Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WOYWW ....wk 17 .... and the Bins !

As I sit here preparing to post my chaotic table I can hear the distant sounds of the Bin Men heading towards our house. There seem so many rules about the bins and they vary so much, according to the area you live in. I still remember the men coming down the garden to get the bin they have to all be lined up in their correct position like soldiers on sentry duty.

We have a bin for garden waste, a bin for any paper and cardboard products and a bin for general rubbish ...all emptied two weekly. The lids must be closed or they will not empty them and they will not allow any extra black sacks ... but they are willing to shake compacted bins to clear the contents (DD jumps on the contents after the first week lol) . Thank goodness for our kind neighbour who will pop a black sack in his ... if we are desperate and actually pop the bin out when I get the days mixed up.
My son can put all plastics with his paper but if the rubbish does not slide out on its own, it stays there!!!! no matter how hot the weather. They at least have free uplifts to dispose of extra sacks of rubbish and bits and pieces ... BUT you have to pile it up on the pavement and they can pick it up ANYTIME in the following two weeks. ... yes two weeks. They tried it ONCE ...... Emma spent the following two weeks ... chasing things that flew down the street from the now ripped sacks .... replacing said ripped black sacks .... and avoiding glares from neighbours who seemed to have a lack of understanding for their predicament of not having a car to transport things to the Tip. Now they save up for a skip every so often!!!! Do you have an amazing system or do you have loads of moans too .... or just very little rubbish? How I wish we could have two bins or we could go back to once a week collection for household rubbish.

It is strange what sitting at the computer preparing to write a post, makes one ponder about about lets get down to the business in hand WOYWW ......

Sorry its not a great photo.
As you might be able to see ( click on photo) I'm at paper choosing stage with the LO on the mat and the one propped up ... but I have only the title to apply to the another one in the bag. I changed my mind about the papers I was going to use and used BG and a sheet of Joanna Sheen. I bought this A5 pad some time ago, an impulse buy, and then regretted the cost ... but now I am finally making use of it. Will post the finished LO's later this week.

I have said before that I have a 'waste not' mentality ...inherited, I feel, from my Nana ... well I had to smile to myself yesterday ... as I turned out an improvised Banana Cake on to the rack. I had used eggs, sugar,flour and coconut, not forgetting gas ... in order to avoid throwing away three small black bananas

Take Care xx

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My four LO,s .... at last

Finally finished my four LO's and then had to get DD to photograph them as I never seem to get all the edges at right angles to each other !!!! I have tried to work it out but if two are parallel the other two are off ????

So here they are and I hope you like them. If you want to know the stories that go with the people, I have posted the LO's with their story on G the P

This is Mum at nearly ten, I think, as she looks older than in the next photos when she was just about eight. Found the lace at the bottom of the lace bag and it was just what I was looking for. I have now realized that I forgot to put a date on it was either the end of 1926 or the beginning of 1927.

I enjoyed cutting out the flowers for this and mounting them over their twin on the paper. I have to apologise to the person I got this idea from, because I have forgotten who it was. I knew ... as soon as I saw the technique ... that it would opened up the use of so many of my flowery papers

This one was where I used my wall stamp ...inspired by the fact that Bill is standing against a stone wall . I also used it on the edge of the hidden journalling tabs. I am so sad that these rub-ons are no longer made ... I think they are so perfect for vintage. I still have capitals but am having to improvise some letters with the lower case.

The next LO is of his daughters Betty and Sybil ... the two older girls on the LO above.

So many people write around their photos ... I thought I would have a go. I just have the other two to sort out now.

Have done more bread baking and it has gone again but when the novelty has worn off, my muscles get strong enough to make a large batch and I make it regularly ....I hope to get a nice photo for you lol. I have to say I am very pleased with it and have discovered that if you flour the top before baking and put a towel over it once it begins to cool ... the loaf has a yummy soft crust.

