Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WOYWW ....Week ?????

Cannot believe it is the 19th January and this is my first post this year ...sorry for being a poor blogger and a very part time WOYWWer. I did manage to get the flu ....but it didn't strike until the 27th and the boys were pretty well over it on Xmas Day so managed to enjoy every thing. It was a wonderful few days and it was great doing none of the cooking again.

Like the rest of you out there, I become so easily addicted to stash, and for the most part that means paper and embellishments that go with it all but I can so easily be seduced by other crafts and then find I either have no talent or little time to make all the creations that could take form from the ideas that swim around in my muddled head. The lack of talent applies to knitting and crochet …not sure how I lost the ability as I remember creating patterned chunky jumpers with the aid of graph paper and throws from crochet squares about 35-40 years ago ….the latter applies to most other elements such as beads and metals and … well I could go on for ever …. so why, I ask myself, have I yet again been seduced in to another craft …this time by the lure of material. I knew it was coming as I found myself in a patchwork shop about 4 months ago …aimlessly sighing and stroking rolls and piles of ‘Fat Quarters’. I should have heeded the warning but then for Christmas Jay, Vicki and I decided to share three large pressies …one of which was a sewing machine.

So what is on my table today????? ……… Yep ... some fat and long quarters

…. All waiting patiently for me to conquer the machine and the rotary cutter ….and to discover if I really have no talent for Patchwork or any other kind of sewing ….but then the quarters are wonderful to stroke lol.... and if you are reading this Sharon(MM) .... this is a little bit your fault ...well I had to blame someone.

I have also bought …in the sale I might add … a remnant of material suitable for cushions. Like all addicts I want to buy more and more but I am determined to wait until I have used some of the above …by the way the patterns are William Morris …and were again, a bargain.

The other problem I have is that I cant say no …well when it comes to animals anyway … strike that ... I cant say no to food either …especially sweet gooey stuff and yummy savoury stuff …especially Italian and Indian ...and old fashioned home cooking …. maybe I am addicted to cats and food too. Well lets get back to my inability to say no to animals.… yes I know I was not going to take in any more felines and yes I was going to let our numbers reduce naturally … and yes I know I’m a sucker for a sob story but I really could not stop Jay and Vicki catnapping a beautiful animal last Wednesday, that, it was said, was destined for a microwave!!!!. He is so different from any of our others and just might have some Maine Coon in him. We hope he will become integrated with the others …if not we will have to find a new home for him. I am trying not to get too fond of him but when there is just the two of us he leaps on to my lap ….looks me in the eyes …and purrs.

I really shall try to do more blogging, crafting and WOYWWing this year ....note to self more organized too.

I look forward to dropping by as many blogs as I can, during today and the next few days ... to see what everyone is up to.

Take Care xx

PS …I think there are some lovely talented ladies out there who might find me calling on them for sewing help/advice … in the near future …..Grovel Grovel .xx


Wipso said...

Love the fabrics and will look forward to seeing what you do with it all .....yes, I will be checking up on you to see it isn't wasted [basically cos you can throw it in my direction if you don't use it :-) ]
A x

Susan Allan said...

I found your story really interesting. I need to know more about the rescued cat-- was it really going to be cooked?

I do the same as you, want to try everything and am expert at nothing. Love your fabrics; it is hard to pass them by without buying some, I know.

Have a great week
Sue xx 67

Minxy said...

Yep the time shore does fly by, I admit i have a little stash of fabrics but as of yet i've not used them, Glad its not just me that seems to get lured with every craft going, jack of all crafts master of non is me lol
Hope you have fun with you new sewing machine.
Thanks for visiting me today
Minxy #1

Jocelyn said...

Your post always make me smile.....I so hope the new addition can integrate with the other...You know that a Rooster has adopted our yard!!!! :-) We are too much alike!!

Yay for sewing...something that I have not been able to I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with!!!

Thank you ever so much for all the love that you have left for me....we are having a tough time, and hearing from you makes my day a better one!!!

Love ya girlie and have a wonderful day!!!

JoZart said...

I've returned of late to my love of fabrics... .crafting of any type is addictive so beware you'll end up with stashes of the stuff. Get making to show something worthwhile for all your spends.
Well done for saving the little furry creature.
joZarty x

Arkansas Patti said...

Know how the love of animals can be overwhelming. When I got over my limit with dogs, I decided to become a shelter and seriously sought good homes for my rescues. That was much more rewarding than ownership.
Think who ever was going to microwave that cat be castrated so he can't reproduce.

SueH said...

Oh Angie, don’t come calling on me for sewing help will you, I can’t machine a straight line for toffee!
Beautiful fabrics though….I can see why you found yourself dropping them into your shopping basket.

Well done for giving puss a new home. Sounds like you may be looking for a new home yourself very soon…..a larger one Lol!


Anonymous said...

Lovely fabrics and yes, it's so hard not to be tempted in different directions, at least all three of you want to have a go, you can encourage and support each other!

Brenda 100

Handmade with Love said...

Oh Angie you did make me laugh, I am the same & want to try everything! I have also just bought some fabric to make some flower brooches, I thought I would start off easy infind I am moving from stroking paper to fabric squares! Your story about the cat is worrying, How was he going to be microwaved? I had a Maine coone Some years ago and he was a wonderful character and loved company, I wish you luck with your new addition? Have a great week! Tracey x

minnie_mac said...

