Monday, December 06, 2010

Oh No .....Yet ANOTHER Snow Day

Well we lived in hope yesterday, that the worst was over ...well for the moment. The thaw was well under way .... showing clear roofs and nearly all the tarmac of the roads ...even the pavements were clearing. We went to bed happy with the thought that my shopping delivery would get through, as my supplies of bread, fresh vegetables and cat litter were now totally depleted.... and life would return to normal at last . A trip out of the house was on the cards... safe with the thought that the buses would be running properly again ... with no thought of being taken out of service due to adverse weather.


We awoke to a new thick blanket of snow and it is still snowing. DD set off to work at 7 as usual hoping it would let up and she would actually make it to Dundee but had to turn round and get a bus home from St Andrews ...the last of the day ...and it even cut short its journey 3 miles from our house ...thank goodness for our local taxi service.

Well what was left to do in the snow ...with me recording the creation of this years Snow Person ....who still has to be dressed.





Smudge ventured out but found a place to shelter from the elements

"Do you really think I'm that stupid" said Honey Pot

I do hope everyone who has got another dose of snow today keeps their spirits up .... it will end ...soon I hope.

Take Care.xx

PS ..Emma's ingenuity when she and the grandsons were snowed in ....they love trains and boxes.


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh poor you Angie, it's the looks lovely for the first day or two and then it's just inconvenient. We're clear but icy. Keep warm won't you. Looks like the boys are loving it!

Ann said...

Lovely photos for the album Angie. I wouldn't mind the snow if everything didn't just stop running after a flake or two!

Darcy said...

oh nooes what was the disaster with the bread?? i have made it 3 times on a baking tray as in the pic, and once in a loaf tin. the ones on the tray all turned out fine, the one in the loaf tin was a little stodgey in the middle and could have done with bit longer in the oven, but was still edible.

Jocelyn said...

Oh I just adore the pics...looks like so much FUN was had!!

So sorry about the inconvenience!!!

Wishing you no snow and a clear up!!!

Neet said...

Brilliant train, so ingenious - love the two cats and thanks for the photos of your fun in the snow.
Once went to St Andrew's when I was a child - long long ago - loved it! Guess you live near.

Peter said...

I wish we could kidnap you and bring you to sunny New Zealand! It is a bright blue sky out there and the cabbage trees are in flower! Amazing to see the huge snowman... I'm most impressed by the scale of it. I don't think we ever built anything that size when I was a child in England. I know that it is horribly cold for you, and I don't envy that, but I would still like a white Christmas! Daft aren't I!!

Cuddle up to the cat and stay warm!

Peter xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Angie, all our snow has finally gone! Snow looks lovely and is great for playing in, but such a bind when it comes to getting out and about. Great pics :-)
Anne xx

Anonymous said...

Aww! Just look at those cute train drivers!
I've had enough of the white stuff, we had about 2 foot!
Happy Christmas Angie!
Alison xx

Rachel said...

Lovely snow photos. We've been having quite a snowy winter here as well.

Love the snowman and teamwork!


Anonymous said...

Ooh er missus, bet you've got even more now haven't you? Looks like the kiddies are loving it though, although it's mega inconvenient for the adults. At least you'll have a white christmas this year!! Stay warm and safe.