Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Boys ..... and WOYWW 12

I cannot believe it is WOYWW ...already. I am actually ashamed to show you my area this week, which is saying something about the mess, as normally I'm quite proud of my chaos in a funny way. The problem was that i didn't tidy it before I went away and I have just added to it all ... including a little order I made at a Stampin Up Party the other week, which arrived yesterday and is now balanced on the top of it all ... Earthtones card and pads and a large grey pad which I thought might come in useful for vintage. I will wait 'til the end before I decide whether or not to inflict a possible heart attack on those of a tidy nature.

I went over to see my gorgeous GS's on Friday. The journey seems long, only due to the fact that it takes a bus and two trains but it was a glorious day. I have lived up here for nearly five years and I still get a thrill as the train crosses the Firth of Forth and the sun glints on the rippling water below. The fields that passed by were like a huge quilt, worked in patches of golden yellow and green and the sky was a vibrant blue blanket, punctuated by teased balls of cotton wool, just motionlessly suspended there. As I stared at the view before me I was reminded of some thing I had heard about the painter Lowry. It was the fact that he used an infinite number of whites when painting skies and I began to understand why.

Finally I arrived and I could not believe how much they had grown ... more in development than in size ...iyswim. I could wax lyrical for inches and inches of post space but I will just show you some photos of the weekend ... 'A picture paints a thousand words ...

Oh how I love being a Nana ... all that playing and none of the problems. They are still such good little souls but love to wrestle each other.The tears that sometimes result can be banished so easily with a game of 'Peek a Boo'.
They approach every new food with a healthy curiosity and this weekend we found that they were not impressed by fresh strawberries or raspberries but loved their mums goulash ... even though it was a little spicy.Although Emma and Steve have tried so hard not to let them watch TV, they have given in and during afternoon Snack Time they have a little viewing time ... three notes of the Night Garden music and they are motionless and inthralled in the antics before them. I am glad to see that they love their stories and they love looking at books ... and it is planned that this never changes.

I think there are signs that they are going to be a real handful as they are already defeating their parents attempts to child proof the front room ....thank goodness for playpens ...they give you time to repair and recover. What will happen when they are actually walking ?????
OK ....Back to WOYWW
Just a peak of what I bought and thats balancing on the top of everything

OK ....I give in it is in all its glory!!!!!

I know I have over loaded you with Ben and Jake photos but I had to sneak this one in ...we all went Ahhhhh when they did this .

Thanks for putting up with me being a typical doting Nana ...I prommise I will tidy my area and do something scrappy ASAP.

Take Care xx


Jocelyn said...

Oh Angie...I so enjoyed this post....what wonderful little ones and they are so cute!!!!!! You must get such joy when spending time with them and I see quite a few LO's in the future with these two!!!!!! I love Stampin Up....I have so many sets...that have never touched ink and that makes me sad :(!!! This is where I started with my paper crafting!!! I loved how you described your train ride and the beauty that you see!!!!! Love that means you are in the process of creating...mine is an mess with nothing in the making!!!! Wishing you a day filled with smiles....sweet friend!!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh ANgie don't stop posting pics of those boys; they are good for the soul. What a lovely day; bet the journey fades away when you see them!
As for your WOYWW - I LOVE inspiring. And that box full of inks - makes me shiver a it with the anticipation. Yummy!

Ann said...

Ben and Jake look absolutely gorgeous. You must be so proud of them. Glad you had a nice holiday away for a few days, and your desk doesn't look as bad as some!
Can't wait for those scrapbook pages of your grandsons to appear.

allyf said...

O gorgeous photos hun - and the one of your desk was nice too ;-)

Such cuties, enjoy this time, they grow too quick. My sisters twins are all growed up now at 8.

LadyBug said...

Oh My Gosh!!!! just how cute are they!!!! what a beautiful pair og GS's you have!!!! I'm amazed you stopped at so few ;) photos!!! i think I wouldn't have been able to stop photographing them..... well maybe for cuddles ;) they really are a pair of little sweet hearts. I love the look of your SU stash. I might have to make a little order of my own this next month ;)

Carmen said...

Those pics are amazing Angie, that bottom one is almost like it's ne baby kissing a mirror. Love the wrestling one too. Definitely more please :P

I love your language when you talk about Scotland. I so know what you mean. We spent hours driving past hills that were literally purple with heather and had mini waterfalls and cascading down. *sigh* I so want o move back. I have been begging and pleading with Craig to let us move back since the moment we crossed the border on the way up. He loved it but financially it's impossible at the moment :( I was so close to tears when we had to come home. Sssh don't tell anyone.

I grew up in Inverkeithing in Fife from the age of 6 to 16. We moved up as Dad worked in the Dockyards. When the Chatham one closed he tranferred up to Rosyth and then when that had the huge redundancies we came back to be with family but I've missed it ever since. Been 16 years away and I still miss it.

Linda Elbourne said...

Who cares about the desk ... how absolutely utterly adorable are those pictures ... you lucky nana you X

my5bratz said...

they are getting SO big..and I LOVE that last photo

to answer your ? I dont think printing your own pp uses too much ink...I usually print 4 papers to an A4 as this is enough for a card...don't think there would be much difference to buying "real" paper..and at least this way I can find exactly what Im looking for...sad to say my other papers are gathering

my5bratz said...

you know it's only after watching a British show the other day that I even realised what an OAP was (blush) lol

and Pink was fan -bloody-tastic!!! Has beaten John Fogerty as my fave

Claireliz said...

what a pair of cuties... so adorable!!! My desk looks the same, infact its not the desk its the dining table (scrap sprawl)