Sunday, August 02, 2009

I should have stayed in bed !

Thank goodness Saturday is no more ...what a rubbish day. Who ever said that Internet and Telephone banking is the way to go should be shot ....bring back old fashioned Bank Managers.

I have been trying to sort out a problem for the last two weeks. It was actually my mistake to start with but the bank has admitted that the rest of it was theirs. On Saturday I found it still not to be resolved. So, after numerous calls requiring me to use the key pad choices that rarely apply and finally ...after refusing to touch anything ... being put through to a person whose mike was so close to their mouth that the speech was unintelligible, I was in tears with frustration. I finally got through to someone who spoke clearly... who took my telephone number in case I was cut off ... again ... and seemed to be sorting it all out until I was ... yes you guessed it ... cut off yet again. Strangely, about the same number of minutes as the last time but I was only slightly stressed as I knew she would ring back. Well .... I waited ....and waited ....nothing happened and by this time it was too late to try again. I can only hope she sorted it and felt there was no need to ring this crazy lady back. I have to wait until Wednesday to check if its all gone through. I think this calls for a long letter ...but I'm not sure who to !!!! and I will wait 'til its sorted before I put finger to key.
It was now was 12 ....and I realized that I had been on and off the phone for one and a half hours to an 0845 number that is not included in my 'free' package...grrrrrrr ...... and I still needed to pop in to a Tescos for a few groceries.
I don't drive so its a 7 mile bus journey and a short walk but the ride is quick and mostly picturesque so I actually enjoy it. Jacket on ...trolley in hand and other hand on door knob was the signal to the heavens ... to empty its heavy load. I thought I would wait for it to stop but for the next three hours it poured.

I decided to forget about shopping ...I could improvise and I had all the bits for supper ... Veggie Curry ... Yum ...well that was what it was supposed to be but ...maybe due to the stress of the day I made it far too hot. We like mild dishes and for us this was tooooo hot. The addition of cream helped, as I had no yogurt but still only I was able to eat it. Jay and Vicki had to put up with a visit to the 'Chippy' !!

On Friday I mentioned, in passing on here, that I had a glimmer of mojo ...well that is all it was but I did choose some papers and a LO was forming in my mind. What a shame that I left them out on the table ... Saturday was about to finish in the way it started ....badly... Lucky threw up, all over the table ...and my papers. How can such a tiny cat's stomach hold so much food ??????

OH I feel so much better sharing that all with you

When the rain stopped I had to stand in the garden and breath gently to reduce stress so I took these flower photos and I thought I'd share them with you too

Oh dear ... this is a long post ....sorry ... but well done those of you who got to the end lol

Take Care xx


Carmen said...

Oh dear Angie. I hate talking to call centres and this definitely sounds like a stiff letter is required. Why should you have to foot the bill for their incompetence?

You have some gorgeous photos there, some wonderful colours.

Jocelyn said...

Oh Angie....I feel awful for all of the aggravation you went through!!!! I truly believe the old way of doing things is so much easier!!!! Nothing is more frustrating than being hung up on!!!! Oh were smart not going out in the rain....and oh no....too much spice!!!! Next the kitty getting sick all over your upcoming LO!!!!! :( Wishing you a better day tomorrow!!!!! I so adore you!!!! Smiles to you!!! :)

Julia Dunnit said...

You totally have it under control there though Angie - step out, breathe deeply and admire that which no one can influence. Beautiful photos. Gaah am so sorry about the bank, and the weather! A frustration shared I hope, is a frustration halved. One last question though - what on earth sort of paper hadyou been about to use if it made the cat sick???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carmen said...

Angie, I managed to get a vid on my post so hopefully you can see what my clacker is! Ooer! *g*

rainbow_poppy said...

I think you need to scrap your horrendous day, think of it as stress therapy. Then in a few weeks you might end up laughing about it.

Beautiful photos

Judith said...

Hi Angie so sorry you had a rubbish sat I do hope that this week bring nothing but good things your way.
I am so very happy that you have been sending great things my way whilst I have been away. Thank you so very much for the award you sent me it has really brought a smile to my face. It is so great to get comments on my blog and even better when you know that a person keeps coming back ( my life must be more interesting than I think). Its great to have you as a blogging friend x.

Judith said...

PS there is somthing on my blog for you. x

my5bratz said...


i dont think much off all this modern day technology crap good ol customer service seems to be non existant!!! hope your week improves from here...:0)

Morning's Minion said...

Had a few moments today to read some of your posts. I don't do scrap art, although I surely admire what you are doing, especially with vintage photos.
We do share some work habits in common: getting lots of stuff out and there it sits for a while in a bit of a muddle. I tell myself it is there so I can look at it all on the way by and be inspired.
The cats like to nap on my quilts in progress which isn't good for the quilts; sometimes they shuffle the patchwork scraps and they have been know to barf on important papers.
I'm enjoying the photos of your twin grandsons. My husband is an identical twin also.