Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WOYWW ...wk11

This is what is on my mat is inspired by Ann at ' Cupboard Crafter' who used a matchbook to display extra photos on a LO. She kindly passed on the instructions to me and I thought I would have a go.
This is my first attempt and I have used it as a sort of brag/memory book for my sons partner ...just so she can see and be proud of how the boys have grown and developed under her wonderful care. I have to change the cover as over zealous scoring caused it to now show signs of splitting ...thank
goodness I hadn't decorated it yet.

Now for what is on my actual working area ....

Even more chaos... the other half is worse see I didn't tidy up after all those LO's ...I just threw myself into the match book making. Can you see my little dustbin on the table ...had to get something with a lid as the cats kept stealing and eating the plastic back of the DST and it was causing them problems..
I promise I will tidy up tomorrow as I will be away visiting my wonderful and edible grandsons this weekend ... not forgetting my son and Emma too
If the boys had been born on their due date,
they would have been a year on the 14th. Emma says they are on the move now and that gates have had to be put up. Anytime soon they will be likely to take their first steps I would guess. Cant wait to see them ...and of course ...take photos.

I'm off to make
'Spag Bol' ... I like to make it early and let the flavours infuse .... then add some fresh Oregano at the end, when I reheat it and cook the pasta. I love it when I have fresh herbs and there are new tender bay leaves on the bush. Every time I make it it is different ... I really should write the recipe down when it is a good one ...but then variety is the spice of life lol

Take Care xx

Have replaced the damaged cover so I thought I would show you the finished Match Book

Will post on my return.


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh where to start!? Spag bol..I like to make ahead too - and chilli. Mmmmmmmm my faves. That little matchbook is divine! Babies' mum will be so pleased - and I wouldn't have tidied up either, when it strikes, I work on top of anything and everyhting! like the big ol duck - is the thinking that the cats may think twice before having a go?

Linda Elbourne said...

Mmmmmm ....I will be round for tea :0) My WOYWW is well hidden on my blog ... well it is that bad I could n't put it in full view of everyone ... thank you for the encouragment ... I actually found it quite therapeutic :0)I left the link with Julia X

Morning's Minion said...

The idea of having freshly picked home grown bay leaves is so wonderful. The drought and the resident deer did in my few herbs this year. Winters are so harsh that little in the way of herbs make it through.

Carmen said...

LOL! I love Duckzilla laying in ait for your pussy cats :P

That matchbook is gorgeous - I must have a go. Spag bol sounds delish. I'm shuddering at the thought of making dinner... I'm a tad stinky and sweaty after only JUST finishing ironing. It is so hot here today it's awful.

Anne said...

What a beautiful book - I'm sure she will be delighted with it.

I'm glad it's not just me who has cats stealing from her craft desk. Mine got hold of a piece of lace cardstock today that I had been saving. You should have heard me shriek at her!

Ann said...

What a stunning first matchbook Angie! I'm sure they'll love it and the photos are gorgeous.
The fresh herbs sound lovely, but I'm a Veggie so no Spag Bol for me!

Jocelyn said...

Love the cute is that.....What is a Spag Bol...if I may ask? Your desk is sooooo tidy compared to what my whole room looks like!!! My dear friend was over today to help me with paint ideas and she just about fell over....She is such a sweetie and I am hoping she will come on over and help with all the redo ideas...this may take as long as the downstairs to do!!!! I have way toooooo many things!!!! Have fun with the grandchildren and yes lots of pics please!!!!! They are getting so big...Enjoy!!!

my5bratz said...

love love LOVE your latest youngest ds is BJ and then I noticed it was both ur boys..they EAT the back of the tape,'s DEFINATELY not allowed out on my way ;0)

my5bratz said...

p.s if you wanted that wedding image its a free digistamp available here

LadyBug said...

Oh my!!! I have missed almost a whole week!!! that's Mojo's fault she is still missing in action and I have talen to walking loads instead of sulking at my desk. I love your matchbook minibook!! it's really sweet and i beat your DiL will love it! hope you had a lovely visit with your family and loads of cuddles with those super cute grandsons of your :)

voodoo vixen said...

Your matchbook is cute and I love that you can tuck extra photos and journalling away in them.
Your cats are hilarious... Do Not Disturb notice required for the poor felines if you like taking their photos at 1 a.m.!! LOL
Love all your heritage LO's, every time I see them I think I should get on and do some of DH's!! :(