Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Sorry ... no work surface ….or area for that matter…too ashamed that the table is actually totally buried....and that is no exaggeration ...DD says she is going to blitz it before Xmas so we can start afresh in the New Year

I found a tiny space to make 4 cards on Monday…then dropped them in the post box before taking a photo, as I realized it was the last day for 1st class and got in a flap …then cursed as they disappeared from reach because I could have shown you all that I do actually make the odd card.

Here are two LO’s I finished at the end of last week …. while I still could find a corner to work on. …. I have been meaning to scrap them for a year.

Spending time with Ben and Jake last year made it all magical again for me as when one sees Xmas through a little ones eyes it’s so special. This year it will be Robbie and Kristofer who share their wonder with me. Poor things are really unwell at the moment so I hope they are better by the 25th. I think it is some virus but it has pushed their temperatures to 40 or 104 in old money lol. … regular Calpol and ‘sponge downs’ have been needed. Poor Robbie just does not understand and sits there sobbing as the cloth touches him …mind you Kristofer was only a little better but his temp seems to be staying below 100 now.

I wish everyone out there a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I send you warm hugs and raise a glass to the wonderful world of blogs where I have met so many good and interesting friends.

Take Care xx

PS Found out earlier that the boys have the flu so am prayingit has not passed on to us adults.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Give aways ....Pink monsters and pans

A new one of Olly ...with two of Emma's snow men creations getting in on the act.

If any one is into Monsters and /or pink then please visit 'But its a good place to Start' as there is such a cute monster giveaway on offer. The guest on Vicki's blog (Dec 9th post) has donated one of her creations so it is up for grabs.

A few months ago I was so lucky to win a voucher from Helen at'' Its all Fiddle Fart' ...well Monkey actually on 'Mum's Monkey ... and I used it recently for th
is wonderful pan below ... and a jam funnel, potato peeler and jam covers which are on their way. It was an amazing prize ...thank you so much.
Helen has two amazing Blogs. If you want to brighten your day click
HERE and if you want to have ideas for pressies , school fairs and cards ...Click HERE

Lastly I captured Robbie having a 'moment ' with Misty

Take Care xx

PS Can you see the resemblance? ...Ben and Jake can lol

Monday, December 06, 2010

Oh No .....Yet ANOTHER Snow Day

Well we lived in hope yesterday, that the worst was over ...well for the moment. The thaw was well under way .... showing clear roofs and nearly all the tarmac of the roads ...even the pavements were clearing. We went to bed happy with the thought that my shopping delivery would get through, as my supplies of bread, fresh vegetables and cat litter were now totally depleted.... and life would return to normal at last . A trip out of the house was on the cards... safe with the thought that the buses would be running properly again ... with no thought of being taken out of service due to adverse weather.


We awoke to a new thick blanket of snow and it is still snowing. DD set off to work at 7 as usual hoping it would let up and she would actually make it to Dundee but had to turn round and get a bus home from St Andrews ...the last of the day ...and it even cut short its journey 3 miles from our house ...thank goodness for our local taxi service.

Well what was left to do ....play in the snow ...with me recording the creation of this years Snow Person ....who still has to be dressed.





Smudge ventured out but found a place to shelter from the elements

"Do you really think I'm that stupid" said Honey Pot

I do hope everyone who has got another dose of snow today keeps their spirits up .... it will end ...soon I hope.

Take Care.xx

PS ..Emma's ingenuity when she and the grandsons were snowed in ....they love trains and boxes.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

WOYWW 78 ....and I'm back

HI ....I'm back .....I feel ashamed that it is so long since I have attended this meeting …and me a founder member too. I have poped by to read what everyone has been up to and left the odd comment when I could. There have been so many reasons …. not least … lack of mojo and a strange mixed up life. We have had to give up our joint craft room in order to give Vicki’s nephews a room of their own now, let battle commence … those who know a little of the saga will understand this. It now means that the stash is divided and while my room is just piles of chaos, I squeezed on to Jay and Vicki’s table to attempt some creativity.

I cant remember when I last posted a LO ….well here are two …sorry the shots are not perfectly straight …my eyes were a bit wonky lol.

