Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Today is one of those days where you plan to do such a lot and for no really good reason, nothing gets done should read 'Is It That Time Already'. I could blame the 5 or 6 phone calls but there was only one that was long and I enjoyed the blether ... no ... it was just not my day for doing things ...or trying to bake bread again after many years, as I had intended .... or even making Flapjacks. The flapjacks I did manage to bake are too crumbly ... not sure why ... so we will be eating a handfull of crumbs rather than a slice ... waste not want not ... lol
The best bit about today is that I recieved some Blog Candy from Helen at 'It's all Fiddle Fart' ... some lovely Xmas embelishments ... great for my cards...might need to hide them from DD ... thankyou so very much ... glad to have helped you reach your target.

Last night I thought I should dig out some old papers that made me think of 'heritage' and maybe try to do several LO's again. The remainder of the Wild Asparagus Paper I bought years ago was begging to be used so I spread it out on the table while I pondered on photos that might work with it ....and that is where I am at the moment. Dare not even try to do anything today. It will be interesting to see whether my last success was a fluke or whether ... in a week .... I have a new group to display ...wish me luck

Just thought I would share this little cat episode with you .........

Yesterday, I heard the cry of a cat from out side, float up to my bedroom through the open window ... it was ignored as there seemed no urgency to it ... probably a request to return to the comfort of the house, I thought .
'You will have to wait' ... I replied ... inside my head.
The cry came again but with a tone of demand ... still I ignored it ... enthralled by what I was researching on the net. Finally after several attempts to get my attention the cry turned into a wail which was so pitiful that it would have tugged at the heart strings of any cat lover ... it had to be answered....immediately.
Making sure I did not slide down the stairs on my 'past their best but comfy' slippers, I made my way to the kitchen, where I found a very vocal Bilbo, sitting on the outer window sill. I opened the back door, still watching him through the window, but his body remained motionless, moving only his mouth to reprimand me for being so tardy.
I changed my gaze onto the door step where, to my dismay, sat a
pile of butterflies. The provider of this gift fell silent as he waited for me to shower him with my approval, gratitude and praise ...which, with gritted teeth, I managed to deliver. He seemed to smile .... alighted from his perch and strolled into the kitchen ...stroking my legs and purring with pride, as he past me. .... such a sad post script to my butterfly photos.

Take Care xx


Carmen said...

Oh Angie. I know that feeling well and have had to cuddle a pussy cat through tears at the things they've bought home. And you do don't you? Joys and tribulations of being a cat lover.

Thank you so much for your concern about my back. I'm sure if the rest of the house were in good health they would be looking after me but they are all dosed up to the eyeballs. I escaped that at least. Nothing I can do about it - it's a back problem I was born with. I'd learned to get used to it but since having Ruby it seems to have got worse. The last two days are the worse I can remember since being in labour with her (guess where all my contractions were) I'm weary of going to the docs what with all this stuff on the news about painkillers being addictive so at the mo am just stinking the house out with Deep Heat every couple of hours :) Think the damp weather is irritating it.

Good luck with the multi page attempt this week :D I really should have a go at that. Maybe in a few days time ;) I really enjoyed your last lot!

Carmen said...

Oops - sorry - long ramble there!

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah go Angie! More multi pages hey - no doubt you can do that..the wild asparagus is just gorgeous, so you'll have bags of fun. YOur desk therefore looks fascinating to me. And butterflies. And Pussycats. Oh it's hard innit, being in the middle of the circle.

Linda Elbourne said...

Good Luck Angie with your multiple LOs ... I will be rooting for you!
LOVE LOVE LOVE the colour of that paper and I am more of a dog lover so unfortunately the cat gift giving thing goes right over my head ... I can tell you my dog whelped the other day as she was stung by a wasp ... I went into a mind flash about anaphilatic [sp.] shock etc., but she promptly whacked the wasp with her paw and ate it :0)
Dirty Dancing was on DVD last night ... so sorry if I worried you unnecessarily! X

Jocelyn said...

I just adore your posts......It is as if I am sitting in the room with you!!!! Life has been passing by so quickly and my scraproom room has not been entered....I adore the paper choices and colors that you have going on and I can't wait to see if your project works!!!!! What a kitty story.....poor butterflies....but his presentation could not be overlooked and his pride!!!! Wishing you a wonderful day sweet friend!!!! :)

Ann said...

I love your posts Angie. Down to Earth but with humour running through.Such a shame about the butterflies, but they have a very short lifespan anyway - and the cat was obviously trying hard to impress!

Susie Sugar said...

lovely stash , great papers and very tidy
Thank for sharing and letting us have a nose
hugs Susie xx

Morning's Minion said...

My cats have been indoor creatures for a number of years. I had a dear one years ago who liked to bring me garter snakes, not at all appreciated. Our 8 [!] house cats have catnip mice, fake fuzzy mice, other little oddments which they carry about the house making that particular cry of a cat with a treasure to present to a favorite human.
I pulled out old photos last week intending to scan them to illustrate blog stories. They are in a tipple on my sewing table with overflow on the desk. Life [and injured husband] have made demands on my energy and the fun projects have been set aside for a few days.

LadyBug said...

How orginaised are you with all your lovely family photos ladeled and stored carefully in albums (your such a good girl) mine are all in a shoe box somewhere and I must find them and sort them out. I shall pop back again to see the next set of LO's good luck with the mass production of them :)
My old cat (now at the bridge) used to steal budgies (shock horror) from my neighbours garden bird cage. Imagin my shock when I opened the frount door to find a little blue birdie as a gift!!! Cats can be so norty!!!

jay670120 said...

I'm not organised at all and I dont have the delights of cats bringing in little creatures though my SIL had a huge Coi carp (excuse if spelling wrong)flapping around on her doorstep she hadn't a clue where it came from so had to go round knocking on doors with a fish in a bucket !

my5bratz said...

Tilly is just starting to enjoy going outside, think it has more to do with getting away from Tori for a while ;0)

Claireliz said...

Good luck with your multiple layouts.