leaving Steve with Ben asleep in the push chair ...Emma and I ...and a very eager Jake ...went in search of the beat...


It was an amazing group of drummers and a piper who I found out were called CLANADONIA and who described their music as Tribal ... it was like a mix of traditional Gaelic with a rock influence and sort of jazz inter play between the solo drummers. I wish I could describe how fantastic they sounded .... how inspiring ... and exciting it was to hear them live ...the best way to enjoy any music.

Jake was captivated ...started to stamp out the rhythm with his feet...tapped a rhythm with his hand on his and his mums arm ...shook his head like a rock head banger ... all in time with the drums. He clapped and then whimpered, when they stopped and then lit up when they restarted. Many of the crowd that had gathered to watch the band ...... were also watching Jake ... I was such a proud Nana ... husbands were nudging wives and girlfriends pointed him out to their partners ... OK, when should I buy him a set of drums or pay for dance lessons ... now? ... LOL

Take Care xx

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

WOYWW? … Not really sure....yet

Firstly ... thanks for so many kind wishes over my aches and pains last week …the knee pain went as quickly as it appeared and my back is a little better but still hates me walking much more than to the corner shop. I have cut down on the pain killers and I feel it will gradually get back to normal …it usually does . Yes I know I should see the doctor but, as I have said before …. I know what he will say…’Go on a diet’. I also have a sort of phobia over going to the docs …in fact I get so stressed I totally feel my spine turn into a rod, breathing becomes heavy, and my heart beats faster ….so stupid considering I was a Radiographer in my younger days …but then maybe that’s why, a mix of knowing too much and not wanting to be a bother ….well enough of all that ….WOYWW is here AGAIN.

Most of you out there are probably thinking along the lines of … OMG ….IIWA and the answer is a resounding …YES IT IS …. and we are now on week48.

The title of this post is true ….I really don’t know what is on my table. I have tried to plan what to do for the Wk52 challenge and have gone in more circles than dancing round a Maypole …. so I though I would attack it the same way I doodle. …. let mind and hands take over and lets see what happens. So who knows what this will turn into …or if I even use it in the end …maybe I will have a flash of inspiration taking me in another direction

.It is thus true to say that my table really only has Gesso on it and a wood ‘Thingy’. If you peer off to the end of the table, you can just see the chaos at the bottom of some of my shelves …. I grabbed something … all around decided to jump off their piles too …in fact the shelf below is a lot worse but my back didn’t want to let me tidy it up …well I was too lazy really. You can also see a lot of the other chaos in the room ….don’t let the shots of tidy shelves in earlier posts fool you into thinking I am actually a tidy crafter lol

Here to finish, is a photo I took yesterday of another of our cats …. China.

She has a wonderful deep purr when stroked but moults handfuls of hair, as you oblige her after a tap on your arm. She has also started chatting a lot over the past year …. rather like the sound made when she spies a bird through the window …a sort of clicking but more vocal. She will be 10 this year….hard to believe …DD got her when her Dad died …where have the years gone??.

DD got her Scrapping Mojo back after quite a long break and has decided to join in this WOYWW for the first time this week …welcome to the club Jay …or Julia as she was named by her loving parents …a name we thought she would never shorten …who were we kidding … have lost track of all the variants over the years.

Take Care xx

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Just a few shots to share

A little before sunset this evening, I went out and took some photos of the amazing cloud formation that hung above the houses.Just had to share it ...some of the clouds were so fluffy and low in the sky.... like teased out cotton wool.

This is a smallish bush(not quite 3ft) which we inherited.It has this strange flower before the leaves appear idea what it is ...have you?.

This is a Pieris ...not sure which variety but one of my garden favourites ...I love it at this time of year as the white flowers are still there and the vibrant new red growth is just appearing.

Last but not least ...a huddle of cats ...not happy that they have been woken.
Sid is at the top ...his niece Nahla is in the middle and Smudge at the bottom.

Can you believe that no one wanted him and he was destined for cat heaven until DD said we would give him a home and brought him back in her jacket. He follows her around like a dog and has a little call song. When she sings it he appears from no where. He has a strange expression due to the smudge under his nose ...when he is angry he looks like Hitler but when happy he is more like Charlie Chaplin LOL

Just thought I would share

Take care xx