Take care xx

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

WOYWW ....yes it is really Week 16

Where has yet another week gone? ... and yes ... not only is it week 16 of this brilliant Brain Child of JD but Summer is officially over ...not that we really had one up here in 'Bonny' Scotland. I'm not sure whether the dates even apply up here (lol) as the trees are showing little evidence of shedding leaves ... in fact they are all rich and green and we tend to be behind England any way, by a week or two.

Well ... I set myself a challenge last week have a group of LO's completed by today ... but I sort of failed. I went for 6 LO's ...again all heritage but I was way laid by actually making the hand made bread I didn't make last week...sorry no photo, as it was eaten so quickly... I think it took almost as long to make, with all the resting and rising, as it did to devour. I have been instructed to make more ... but this time LOTS more.
My other distraction was FH ....mine and that of my friends. I spent a whole day sorting out hers and then explaining where we actually were. All her ancestors have the same first names so it gets confusing. I have now sent her off to pick the brains of her mother, so we will see what else she can unearth.

When I said I failed, I actually did manage to finish 1 and I have nearly finished another 3 ... the other two are only at the 'paper chosen' stage and even then I'm not sure about my choice ... I was trying to use only Wild Asparagus. I shall finish the first 4 and post them as soon as possible. I will also post them on G the P ...with background and some stories that go with them.

Back to the whole purpose of this post ... WOYW
here are my photo's..........

You may have noticed the 'wall' stamp ...its Magnolia ... and the LO's in progress ... in the bags and on the mat ... that's why I took 2 shots prove I'm well on the way lol.

I shall close now.
Take care xx

This would have been posted this morning but I couldn't get my photos to load ...a box had become un ticked!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Today is one of those days where you plan to do such a lot and for no really good reason, nothing gets done should read 'Is It That Time Already'. I could blame the 5 or 6 phone calls but there was only one that was long and I enjoyed the blether ... no ... it was just not my day for doing things ...or trying to bake bread again after many years, as I had intended .... or even making Flapjacks. The flapjacks I did manage to bake are too crumbly ... not sure why ... so we will be eating a handfull of crumbs rather than a slice ... waste not want not ... lol
The best bit about today is that I recieved some Blog Candy from Helen at 'It's all Fiddle Fart' ... some lovely Xmas embelishments ... great for my cards...might need to hide them from DD ... thankyou so very much ... glad to have helped you reach your target.

Last night I thought I should dig out some old papers that made me think of 'heritage' and maybe try to do several LO's again. The remainder of the Wild Asparagus Paper I bought years ago was begging to be used so I spread it out on the table while I pondered on photos that might work with it ....and that is where I am at the moment. Dare not even try to do anything today. It will be interesting to see whether my last success was a fluke or whether ... in a week .... I have a new group to display ...wish me luck

Just thought I would share this little cat episode with you .........

Yesterday, I heard the cry of a cat from out side, float up to my bedroom through the open window ... it was ignored as there seemed no urgency to it ... probably a request to return to the comfort of the house, I thought .
'You will have to wait' ... I replied ... inside my head.
The cry came again but with a tone of demand ... still I ignored it ... enthralled by what I was researching on the net. Finally after several attempts to get my attention the cry turned into a wail which was so pitiful that it would have tugged at the heart strings of any cat lover ... it had to be answered....immediately.
Making sure I did not slide down the stairs on my 'past their best but comfy' slippers, I made my way to the kitchen, where I found a very vocal Bilbo, sitting on the outer window sill. I opened the back door, still watching him through the window, but his body remained motionless, moving only his mouth to reprimand me for being so tardy.
I changed my gaze onto the door step where, to my dismay, sat a
pile of butterflies. The provider of this gift fell silent as he waited for me to shower him with my approval, gratitude and praise ...which, with gritted teeth, I managed to deliver. He seemed to smile .... alighted from his perch and strolled into the kitchen ...stroking my legs and purring with pride, as he past me. .... such a sad post script to my butterfly photos.

