Saturday, August 08, 2009

Flutter by ... Butterfly

Another beautiful day lucky can we be ...three in a row. Yesterday I managed to get the washing done, and a tiny bit of house work..only the essentials though ... the bits that wag their finger at you.

I grabbed the camera and chased some butterflies this morning and then had a little play with the results.

Not sure
how I have just done this ... there is probably an easy way to get this collage from Picasa but I just kept pressing things and it sort of worked ... I think it was what I was trying to do ... but I like it ... must try and remember what I actually did lol Click on the photo to see the delicate beauty of these wonderful creatures

That cat has been back by the look of poor Felix's ear but I have chased it down the path a couple of times, with hose in hand and water on full power .... while shrieking like a banshee. Try not to visualise it .... not a pretty sight especially the morning I was still in nighty and slippers.
I have decided I do need a Super Soaker
so that's my next considered purchase. I think 'IT' is very slowly realizing that my garden is not part of 'ITs' patch, as he is becoming a slightly less frequent prowler.

At long last my bank bits seem to be sorted which is a weight off my mind but I will not believe it until I see it all in black and white ... on good old fashioned paper.

Still no mojo
but then I haven't cleared my head of all its worries yet. I spent some time looking at papers today and just got more frustrated. I have decided that the background paper I chose is great but .... nothing seems to fit with it. Again that maybe a cluttered brain ... only time will tell.
I think I might just put everything away and start again ...maybe tomorrow.

Take Care xx


Jocelyn said...

Oh Angie..what a beautiful pic. I enlarged it and those butterflies are stunning!!! I have the same bush in my yard!!!!! You did a gret job with the collage!!!! Sorry the whole banking situation is not fixed....I too would want to see it on paper!!!!! Maybe you should just wait to put the papers may look different tomorrow. Wishing for you some Mojo and smiles!!!! :)

my5bratz said...

GORGEOUS photos..and yes collages are easy in picasa..highlight the ones you want to use and click the collage

fab weather here too, well for winter anyways, have a wonderful weekend :0)

LadyBug said...

Beautiful Flutterby's!! sorry to hear Mojo is still missing but i think you are right she has retreated to give you space while you are worrying about other things. here's hoping she returns early next week. hope you have another lovely sunny day in scotland. we are off to the beach today :)

allyf said...

Beautiful flutterby photos, and the collage is gorgeous.

Julia Dunnit said...

Beutiful collage Angie, how clever! And I swear, if you were in my garden taking those photos and didn't come in the back for coffee, I'll be in a huff!
It's now sunday and I think the mojo thing might be helped by trying more than one LO at once - have a go and let us know- sounds like you have several works in progress waiting to get out. Wish I had! As for the Harry LO you looked at on my blog - and made me LOL - the yellow letters are doodlebug chipboard, but the other stuff is handwritten. presume you mean the chipboard though, so |I'm safely still alive!!
Really appreciate your thoughtfula nd funny comments gal, am curently appreciating the picture of you in your nightie, seeing off the gangster cat! Wish you could record the banshee-ness!

Carmen said...

Too late! Mental images... much chuckling from this end! That cat has met it's match in you hasn't it? *g* Imagining you stealthily on guard in your nighty with super soaker locked and loaded ready for action... :D :D Your pussy cats hiding behind you, egging you on. :D :D Ok, must stop visualising now, getting funny looks from the dog!

Anne said...

It's so hard to do anything creative when your head is full of worry, isn't it? You have my sympathies, and I hope things are clearer for you very soon.

Loved your quote about 'only the bits that wag their finger at you' - I'll be re-using that phrase, I'm sure! And I'm glad you seem to be winning the war against THAT cat!

Kerry said...

They are gorgeous Angie.

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