Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just a quick glimpse of the past

Had to share these ...found them on facebook in my early forties ...couldn't believe it .... where have the years gone ...thought you might like a laugh.

Halloween c1990 .... with Alun and Angelo.
A girls night out at Christmas ....about the same year I think ....I was 20+ years their senior ...always loved young company ....and that cream sweater dress.

What did YOU look like 20 years ago?
If you feel like sharing just post a piccy and comment here so we can all have a look.

Will be back to normal soon ....another wedding post maybe and then hopefully my craft mojo will be back.

Love you all
Take Care xx

Monday, October 11, 2010

What a Wonderful Day

For all those who feel that a Registry Office ceremony is cold and short ... may I say that my daughter and her partners could not have been further from that.
Carberry House was warm and inviting ... the registrar behaved like a friend.... and the couples choice of music, poems and vows brought a tear to the eye and a smile to the lips.

When it came to outfits,Vicki had chosen the more traditional route of a simple elegant ivory dress ... no veil but pearls through her hair and pearl sandals. DD Jay was a little less conventional, opting for a black trilby with a crystal encrusted veil, Gok Wan bask, military style velvet jacket,harem pants and the most amazing suede platform shoe/boots. ...both ladies looked amazing and could not have chosen anything more fitting.

I could bore you with a blow by blow account ...and I just might later along with more photos... but I thought I would let you see a couple of photos in the mean time.

The Three of Us
The Flower girls and Vicki's three bridesmaid sisters

A Wonderful Wedding Present ... from a friend and her mum
All Tuckered Out

Everyone drank and ate loads and left happy ... the Brides are having a few days in Inverness
and enjoying some great cuisine in beautiful surroundings ...and chilling.

Unfortunately I managed to have a recurrence of my back problems and by the day I was dosed up with anything I could lay my hands on. If it were not for four very dear friends who just happily took my directions, the food might not have been completed and would never have reached the buffet table ... or been cleared away for that matter. Thank you Lori, Justin,Stacey and Neil.

My back is really bad and I am in charge of the boys while Jay and Vicki are away but I am coping ...they are being so good for me. I can stand and move about for 5-10 mins and then I need to sit so we are making it all a game. Even bed time has been brilliant and they are a sleep within half an hour. I can feel it easing slightly so I hope it will not be long before I'm sorted....why did it have to be this week. Their Mum is taking them out a couple of times to give my ears a rest from the hundreds of questions that pour from young mouths and to give my brain a rest from being on guard all day.

Give me another week and I hope I will be back crafting and WOYWW ing.

Take Care xx

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Congratulations Jay and Vicki.

Today is Jay and Vicki's Civil Partnership ...cant believe its here already ...yes I can ... I am mentally and physically exhausted ... I will be chopping, roasting and stirring in my sleep ...still more to do in the morning ...not sure how it will all pan out ... with enough time for me to actually get dressed ...and put makeup on... but some how it will all fit together.

Will let you know how things work out in a couple of days ... please think happy thoughts for at least a dry day ...with no mishaps. lol ...and that I don't forget something

Take Care xx