This one ….’’John’ … was the crop challenge last Saturday ….not something I find easy ….being kept to a set of rules ….and a time limit ….but I just managed it with 10 seconds to spare.

We had to take with us

2 patterned papers, 1 coordinating plain card stock, 2 photos, 4 buttons, needle and thread, paint, ink, a title and something of our own choice…..we also could journal in pen on the paper if we wanted ….. HOWEVER …. We had to construct the LO in a particular order. Those not taking part walked around watching how we interpreted the task and then voted . The great thing for me was that Vicki, who set it, said, at the start, that it was not a done deal that the best or most experienced scrapper would win….it was which person the ‘judges’ thought interpreted the list of items in that given order, best.It was actually great fun and I really enjoyed doing it ….. and then to come second with a little prize was the icing on the cake.

This is my Great Grand mother ...

also created at the crop ...(between chatting and munching).

If you want to know more about the people … and in the case of John, some little known WW11 history, then pop by my G the P Blog …click on the name on the side of this blog.

Two LO’s of my gorgeous Grandsons are due very soon ….one nearly done on the table.

I will get round as many of you as I can but the computer and my back really do not get on …yes another reason why I have been missing from the list …and I know others have the same problem.

Take care …I have really missed you all xx

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our Xmas Crop ...27/11/10

Christmas started on Saturday
I have not been to our crop for most of this year and I certainly have not been creative for at least half of it ... but as it was the Christmas one and it is always great fun, I made the effort to create a couple of kits and take the bits for the challenge that was being held .... I was not doing the catering this time, that was Vicki's domain ... which meant I could take part in all the fun games too, that Jane created ...loved the one where we had to burst balloons.... she's very good at coming up with ideas ....probably the teacher in her.
I managed to actually complete the challenge and be ranked second in votes from my fellow croppers ....probably sympathy lol and finish a LO ... both which are FH.
I also got started on another two lo's which are of Ben and Jake.... now let see if my inspiration and creativity stays with me til I have at least finished the second two. It really was all good fun.
The food was wonderful and I ate far too much ...especially the sweets and cakes ..... there was an amazing cheese cake that had no cheese in it?? and toffee filled brownies....to name just two of the many delights

I shall get the first two photographed soon and I am putting together background on the people in question, for my FH blog. Sorry there are no photos yet ...but I had to let you know that a little mojo had returned and that I had not forsaken the crafting fraternity. lol

So that my post was not photo less ...here are two I took off my sons facebook today. When it comes to snow my son has never grown up ...thank goodness ...and the boys look happy too

Take Care ....will be back soon xx

Monday, November 15, 2010

BUFFY ....R I P .... 15/11/2010

BUFFY Lou Lou...Aged 15
...aka ... Buffy the Rat Slayer

Sadly we lost dear Buffy today .... she went down hill rapidly during this past week and our fears were confirmed by the vet. She no longer even wanted to lap chicken water, so we had to reluctantly let her go so that she could make her final journey .... to cat heaven.

Buffy came to us fourteen and a half years ago as a 5 month old kitten ....our first rescued cat ....most likely born in the wild ...with a love of potato peelings ... probably acquired through raiding bins to stay alive.
She survived the first meeting with our then resident ginger felines, Sushi and Tigger but suffered a torn ear and a bitten neck for her troubles. There was no love lost between them ... ever .... Tigger moved out to be with my son and sadly Sushi died in 2005.
As the years went by and our feline family grew, Buffy became a little bit of a loner ... choosing her own space inside and out side the house .... never the Alfa female ...rarely playing with the others ... never suffering feline fools gladly... especially the new arrivals ... and growled at children who got too close.
She did however love to frequent a warm lap ... when it was her choice to do so and had a purr that could warm the coldest cat haters heart. She loved her head, jowls and chin being rhythmically scratched but giving a tummy rub was for those with a lack of judgement and fear ... or those sporting a thick pair of gloves.

All our cats are special to us .... she will be greatly missed ...even by a few of the felines who have managed to become closer to her as she mellowed with age.

RIP Buffy xx

Tuesday 16th
I cannot believe it....several of the cats seem to be in mourning today ...the worst is Bilbo ...who I thought was her arch enemy .... she obviously was closer to the others than I had realized...how I wish I could explain things to them.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Hen and Halloween

Just a couple of quick collages
Some of the 'girls' going out on Jay and Vicki's hen night

Robbie and Kristofer Getting ready to 'Trick or Treat ..... with Rosie looking on.