Take Care xx

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Food Glorious Food

When it comes to eating out in Edinburgh you are spoilt for choice. The range is vast ... from cheap and cheerful cafes and High Street fast food to very 'posh nosh' ... usually a little too pricey. However there are a large number of places that may not be modern and full of gleaming glass ... or heavily adorned with velvet and antiques ... yet produce great food at reasonable prices.

Emma found this one one for us all to enjoy lunch at, on DD's birthday.
Not sure why an ironing board and the other bits were suspended from the ceiling ...maybe for atmosphere ?? ... or to worry those who have a little too much to drink lol.

They were friendly and allowed the boys ... and their push chair ... to come in. They didn't rush us and actually had two high chairs. Who would have thought it ... in a Pub!! Their menu was not the normal one found in such places and sounded quite yummy but in addition they had a 'British Sausage Menu'. You chose the type you fancied and they served it with Mashed Potato and lashings of Red Onion gravy ...or you could have them as 'Toad in the Hole'.
Just to make your taste buds tingle I will name but a few ...Cumberland ...Lincolnshire Smokey ... Venison, Juniper and Gin ... Spicy Lamb and Apricot and a Veggie Carrot and Parsnip one.

Even though I was quite full from my Lincolnshire Smokey and mash, I had to have a 'pud' ...well we all did ... I chose Banoffee Pie and I was not disappointed at all.
In fact I could find nothing wrong with the meal at all, which ...if you ask DD ... is a miracle. I always find fault with something ... well several things usually and I get annoyed at spending money on a meal that I could have cooked better myself. I tend to point out the things I feel are poor and then everyone I'm with gets fed up with me moaning ....funny thing is the more expensive ... the more faults I find and the longer I moan.

I would like to add that we ...well I ... had several vodkas and lemonade and became a little warm and relaxed

Take Care xx

Thursday, September 10, 2009

WOYWW ....NOT ...wk14

Ok then ... which one of you out there stole my Wednesday

On Tuesday I was happily thinking of what I would be doing for a photo ... as my area hadn't changed from last week, except for the odd strips of paper I had not thrown away after creating my cards ... not forgetting also the stamps ... still uncleaned ... sitting waiting for me to feel guilty about them.
Today, however, I realized that it was Thursday and I had actually forgotten to do WOYWW ... for the first time since the start of it all.
I think it was the fact that, yesterday it was not raining for the first time in days ... the sun was actually shinning, warmly ... the washing was taunting me from the laundry bins and the breeze was whispering 'Perfect drying weather', that made me forget everything except filling the machine and hanging out clothes. Sorry fellow members off the WOYWW club.

The thoughts I was having on Tuesday about what photo to put on here ... resulted in ... ME. I may not be on my desk/table but I'm the one sitting by it ... day after day ... and photographing it ... and as much as I HATE photos of me ... I thought this might be a different angle on the brief to speak.By the way ... that was ALL my own hair in the wedding one (1968) ....I nearly could sit on it when it was loose.

Promise to do better next time.

Take Care xx

Monday, September 07, 2009

Birthday's & Cards ...Butterflies and The Boys

Today is DD's Birthday ... she is not having a party but has been doing things since Saturday ... starting with drinking with friends. Yesterday we chilled, chatted and opened presents a day early ... ate her favourite supper of 'Poor Mans Roast' ...rather like a meatloaf ... followed by warm Cherry Muffins and ice cream, made by Vicki. Today she is having a special meal with Vicki at a restaurant in our nearest proper town and then going for an evening swim?? Tomorrow is a day in Edinburgh, with her brother and his family, not forgetting a lunch out. ... she said it is a birthday with all that she could wish for ... friends and family... and good food ... not to mention great pressies.
As I sat and made her cards yesterday, I wondered where the years have gone ... is she really 37 ... I still feel I need to protect her ...warn her of the dangers in the big bad world out there ..worry for her. Then I think of me at that age ... and how irritated I got with my mother when she told me to be careful about something or other ... inside I would scream 'Do you really think I am still a child' ... but deep down I knew she did it because she cared and I hope the same is true for us. I really am trying to remember that she is all grown up lol ... but then she will always be my daughter ... a child is for life.

