Sunday, August 16, 2009

An Award to pass on.

This is just a quickey to thank Judith properly for my lovely award and to FINALLY pass it on. I was really chuffed and will display it with pride. She is right is wonderful to have all these new friends who share our interests and our life.
My problem is I am useless when it comes to links and things so I have to wait until someone is free to sort me out.

Judith from My Life and Creations

It is so difficult to decide who to pass it on to .... old favourites or newer friends? ... but I have decided and here is my list.

Sending to:
Ally F

I hope you accept, display it and pass it on. There were no instructions so I am assuming the normal conditions apply ... links ... and letting everyone know ... that last bit I CAN do lol.

I have finished my LO's that were part of an experiment and I am really pleased as I did no scrapping on Saturday ....6 LO's in less than a week .... a record for me. I will snap them and post tomorrow.

Take Care xx


Ann said...

I was just doing some blog 'housekeeping' and came across your post 1 minute after you posted it! Must be a record.
I too am not good at working out links and getting them to work, hence the housekeeping today to try to add a few more to my blog.
Can't wait to see all your hard work this week on 6 layouts! Another record?

Jocelyn said...

Congrats on your so deserve it!!!! did do some scrapping now didn't you!!! I can't wait to see!!!! Have a wonderful day with lots of smiles!!! :)

Carmen said...

SIX lo's? Wow! I can't wait to see them all :P Experiment a huge success by the sound of it.

Darcy said...

thankyou for the

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh well done Angie, 6!! I will be way behind with 3, unfinished but nonetheless, an interesting experiment which I intend to keep working you, will blog about it later in the week. Can't wait to see yours!

my5bratz said...

congrats and well deserved :0)

WOW..6!!...cant wait to see them :0)

Kit said...

wow Angie, congratulations on recieving an award and thanks so much for choosing me to recieve this award, I will de displaying it on my blog today.
Love the vintage LOs above this post by the way, they look great.

Chell xx said...

Thank's Angie for the award.

I am going to have ago at putting it up on the blog but I am computer challenged and this might take a while... I'm not to good with the link's can get peep's blogs up but not sure how to change it to just name so bare with me and Thanks again it's well lovely....