Friday, December 17, 2010

Give aways ....Pink monsters and pans

A new one of Olly ...with two of Emma's snow men creations getting in on the act.

If any one is into Monsters and /or pink then please visit 'But its a good place to Start' as there is such a cute monster giveaway on offer. The guest on Vicki's blog (Dec 9th post) has donated one of her creations so it is up for grabs.

A few months ago I was so lucky to win a voucher from Helen at'' Its all Fiddle Fart' ...well Monkey actually on 'Mum's Monkey ... and I used it recently for th
is wonderful pan below ... and a jam funnel, potato peeler and jam covers which are on their way. It was an amazing prize ...thank you so much.
Helen has two amazing Blogs. If you want to brighten your day click
HERE and if you want to have ideas for pressies , school fairs and cards ...Click HERE

Lastly I captured Robbie having a 'moment ' with Misty

Take Care xx

PS Can you see the resemblance? ...Ben and Jake can lol


Carmen said...

LOL at that last piccy! Love your wins, think I won a similar prize on a different blog recently. I have muffin trays and loose bottomed cake tins coming! Hurrah!

Arkansas Patti said...

Olly is adorable. What a cutie.
Congrats on your winnings. I'll have to check out the sites.

Ann said...

Cute photos Angie. Well done on your win. What are your going to make??

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I haven't been here in awhile and wanted to check in and see how you were doing. Congrats on winning and I'm glad to see you got something useful, too. I had a big laugh at the last photo and your comment about it. If I don't get back before Saturday, have a very Merry Christmas and happiness in the new year.