Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WOYWW ....wk 17 .... and the Bins !

As I sit here preparing to post my chaotic table I can hear the distant sounds of the Bin Men heading towards our house. There seem so many rules about the bins and they vary so much, according to the area you live in. I still remember the men coming down the garden to get the bin they have to all be lined up in their correct position like soldiers on sentry duty.

We have a bin for garden waste, a bin for any paper and cardboard products and a bin for general rubbish ...all emptied two weekly. The lids must be closed or they will not empty them and they will not allow any extra black sacks ... but they are willing to shake compacted bins to clear the contents (DD jumps on the contents after the first week lol) . Thank goodness for our kind neighbour who will pop a black sack in his ... if we are desperate and actually pop the bin out when I get the days mixed up.
My son can put all plastics with his paper but if the rubbish does not slide out on its own, it stays there!!!! no matter how hot the weather. They at least have free uplifts to dispose of extra sacks of rubbish and bits and pieces ... BUT you have to pile it up on the pavement and they can pick it up ANYTIME in the following two weeks. ... yes two weeks. They tried it ONCE ...... Emma spent the following two weeks ... chasing things that flew down the street from the now ripped sacks .... replacing said ripped black sacks .... and avoiding glares from neighbours who seemed to have a lack of understanding for their predicament of not having a car to transport things to the Tip. Now they save up for a skip every so often!!!! Do you have an amazing system or do you have loads of moans too .... or just very little rubbish? How I wish we could have two bins or we could go back to once a week collection for household rubbish.

It is strange what sitting at the computer preparing to write a post, makes one ponder about about lets get down to the business in hand WOYWW ......

Sorry its not a great photo.
As you might be able to see ( click on photo) I'm at paper choosing stage with the LO on the mat and the one propped up ... but I have only the title to apply to the another one in the bag. I changed my mind about the papers I was going to use and used BG and a sheet of Joanna Sheen. I bought this A5 pad some time ago, an impulse buy, and then regretted the cost ... but now I am finally making use of it. Will post the finished LO's later this week.

I have said before that I have a 'waste not' mentality ...inherited, I feel, from my Nana ... well I had to smile to myself yesterday ... as I turned out an improvised Banana Cake on to the rack. I had used eggs, sugar,flour and coconut, not forgetting gas ... in order to avoid throwing away three small black bananas

Take Care xx


yvonne said...

LOL , nope sound just like our bin men .. liek you say , i was only telling My children we used to have metal bins, and they would come around to your back garden and put it back i am with you on your rant ..

Anyways, on to your desk .. wow very organised once again this week .. gonna have to teach you to be more messy. lol
Wonderful project you are working on too. Loving the image x

Kaz said...

I agree with your rant as mine are collected twice weekly, I think its awful!!

Loving the LO you've nearly done. You seem so organised.

Julia Dunnit said...

You and I share exactly the same bin men/policy and grumbles!
Great desk piccy - like the way you store the sponges..interesting! The LO waiting for a title is fab, and that JSheen block will defo pay for itself with your FH work - it's all looking very inspiring from here!

Emma said...

Hi, was reading your blog and thought I'd update you on our lastest bin rules! We can now put cans in with our paper and plastic, and at long last, the lids of plastic bottles can be recycled too. We also got a new black box for glass and small electrical items and a bag for clothes and shoes. So that's 5 different places for rubbish!! I spend half my day sorting it all now!

Linda Elbourne said...

I have no clue what our bin policy is ... John does it :0) I just know to put paper in one pile and plastic in another and he does the rest :0)
I am loving the LO in the bag ... that edgy strip thing is fabulous ... really classy.
I also have a question ... Why do you have a red and a blue corner rounder? Thanks for sharing X

Jocelyn said...

I take it that your bin men are what we call our garbage collectors...We do not have to recyle and we can put as many trash cans and bags out that we want to...I do recyle...trying to save the earth....and most of my neighbors do not recyle!!!!! We have trash collection one time per week...and it must be set out in front of your house!!!! Love the pic of your work table....looks like you are in the creating mode!!!! So cute about the bananas!!!! Wishing you a wonderful day and sending you smiles!!! :)

Ann said...

We don't have to separate our rubbish at all and it's still collected weekly. I do recycle though by taking cardboard and bottles to special bins nearby!
To be honest, I'm not convinced the rubbish is actually treated as recycling material - there's not enough money in the trade and my guess is it all secretly goes into landfill. But I'm always cynical!
Angie, your desk looks remarkably tidy and the layouts are looking good too.
As for the bananas, I would do the same!

LadyBug said...

I dunno..... you and Carmen must be on a banana cake mission. you are making me feel gilty I really should make some for our crop this weekend. No sorting the bins for us here in Ryde, everything goes out together in binliners on a thursday morning and they take the lot. we have this new fandaggled thing ont he island called (and please excuse the spelling) gasifcation. it does something to the rubbisha nd turins it into power!!! it costs less than recycling as well :)
I shall look forward to popping over to your other blog soon to check out these two completed LO's.

Susie Sugar said...

Hi Ang your desk looks good again it always looks well under control and you are always working on something yummy

LadyBug said...

Just popped back to say about the glue runners. I'm not sure if the fit other holders. I used to use herma ones but found they were too fiddley to replace and the gun would get all gummed up. these ones are on a cartridge so really easy to use and the cartridge is just thrown away when the glue runs out. they are alot cheaper than herma as well and last just as long.

Carmen said...

Same bin men moans here. We have two bins one for recycling and one for rubbish with a little black insert in the recycling one for glass. Craigs Mum is not allowed to put any glass in her recycling though and has to walk it into town to the recycle bins... anly a county apart but such different procedures. We do find the twice weekly thing very hard being a family of 5. The stuff just seems to breed! That's with me nicking bits of it to alter and Craig using some of the boxes for packaging at work :(

Must be something in the air with the banana cakes - my Mum instilled the same waste not want tnot attitude in us too :)

Your scrapbook page is coming along nicely, love the photo - can't wait to see the story behind it.

Linda Elbourne said...

Thank you so much for answering my corner rounder question ... I only have one ... I may get more now :0) XXX

Kerry said...

Ours are pretty much the same with emptying them. My neighbour regularly has stickers placed on hers because she has it too full.

I feel sorry for the people in Leeds at the moment. Their bin men have been on strike for ages and they are having massive problems with rats and maggots.

my5bratz said...

same here, different rules on the same road, us in the middle have two bins as we live on acreage but the "regular folk" on either end have

great to see your busy desk,thanks for the comment (as always) that clock paper is called "In With the Old" from Funky Fairy's

LadyBug said...

me again :)
re: Gasifcation (spelling?) I think the IOW is trialing this and it will roll out over the south coast first in a few years. at the moment we have one village being completly powdered by rubbish :)

Morning's Minion said...

I meant to comment on this the same day you posted, then I didn't get back to it. My late Dad owned a rubbish collection business for many years--and saw changes. Whereas in the beginning everything was lumped into a crusher truck, at the end of his ownership [1981] everything had to be sorted.
Here we have the option of taking our own trash to the landfill. Bagged trash can be most anything but larger items are meant to be separated at the dump. It has thus far been free to bring your own, but I hear that next month it will be charged by the pound. I'm wondering what to do with used cat litter--that would weigh up rather quickly.
We have to be careful here that stray dogs or cats don't get into the garage and tear litter bags. Anything outside gets blown around by the wind---I lament over saggy plastic sacks which arrive on the wind and catch on the pasture fence or in the trees.