Wednesday, September 02, 2009

IIWA ....... WOYWW 13

I have decided that this weekly 'get together' is the best thing ever as it makes sure I blog once a week ... at least ...whether I have been creative or not .... usually not.
It makes me think about the things I have done during the week .... no matter how few ... and it makes me just think.....
It could be a thought provoking enquiry or statement by Mrs D ... a work of art by Linda E .... or the amazing metal flowers of Anneliese and those others who produce items that fill me with wonder. Maybe I've found a lesson or instructions on how to make a mini book ....which is what I am doing at the moment ... thank you Paige aka Ladybug. I am not a mini book person but she and Ann ... the other week ... have made me think of the possibilities there are for making them ...not to mention the fun. This weekly meeting encourages me to blog hop and some times I find someone that I want to know more about and maybe they will let me become a friend so we can share each others lives ... the good and the bad bits ...even though they are thousands of miles away ...thank you Ginny, Sharon and Jocelyn, from far off lands ..... so a big thank you to Julia for starting this all 13 weeks ago.

Does anyone else feel like me or are you all just seasoned bloggers???

Going back to Julia ...and her thoughts on age on her blog ...I realized that when I'm crafting or blogging, I forget how old I am, in fact I feel at least 20 years younger .... until I go to move for a stretch and a coffee then I actually feel 10 years older as my knees and back ache ...I walk the first steps with a stoop and I catch a glimpse in the mirror of a rotund aging lady ....and its me.

So here is my table today .....
So what have I been doing this week? I have not been doing LO's but I managed to tidy the table with a little help from my DD who is very good at organizing me lol and yesterday I started thinking about the mini book. Most of the week I have been trying to help a friend start her FH ... it has been so much fun but so confusing as the names are unusual to me but in the Highlands they are more common. I have been trying to get into her family so I can see the generations in my mind ... it is so easy to mix them up, especially when they are not yours and all have the same names. Neither of us are flush with money so we are trying to resist sending for certificates until we feel we need to as I do have a subscription to 'Ancestry' ...shame they are not very good on Scotland.

Now how many of you who regularly read my blog, noticed something unusual in my photo above... take a good look ... no its not the cat ............. its the colourful duck .......Del is back.
There she was ... sitting in the middle of the front room carpet...bold as brass ... ... unmarked by feline teeth or claws ...coming from who knows where. The strange thing is that I had four pound coins on the table but after her return there were only three ..... lol. I know many of you had faith that she would return but I had given up hope of ever seeing her again.
She was only on the table for the photo ...she has a safe hideaway until I finish her ....just in case.

Well I think that's all ... I am going to start thinking about doing another group of LO's. In the long run I'm not sure if its faster or makes me more prolific but it seems to help me create.

Take Care xx


Debsg said...

the cat looks a little jealous of the duck! My cat either sits in my seat just before I want to, or she sits on me desk!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry I deleted the above comment I'm still getting used to all of this.

As for the ageing whilst crafting I don't have the aching problems yet but I just love the fact that it brings people of all ages together.

Jocelyn said...

YAY.....Del is back and in perfect condition!!! Thank you for the wonderful words!!!! I just adore you sweet friend and I too agree that Blogging is just the best!!! I have met so many wonderful, kind, creative friends and you are certainly one of them!!!!! Love that organized desk!!!! I just cleaned mine off on Saturday and intend on working my tail off in the next few days to get my DT assignments done!!!!! Wishing you a day filled with smiles!!! :)

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh ANgie, me too - on a blog and in crafting, we're all utterly without age - I'm often surprised when people talk about their family or life so far and I discover a 'rough' age - so goes to prove that age is only relevant at the doctors!
I'm loving WOYWW for the same reasons..your desk this morning is full of potential - and OMG, I spotted Del! Unharmed..amazing - I wonder. A quid for the safe return..sounds like a deal to me! Wonder if you'll get the quid back in a handful of weeks!

Ann said...

Your desk looking pretty tidy to me. Besides the cat and of course the duck, I just love the bin! Wouldn't be big enough for my rubbish though when I'm crafting.
As for age when reading people's blogs, I agree with you, age doesn't matter at all. As a relative newcomer to blogging, I think that the Crafting brings us together and long may it continue to do so!

Linda Elbourne said...

Oh Angie - what a fabulous post! I forget everything when I am crafting ... until I move *LOL* and I do feel like I am getting to know you by just reading your blog too ... Fancy finding Del ... wonder where he's been ... perhaps he was making a mini book!
The desk is looking good BTW!

allyf said...

Glad Del made it back safely. I like WOYWW for the same reason I am pretty much guaranteed to post some inane entry on my blog!

LadyBug said...

I'm pleased to see the return of Del...... maybe the pixies brought her back and charged you a £1 for doing it??? :) You look like you are making a great job with that minibook. don't forget to post the finished project I'd love to see it! and I have to say your cat looks great sat there on your table! wish mine would sit still for that long!

Carmen said...

I spotted Del, I wonder what stories she could tell us about her travels.

Like everyone else has said I feel the same about blogging, nt a seasoned blogger by any means but I love the friends I have made doing it - and I DO count you as a friend - I may not get to meet up with you over a cuppa and cake, maybe virtually but I do feel I can count aon you and my other friends to be there for me when I need a moan, whinge, rant general waffle :) I love it. I also have the back problem but I do have a back problem anyway and this damp weather doesn't help it ;)

Mole said...

Del is back LOL! He's obviously been off for a little summer break and is now back, no doubt feeling refreshed and ready to advise on all your crafting dilemmas!

SueH said...

Hi Angie,
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comments about my ‘photo studio’!
Your work desk shows that you’ve been very industrious indeed and I see you have a fury work mate too. If he’s anything like BoJangles he has to stick his nose in everything (including acrylic paint) to make sure it’s safe for me to use. He says he only has my safety and welfare at heart…..bless!

I’m pleased to hear that Del is home safe and sound.


Peter said...

Hi Angie,
Thanks for your comments on my site, it is lovely to hear from you. Fun to hop over to your site and see what you are up to. As to the art of seasoned blogging, it is interesting to see how different people manage it, and also to see what motivates them to write the blog. There are so many reasons!

I started mine as an attempt to interact with other potters. I'm very isolated where I am, started potting rather later in life than I should have, lack a lot of useful skills, and struggle with trying to put bread on the table, so it is a Godsend to be able to broaden my view, and learn from others, and also be able to help others too.

I try to do a new post at least every week if I can. I would love to do more, but time doesn't allow. I find that posting weekly allows me to do a selection of what has happened over the time in between, but I am usually frustrated by having to miss stuff out! As mine is really a potting blog, I also have to weed out a lot of other things too! I did toy with the idea of running more than one blog, but it swallows too much time. Blogging is a great alternative to TV, and vastly more creative and positive!

my5bratz said...

Ange are you feeling OK?!? that desk is awfully clean :0P lol

hey Del....good to see you little man :0)

Darcy said...

What I would give for a tidy desk like that lol mine is shameful.

Love your 'return of the duck' mystery, I wonder where she has been, maybe she should have her own blog so she can tell us lol

Claireliz said...

so glad to see Del is back.

Morning's Minion said...

I'm finding a lot of friendships and connection in the blogging world. For quite a while I read, but didn't make comments. When I started my own blog I realized that the interaction of other readers makes it really come alive. I've pared my crafting down to quilting and "word crafting" but those who work in other mediums are an inspiration.
I hear you about the aches and pains of sitting over a project--can't do it for hours at a time anymore.