Sunday, January 23, 2011

...and TOTO makes 18

As promised …..............................
Here is TOTO

I think he will be staying. …however, now he has found his feet, he is chasing Bilbo and Sid around the house while objects fly in their wake. Smudge is just annoyed that another cat has joined us and up set the equilibrium, Marvella is suspicious that he is actually just an intruder but Sayba is hiding from everyone as she really hates change and noise ….and new cats. The rest are just putting up with him but I think Willow and he may make friends , as the weeks pass.

Toto is large and so very different, in appearance, from all our other cats. He is very good natured with humans ...though a little techy when it comes to the smaller variety lol . As you can see he is a long hair but his coat has an unusual feel to it…it is thick and sort of woolly ….he will need a lot of brushing I think.

Take Care xx


Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Angie, oh what a beauty :-) Sounds like fun and games at your place hehe
Anne xx

Carmen said...

Oh what a beautiful boy! I love tabby's so much. I can see why you think he has a bit of wild in him.

Morning's Minion said...

Toto is very beautiful and of course you couldn't stand by and see him abused. Such people should be hung up by some delicate part of their anatomy and subjected to torture themselves!
If you noticed my post on January 17th, my daughter's beloved [naughty] cat also has the Maine cooncat features. They are very large, fluffy, affectionate cats.

Cardarian said...

Oh what a lovely cat! Looks like you have quite a cat relations to sort out! Or maybe they will sort themselves out! Loved the post and photos!

Jocelyn said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH he is beautiful!!! I love that long hair!!!!! I have to giggle at the others.....cats always amaze me...I have one and she will not even allow another to walk onto the grass outside...We never let her she looks out the window and hisses!!!!

He look like a lovey!!!!!

Peter said...

I think that I should print out a photo of your Toto for our Nigella... He looks a very handsome fellow, and I think that she would appreciate a glossy picture of him beside her food bowl when she partakes of her meals! Our Ginger has a very thick coat that makes summer a bit of a burden for him, but he can sit out in the rain for hours without seeming to get wet right through.

♪♫♥ Charity Crafter ♪♫♥ said...

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Artyjen said...

Ooh! He is handsome :)
xoxo Sioux