Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Week 9 .... WOYWW

I blinked and the week vanished ... as has my mojo. It's sort of lurking in a far corner of what could be laughingly called a brain but when I sit to create it retreats futher. I have the beginings of an idea for a LO of my Mum in her teens but I cant yet form the LO in real terms. I'm thinking spots and you will see why when thought turns into an actual LO ... soon I hope.

Is it really Wednesday ... already? ... I'm sure it is only Tuesday.
Sorry for posting so late but at least it still is Wednesday.

It is strange but my mojo has never truely come back since Del was Cat napped and then just when I had a glimmer of inspiration at the weekend, Lucky extiguished it with her regergitation of supper, over my work area. Those cats of mine have a lot to answer for.

Well, in order not to have an empty area, I turned to one of my other loves
So this week I covered my area in ......... FOOD .... lol. Good old fashioned stuff.
Here are what is left of a batch of basic scones ... made with naturally soured milk..they are best eaten on the day they are baked ... with butter and jam ... thats why there are only 4 left ... out of 12 .... YUM.The other is my Healthy( ish) Flap Jacks. They have no added sugar/honey/or syrup but I have yet to find a way of reducing the fat and keep them at all yummy in flavour... well you cant have everything.
Lastly these are two papers from a range I had forgotten that I still had ... I was so excited as I loved 'Wild Apparagus' and the bling is my treat to myself.

Thanks for dropping by ... shame we couldn't share a buttered scone over a beverage of your choice lol.

Take Care xx


Morning's Minion said...

A scone with tea would be wonderful!
It is a hot and almost humid afternoon here--otherwise I could be tempted to bake. The alternative is to tackle some of the cleaning which needs to be done. Cat hair is floating in clumps with every breeze that comes through the windows.

Carmen said...

Waaaaaaw homemade scones and flapjacks. Nummy, nummy, nummy.
never tried making scones with soured milk before - might have to give that a go. Is that a posh word for letting it go 'off'?

My sister is the exact same with her comics. She believed they were meant to be read but NO0ONE was allowed to borrow them and she never removed the free gifts from the front either. Blimey she could pick holes in every Marvel film that's come out recently but, stragely, still owns all the dvds ;P I hope she will appreciate my pressie and not lecture that I've chopped comics up to make it. Ooer - that didn't even occur to me. Well, I didn't chop hers up at least blimey can you imagine? LOL!

LadyBug said...

Now that's some yummy looking homebaking! I wish I could make more than just cupcakes! I wonder if your mojo has gone on holiday with mine?

Chell xx said...

The home cooking look yummy, well that's me put on a pound or two by just looking.... I'll just go and sniff a carrot rofl.....

Anne said...

It is a REAL shame we couldnt share a scone, they look lovely!

Hope your mojo returns soon... it's so frustrating when it disappears.

Linda Elbourne said...

Yum Yum! Those scones look fabulous as does the flap jack. I hope your MoJo returns soon hun ... there is nothing worse than having the stash and no idea what you are going to do with it ... I am looking forward to the spots though and the bling looks scrummy!

Julia Dunnit said...

Let's munch vicariously. They look delicious Angie. You should have a cookery blog too! Bet your mojo turns up just at the same time as another job needs attention! Is the frightful bank thing sorted? Hope so. Perhaps with that off your mind, the mojo can stop lurking in fear!!