Have fun with the sewing machine and fabrics. l hope the little fur baby settles in with the other furry housemates.


Helen said...

Gorgeous fabrics - good luck ( I am a total non-sewer!) Sorry to torment you with the black and white paper! I got it from the Stamp Attic ..... Hope to see you back here again very soon!

——>Katie Bolinger said...

beautiful fabrics, great colors

Rhonda said...

Hi Angie, love all those fabrics!~ Thanks for stopping by my desk. Happy WOYWW! #15

MaggieC said...

You have some lovely fabrics to work with there. Is it just cushions you are making with them?

Carmen said...

Same here, same here :) Sewing machine and wood burning tool for Christmas - so easily seduced.

The puddy sounds gorgeous, piccies p[lease - sounds like he is doing his own seducing!

Carola Bartz said...

I am totally useless at sewing but I love those fat quarters. I wonder what you're going to do with them?

Shaz in Oz. said...

ah love the fat quarters, they are such lovely colours lovely fabrics just begging to be used.. so hope some inspiration comes and see something in the weeks ahead..have fun!
Shaz in Oz. ps thanks for popping by my place :D

Marjo said...

Gorgeous fabric. Love the layouts

Thanks for the peek and sharing. Happy WOYWW, hugs Marjo #10

weewiccababe said...

loving those fabrics, good luck with them
Debbi #39

Judie aka Craftymess said...

I cant help with the sewing, im sorry, im useless and pathetic at it and loose my rag completley, but wish i could help

Glad your feeling better

Thanks for the peep

Judie xx 69

Cardarian said...

Oh so now you are into sewing??? Well at least you have a new sewing machine! And all that lovely fabric! I don't know what it is but it must be some sort of crafty virus because what ever craftiness one gets up to one becomes a stash horder and I don't think there is any medicine that can help! Ha, ha!
Enjoy your sewing, so glad you are back with us!
Lots of hugs,

Ciara said...

I can totally relate to your need for more & more stuff and also for trying new crafts!

I've never done the sewing thing but do love the look of sewing on cards and have often looked at little sewing machines. Plus, I started doing a bit of beading last year so then became addicted to buying beads.

The card making stash - I'm admitting defeat on that one, I don't think I'll ever manage to stop buying it!!

Well done for rescuing that kitty too - will you show us a piccy next week please?


oneoff said...

Hope the new feline is settling in well. If you don't end up quilting or patchworking with those fat quarters, I guess there are lots of other possibilities; I'd fancy covering a journal or two (but then I have a bad journal habit!). I can see why you wanted the fabrics - they're gorgeous.

Thank you for the lovely comments on my teacup candles.


Neet said...

Hi Angie - glad you are feeling better. Lots of peeps had the flu bug over Christmas - think many had the holiday spoiled as a result so you were lucky to get it later. (f you call getting it at all luck!
Gorgeous material - my friend has some here and it is lovely to look at - bit like scrapbook papers.

S said...

Those lovely floral fabrics are almost enough to make me want to learn to sew too. Have fun tackling them.

peggy aplSEEDS said...

i love the fabrics on your desk! i hope you get to use them (i have some waiting to be used in the attic). i would have loved to see a pic of the cat that was about to be microwaved (is that a figure of speech?)

Twiglet said...

Oh yes! Gorgeous fabric there - Wipso and I will be on stand by then - just in case you need a little technical advice - lol- although I should say neither of us do patchwork but willing to have a go at anything using fabrics!

Spyder said...

Love all your new Stash Angie and it's nice to have you back. I've never been any good at sewing, but love fabrics. Happy WOYWW

okienurse said...

Love all the beautiful fabric pieces. I don't feel nearly as bad buying the fat quarters as I did buying yards and yards of fabric years ago. Thanks for sharing.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

This post made me smile Angie, you big softie :-) Fabulous fabrics and I look forward to seeing what you create with them. You are being good, being determined to use some of your fabric stash before buying more - I need some lessons in that department!
Anne xx

Lavinia said...

To Quote your words....."Like all addicts I want to buy more and more but I am determined to wait until I have used some of the above" Oh how I need to write this quote on my wall in my craft room!I have spent way to much of late! Are all us crafters shopping addicts???? :)I would love to quilt myself however I fear it would end in tears!!! LOve the fabric, just keep stroking it and keep it to one side for a bit yet! Its it beautiful!

Susan said...

Gorgeous fabrics Angie. Can't wait to see what you create. Thanks for visiting. Susan xxox #19

Nicky said...

Lovely fabric I too like the quarter they sell they look so good all stacked up lol - I totally understand about the animals we always say no more and then another waif and stray arrives ~ Nicky 24

Morning's Minion said...

Oh, Angie! I'll take resposibility--from a distance--for your indulgence in the fabric! I recognized the William Morris line. I do think that when one enjoys "creativity" that it spills over from one medium to another. I had quite a long spell of tole painting--which I loved, but most of my efforts have been in the sewing department. I've lost track of how many sewing machines I have owned over the years.
As to the "stash" issue--lets not talk about that. I sometimes think I should sort mine and offer some pieces on e-bay.
Do you suppose that cats come under the heading of addictive collectables also?