I haven't done anymore to my mini book yet as I feel I may need to order some pictures but as I said above,I did make my DD cards.
Please remember ... I'm not a card maker .... tried to be a little arty on the little one

WHY TWO???? .... no not just incase she didn't like one ... the big one is from the cats .... sorry ... cant help it ... we have always done it ...we are just soppy lol.

Here come a group of butterfly shots ... had to take some more before the flowers on the bush were finally no more. Not good on what they are but I think I have captured a Peacock and possibly a Red Admiral ... but it looks a bit orange ... not sure about the other ...possibly Painted Lady.

Now its The Boys ... as you will know from earlier posts, Emma has not rushed into them feeding themselves ... or the use of cutlery. They are fine with finger food lunches but to save time and sanity, she spoon feeds them all other 'messy' food, 'til their coordination is a little better, but they devour it all with glee anyway.
Well yesterday was a first ... and she sent the photos ...these are just three of them but they made my day and proved Emma's point ...but they are still smiling and devouring everything lol.



Hope they made you laugh .... or revisit those times!!!!

Lastly I cannot wait for the postman as he will be bringing me my very first ever blog prize ...A sizzix Giveaway from Ann, on CUPBOARD CRAFTER. Thankyou again much.

Take care xx

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

IIWA ....... WOYWW 13

I have decided that this weekly 'get together' is the best thing ever as it makes sure I blog once a week ... at least ...whether I have been creative or not .... usually not.
It makes me think about the things I have done during the week .... no matter how few ... and it makes me just think.....
It could be a thought provoking enquiry or statement by Mrs D ... a work of art by Linda E .... or the amazing metal flowers of Anneliese and those others who produce items that fill me with wonder. Maybe I've found a lesson or instructions on how to make a mini book ....which is what I am doing at the moment ... thank you Paige aka Ladybug. I am not a mini book person but she and Ann ... the other week ... have made me think of the possibilities there are for making them ...not to mention the fun. This weekly meeting encourages me to blog hop and some times I find someone that I want to know more about and maybe they will let me become a friend so we can share each others lives ... the good and the bad bits ...even though they are thousands of miles away ...thank you Ginny, Sharon and Jocelyn, from far off lands ..... so a big thank you to Julia for starting this all 13 weeks ago.

Does anyone else feel like me or are you all just seasoned bloggers???

Going back to Julia ...and her thoughts on age on her blog ...I realized that when I'm crafting or blogging, I forget how old I am, in fact I feel at least 20 years younger .... until I go to move for a stretch and a coffee then I actually feel 10 years older as my knees and back ache ...I walk the first steps with a stoop and I catch a glimpse in the mirror of a rotund aging lady ....and its me.

So here is my table today .....
So what have I been doing this week? I have not been doing LO's but I managed to tidy the table with a little help from my DD who is very good at organizing me lol and yesterday I started thinking about the mini book. Most of the week I have been trying to help a friend start her FH ... it has been so much fun but so confusing as the names are unusual to me but in the Highlands they are more common. I have been trying to get into her family so I can see the generations in my mind ... it is so easy to mix them up, especially when they are not yours and all have the same names. Neither of us are flush with money so we are trying to resist sending for certificates until we feel we need to as I do have a subscription to 'Ancestry' ...shame they are not very good on Scotland.

Now how many of you who regularly read my blog, noticed something unusual in my photo above... take a good look ... no its not the cat ............. its the colourful duck .......Del is back.
There she was ... sitting in the middle of the front room carpet...bold as brass ... ... unmarked by feline teeth or claws ...coming from who knows where. The strange thing is that I had four pound coins on the table but after her return there were only three ..... lol. I know many of you had faith that she would return but I had given up hope of ever seeing her again.
She was only on the table for the photo ...she has a safe hideaway until I finish her ....just in case.

Well I think that's all ... I am going to start thinking about doing another group of LO's. In the long run I'm not sure if its faster or makes me more prolific but it seems to help me create.

Take Care xx