Saturday, October 09, 2010

Congratulations Jay and Vicki.

Today is Jay and Vicki's Civil Partnership ...cant believe its here already ...yes I can ... I am mentally and physically exhausted ... I will be chopping, roasting and stirring in my sleep ...still more to do in the morning ...not sure how it will all pan out ... with enough time for me to actually get dressed ...and put makeup on... but some how it will all fit together.

Will let you know how things work out in a couple of days ... please think happy thoughts for at least a dry day ...with no mishaps. lol ...and that I don't forget something

Take Care xx


Jocelyn said...

Enjoy your day!!! Congrats to the ladies!!!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Congratulations to the happy couple and have a wonderful day Angie ;-)
Anne xx

Ann said...

Congratulations. I hope it all goes well. We expect some photos ;)

Cardarian said...

Congrats to the couple and you dear Angie for doing all the hard work, but try to relax now and enjoy the day!

Carmen said...

How exciting - I hope it went amazingly and that you are now having a very well deserved rest :)