Thursday, September 10, 2009

WOYWW ....NOT ...wk14

Ok then ... which one of you out there stole my Wednesday

On Tuesday I was happily thinking of what I would be doing for a photo ... as my area hadn't changed from last week, except for the odd strips of paper I had not thrown away after creating my cards ... not forgetting also the stamps ... still uncleaned ... sitting waiting for me to feel guilty about them.
Today, however, I realized that it was Thursday and I had actually forgotten to do WOYWW ... for the first time since the start of it all.
I think it was the fact that, yesterday it was not raining for the first time in days ... the sun was actually shinning, warmly ... the washing was taunting me from the laundry bins and the breeze was whispering 'Perfect drying weather', that made me forget everything except filling the machine and hanging out clothes. Sorry fellow members off the WOYWW club.

The thoughts I was having on Tuesday about what photo to put on here ... resulted in ... ME. I may not be on my desk/table but I'm the one sitting by it ... day after day ... and photographing it ... and as much as I HATE photos of me ... I thought this might be a different angle on the brief to speak.By the way ... that was ALL my own hair in the wedding one (1968) ....I nearly could sit on it when it was loose.

Promise to do better next time.

Take Care xx


Carmen said...

Oh I love these photos. Your hair! That must have taken ages! It's gorgeous.

Your alert didn't half give me a shock, I thought WOYWW? Already? :P

Thank you for your lovely comment, I think I will send them. It's so lovely to have someones perspective on things. And I'm with your daughter - I've done my share of ripping up things I've made too ;)

Jocelyn said...

Oh what stunning photos...Look at you girlie....I love them! So glad that you had some sunshine....we are expecting rain but right now the sun is shining and the air is crisp!!!!! Thanks for all of your wonderful comments that you know I just adore you sweet friend!!! :)

Ann said...

Love the quiff you're showing at 10months old! Lovely photos Angie, and better late than never for WOYWW! Your posts are always very interesting and a good read.
Glad the parcel got to you safely -have fun!

LadyBug said...

WOW!!!! what an amazing wedding photo!!! look at your hair!!!stunning!!1 I hope you have done that photo of the honour of scrapping it? and look at how cuite you were as a ickle girlie :)
I went with the black by the way:)

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh Angie, what a FAB take onthe WOYWW...and bloomin' fab photos too..yep, stunning hair, but your pictures tell your story - wonderful to meet you so many times.

Morning's Minion said...

What pretty photos. My favorites are of you at age 3 and age 8--and I'm trying to imagine the color of your sweater [red?] and did someone in the family knit it for you? Your "best dress" looks silky, fun for a young girl to wear, Pastel, maybe?

Morning's Minion said...

Thanks for answering my comments about your little girl outfits--I think others reading here would also enjoy the details. Its odd how another's comment jogs a memory--I remember now the pleated skirts that had a blouse or slip top attached so that the skirt didn't skew about. The yellow silky dress must have been a pleasure from the beginning when you were being fitted by the dressmaker and with each wearing you should have felt like a little princess.

allyf said...

O gorgeous photos hun, and what amazing hair. My Nan had one similar but it came off and went in a bag afterwards :-)

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