Scarey ????.... not ... just cute.

Next post will besome of the wedding ones ...when I get them down loaded from the disc we were sent.
Take Care xx

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just a quick glimpse of the past

Had to share these ...found them on facebook ....me in my early forties ...couldn't believe it .... where have the years gone ...thought you might like a laugh.

Halloween c1990 .... with Alun and Angelo.
A girls night out at Christmas ....about the same year I think ....I was 20+ years their senior ...always loved young company ....and that cream sweater dress.

What did YOU look like 20 years ago?
If you feel like sharing just post a piccy and comment here so we can all have a look.

Will be back to normal soon ....another wedding post maybe and then hopefully my craft mojo will be back.

Love you all
Take Care xx

Monday, October 11, 2010

What a Wonderful Day

For all those who feel that a Registry Office ceremony is cold and short ... may I say that my daughter and her partners could not have been further from that.
Carberry House was warm and inviting ... the registrar behaved like a friend.... and the couples choice of music, poems and vows brought a tear to the eye and a smile to the lips.

When it came to outfits,Vicki had chosen the more traditional route of a simple elegant ivory dress ... no veil but pearls through her hair and pearl sandals. DD Jay was a little less conventional, opting for a black trilby with a crystal encrusted veil, Gok Wan bask, military style velvet jacket,harem pants and the most amazing suede platform shoe/boots. ...both ladies looked amazing and could not have chosen anything more fitting.

I could bore you with a blow by blow account ...and I just might later along with more photos... but I thought I would let you see a couple of photos in the mean time.

The Three of Us
The Flower girls and Vicki's three bridesmaid sisters

A Wonderful Wedding Present ... from a friend and her mum
All Tuckered Out

Everyone drank and ate loads and left happy ... the Brides are having a few days in Inverness
and enjoying some great cuisine in beautiful surroundings ...and chilling.

Unfortunately I managed to have a recurrence of my back problems and by the day I was dosed up with anything I could lay my hands on. If it were not for four very dear friends who just happily took my directions, the food might not have been completed and would never have reached the buffet table ... or been cleared away for that matter. Thank you Lori, Justin,Stacey and Neil.

My back is really bad and I am in charge of the boys while Jay and Vicki are away but I am coping ...they are being so good for me. I can stand and move about for 5-10 mins and then I need to sit so we are making it all a game. Even bed time has been brilliant and they are a sleep within half an hour. I can feel it easing slightly so I hope it will not be long before I'm sorted....why did it have to be this week. Their Mum is taking them out a couple of times to give my ears a rest from the hundreds of questions that pour from young mouths and to give my brain a rest from being on guard all day.

Give me another week and I hope I will be back crafting and WOYWW ing.

Take Care xx

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Congratulations Jay and Vicki.

Today is Jay and Vicki's Civil Partnership ...cant believe its here already ...yes I can ... I am mentally and physically exhausted ... I will be chopping, roasting and stirring in my sleep ...still more to do in the morning ...not sure how it will all pan out ... with enough time for me to actually get dressed ...and put makeup on... but some how it will all fit together.

Will let you know how things work out in a couple of days ... please think happy thoughts for at least a dry day ...with no mishaps. lol ...and that I don't forget something

Take Care xx

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 2 ... Callender House ... Falkirk

If you survived, and dare I say enjoyed, Day 1, then here is the second of my days out.

I was staying in this Bed and Breakfast on the outskirts of Falkirk.The house was over 100 years old and still sported the original tiled hall....the view from the steps seemed to change depending on the weather...on a clear day the distant hills glimmered in the sun light. The garden surrounded the house and was divided into little nooks with seats to enjoy the view .... so tranquil ... and the rose hips were the biggest I had ever seen.

