Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Proud Nana Post

You guessed it ...photo over load ...well just be thankful ... these are only a few of hundreds.

Jay and Vicki went over to do a belated exchange of Xmas pressies, so it was like a second Christmas for them and it was the first time Jay and Vicki had met Olly ...life on both sides just conspired to keep them apart.
I so need to visit soon and give them all BIG hugs but Steve is starting a new job and so I will give them a week or so to get in to their new routine. Poor Steve hated where he was working and is so relieved to get another job.

I feel really bad as I had been moaning to Emma that I was not being sent any new photos from them ....and now I know the reason ...they had created a Nana photobook...for me ... as part of my Christmas gift ....I LOVE it so much.

Hope you have not been too bored

Take care xx

Sunday, January 23, 2011

...and TOTO makes 18

As promised …..............................
Here is TOTO

I think he will be staying. …however, now he has found his feet, he is chasing Bilbo and Sid around the house while objects fly in their wake. Smudge is just annoyed that another cat has joined us and up set the equilibrium, Marvella is suspicious that he is actually just an intruder but Sayba is hiding from everyone as she really hates change and noise ….and new cats. The rest are just putting up with him but I think Willow and he may make friends , as the weeks pass.

Toto is large and so very different, in appearance, from all our other cats. He is very good natured with humans ...though a little techy when it comes to the smaller variety lol . As you can see he is a long hair but his coat has an unusual feel to it…it is thick and sort of woolly ….he will need a lot of brushing I think.

Take Care xx

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WOYWW ....Week ?????

Cannot believe it is the 19th January and this is my first post this year ...sorry for being a poor blogger and a very part time WOYWWer. I did manage to get the flu ....but it didn't strike until the 27th and the boys were pretty well over it on Xmas Day so managed to enjoy every thing. It was a wonderful few days and it was great doing none of the cooking again.

Like the rest of you out there, I become so easily addicted to stash, and for the most part that means paper and embellishments that go with it all but I can so easily be seduced by other crafts and then find I either have no talent or little time to make all the creations that could take form from the ideas that swim around in my muddled head. The lack of talent applies to knitting and crochet …not sure how I lost the ability as I remember creating patterned chunky jumpers with the aid of graph paper and throws from crochet squares about 35-40 years ago ….the latter applies to most other elements such as beads and metals and … well I could go on for ever …. so why, I ask myself, have I yet again been seduced in to another craft …this time by the lure of material. I knew it was coming as I found myself in a patchwork shop about 4 months ago …aimlessly sighing and stroking rolls and piles of ‘Fat Quarters’. I should have heeded the warning but then for Christmas Jay, Vicki and I decided to share three large pressies …one of which was a sewing machine.

So what is on my table today????? ……… Yep ... some fat and long quarters

…. All waiting patiently for me to conquer the machine and the rotary cutter ….and to discover if I really have no talent for Patchwork or any other kind of sewing ….but then the quarters are wonderful to stroke lol.... and if you are reading this Sharon(MM) .... this is a little bit your fault ...well I had to blame someone.

I have also bought …in the sale I might add … a remnant of material suitable for cushions. Like all addicts I want to buy more and more but I am determined to wait until I have used some of the above …by the way the patterns are William Morris …and were again, a bargain.

The other problem I have is that I cant say no …well when it comes to animals anyway … strike that ... I cant say no to food either …especially sweet gooey stuff and yummy savoury stuff …especially Italian and Indian ...and old fashioned home cooking …. maybe I am addicted to cats and food too. Well lets get back to my inability to say no to animals.… yes I know I was not going to take in any more felines and yes I was going to let our numbers reduce naturally … and yes I know I’m a sucker for a sob story but I really could not stop Jay and Vicki catnapping a beautiful animal last Wednesday, that, it was said, was destined for a microwave!!!!. He is so different from any of our others and just might have some Maine Coon in him. We hope he will become integrated with the others …if not we will have to find a new home for him. I am trying not to get too fond of him but when there is just the two of us he leaps on to my lap ….looks me in the eyes …and purrs.

I really shall try to do more blogging, crafting and WOYWWing this year ....note to self ...be more organized too.

I look forward to dropping by as many blogs as I can, during today and the next few days ... to see what everyone is up to.

Take Care xx

PS …I think there are some lovely talented ladies out there who might find me calling on them for sewing help/advice … in the near future …..Grovel Grovel .xx