Callender House was in fact close by ...a short bus ride ...and unlike the first day out, no hill to climb at the end of the day. lol.
I could not see it from the road as it was hidden by trees but I followed the signs ... my breath was taken away as I came face to face with the imposing structure.In the 14th century the original wooden structure, that had stood on the land for about 400 years, was abandoned and the first stone structure, with walls 8 feet thick and a single room on each floor, appeared. Over the following centuries it was extended but in1651, Cromwell lay siege, killing the 62 defenders and destroying the building. It was the Earl of Callender who on his return in 1660, restored the tower and extended a new mansion eastward. The new owner, William Forbes, in the late 1700's extended it again but it was his son and grandson who, by 1878, created the final appearance that we see now.It is an amazing building packed with history... the exhibition is so interesting to follow. As you wind your way around the parts open to the public, on three of the floors, you learn the history of the house and the area, the social and industrial changes and a great deal more. It is set up like a museum but there are some furnished rooms to see too.

A GEORGIAN KITCHEN with a roaring fire and a lingering smell of Ginger and Cinnamon.

This kitchen was built in 1824 to accommodate the spit which needed a high ceiling and it was so interesting to see the implements used nearly 200 years ago... some things had only changed in my lifetime.
The cook in the photo was there to answer questions and I learnt that around that time there was a tax on male servants to do with the wars and the need for soldiers. French chefs returned to their homeland and so the Head Cook's position would be now given to a woman ... and this kitchen was run by her and with only four female kitchen assistants under her.


The vast grounds looked beautiful but I left a walk around them for another visit ...mainly because I could not see any seats and my back was reminding me that I had already been standing and strolling, for quite some time ... including a small art exhibition. It was of Alan Davie's works ...he is 90 and apparently still painting. His abstract work caught my imagination ... not something that normally happens but I felt the tribal origins in some of the work and saw how his patterns and forms had evolved ....well I'm no expert but I did get enjoyment from standing and absorbing what I saw.

I finished my trip with a visit to the tea rooms that were in the old stable block .... everything was home made ...and a fair price too lol

Hope you managed to get to the end lol
Take Care xx

Friday, September 24, 2010

Day One ...Linlithgow ...picture heavy ....sorry

I so admire the ladies who, on their blog, illustrate a visit to a beautiful garden or a wonderful Stately Home. This is why I thought I would have a go ...sharing the couple of days I spent 'chillin' after meeting my new grandson. I have to say that I am not a walker ... the thought of half a mile is plenty but when my son suggested a stroll along part of the Falkirk Canal ....a mile and a half stroll ...I shuddered but gave it a go. Having not smoked for over 2 years now ....and having now lost some of the excess weight that resulted from doing so ...I really coped quite well.
The ecoutics were such fun ....could not resist calling out to hear the echo. lol

This stroll gave me confidence to go exploring on the following two days.

Day 1
Linlithgow Palace ...the earliest surviving Scottish Royal Palace ... built between 1488 and 1513. James V was born there 1512 and Mary Queen of Scots also, in 1542.
A wonderful arch greets you as you stroll up to the palace ....the panels depicting the Orders of Knighthoods held by James V ...the painted embellishment to the carving was a later addition in 1845.

The Palace

The Loch below

St Micheal's Parish Church ....next to the palace ...the grandest Parish Church in Scotland, it is said by many.It dates from the 12th century but after a fire, was reconstructed from 1425-1532. There have been many additions and alterations over the centuries that followed, with the new spire( seen in the earlier photo) being added in 1964.

As one walks back down to the Cross, one see the amazing Cross Well and Fountain ...carved by a one handed stone mason in 1807. The area know as The Cross is where the public hangings and other punishments, took place

When you reach the main road,the High Street stretches out to the right and the left of you. It is so full of history, like Annet House Museum whose deeds date back to 1610 and now, after so many changes of use since it stopped being a family home, houses 'The Linlithgow Story' ...a very interesting exhibition.
There is the original Oliphant Bakery and little gems like the amazing Purely Patchwork shop that, as you enter, the amazing kaleidoscope of colours suck you in and make you want to stroke everything that you behold ..... and entices you to give this craft a go.

Down a turning, further along the street, I found myself by the loch but this time on its edge. I took the opportunity for a slow wander ....so many swans ...apparently swans have nested on the banks for hundreds of years.

and this chair ... once a mighty tree .... not sure whether this was actually created by nature or man.
Well I think if you have got this far you are a true friend but will be thankful that Day 2 will not be following immediately .... but will be the next post ... in a couple of days.

Take Care xx