Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Week 38 and I'm beginning to craft a bit

WOYWW comes round so quickly prods me into thinking about being creative when I'm having a dry patch and so my part of the desk has a work in progress on it . The grey cells are just kicking in on this one ...still not sure how it will end up lol.

My brain is going in every direction except straight a head since I watched 'Sir Tim' demonstrating on QVC. I want to try some of the things he did but I'm not sure where I am going to go with them....maybe I'll try some tags.
Did I give in to his charms and spend spend spend ....NO.
I wanted to so much but for once my head won over my heart ....I really have no spare money for crafts at the moment and I knew that chocolates .... one is not enough ....I need the whole box or at least one layer. I actually moved the phone so I couldn't accidentally order anything on the spur of the moment ..... I nearly gave in a couple of times.

In our joint craft room we have a wardrobe that is 12ft long and busting with our joint treasure trove .... and there is even more spread around the room yet I still wanted some of the new bits that were on sale on Craft Day and lots of Tim's stuff !!!!!

Just to give you a feel of how much stuff the three of us have .... this is less than half of the middle sections (top to bottom) and the shelves are 5' long.
DD and Vicki are responsible for the organized shelves ...yet I still can never find anything and always forget what we have.LOL

Well now ...what do you think? ... can I justify buying anything ....ever again lol

Must spend an evening catching up on every ones blogs and leaving more comments ...if I haven't appeared to visit recently ...I probably have but , as I am a slow typist and a little forgetful (who me??) , I may have not left a comment.

Take Care xx

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Quick News Flash

I can now tell everyone ... Emma is pregnant again. She has had her 12 week scan so I no longer need to keep it a secret. Everything looks fine and there is only one baby this time and the due date is the 30th August.

They are hoping for a girl but another boy will be just fine. Unfortunately the hospital will not reveal the sex, even at 20 weeks or later..... they will have to wait 'til it is born to find out the old fashioned way.

Again Emma is feeling rough ..... last time it was for the whole pregnancy and she actually lost weight. This time I think it is slightly better but she feels exhausted all the time. She feels this is probably the last time she wants to be pregnant as the change in hormones encourages terrible mood swings too. I am sure that if men had babies we would only ever have one child per family lol

Sadly they will be in Ireland by then but I shall expect loads of photos and video clips. I'm not a good traveler as I get stressed but a Valium...or two ... should do the
Wow ...I'm going to be a Nana again...hasn't really sunk in.

Take care xx

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Week 37 and I missed it

I am so sorry .... but Wednesday and WOYWW just came and went in a haze...I'm not even sure that there was a Wednesday ....and it was all Smudges fault.

We have ... as most of you know ... too many cats but they are all very precious to us. Five go out but never stay out all night fact most have a quick promenade around the surrounding gardens ...hastily crossing the garden that contains both children and Boxer dogs ...and are calling at the door to be let in within half an hour ... when its cold.
Tuesday night ... around nine ... Smudge begged to be let out. Although Jay and Vicki had their doubts I let him go him instructions not to be long especially as it was so cold. At 11 I was still calling and again at 11.30 The girls then covered their PJ's with a coat and put trainers, on in order to check that no ill had befallen him on the nearby streets. They returned but thankfully had nothing to report ..... we all felt uneasy and I felt guilty.
We went to bed but slept very little ...stupid I know but they are all very human to us so we feel their loss especially when the mind start imagining all manner of horrible things.

Dawn still brought no sign of our lost friend and the frost was so thick that it looked as though it had snowed. All day I called to no avail and I was just listing tasks for Thursday like ....make 'lost' poster and phone all local vets, and also preparing my self to face that he might not return, when I heard a cry at the door ...exactly 24hours after he had left. He didnt even look cold but he was very hungry .... probably shut in a shed or garage ... I wish I could stop worrying about them, when they disappear, but I fear that the day I do will be the day they dont return.

Hopefully I will have some crafting to show on my next post.

Take care xx

Sunday, February 14, 2010

QVC and my lack of willpower.

I have been sooooo good about not spending and then I made a BIG mistake ... I read the reminder card QVC sent and there it was .... a Martha Stewart craft product was to be the TSV. I tried so hard to forget the date it was to be on ... easy I thought ..... I forget almost everything else within a few hours, if not moments nowadays.
No such luck ....there I was sitting in front of the screen at 11.55 praying it was something that I had no interest in ...wrong was MS corner and edge punches ...the only thing that I think she does better than any one else. The set on offer was a great price and there was a choice of two. What a dilemma ..... I am terrible at making decisions ... so I bought both.

I keep looking at them and saying 'Was I mad?' ....yes ... but I think I will have loads of fun, which is the point ... and Jay and Vicki have already had ideas too. Please tell me some of you gave in and bought a set too ....maybe some of you even bought both as well lol.

Lastly, I though I would share how I saw a scene which I then committed to paper...well 'word' ... when the snow lay on the ground in early January .....

The stark silhouettes of the distant trees appear now to have had their leaves replenished, branches now filled with roosting black birds rather than the golden brown Autumn foliage, too far away to see whether they are actually Blackbirds or Starlings. I suspect they are the latter as it appears to be a large flock resting their wings while they scan the snow covered earth for an uncovered morsel that might be braving the Winter chill. Then as though the trees were hit by a gale force gust, the leaves soar high into the sky, leaving the branches bare once again.

The sky now begins to fill with a flock of passing seagulls, all with their own unique flight path …causing a kind of organized chaos over head. The under carriages of those that glide past have turned to silver … shimmering all the way up to the very tips of their wings. As they swoop down, one has to wonder why only the underside has been transformed … maybe it’s the erie light reflected from the snow-clad rooftops or is it just the low Winter sun that creates this magic....

Well I'm off now to play with my punches and some card scraps .... hope you liked my written observations.

Take Care xx

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Its Week 36 ...and I'm back

I received JD’s wave just now and am imagining the others that maybe wafting through the air to me ...... THANKYOU

Now that I feel little more human and have done some blopping over the past couple of days …. and even left some comments …I realize how much I have missed my far flung friends and maybe returning to blogging might have prevented me slipping into an abyss of self pity and depression caused by this fluey thingy I have had. I managed to throw it off just in time to catch it or something very close again ….three times …or is it four … in the past five weeks.

Grrrr ….. pleeeeease will no-one give it back to me

It is week 36 of WOMWW …I may have been off the radar but I have kept track

Now then …. what have I got on my work area …… what work area I cry? The table down stairs is covered in clean washing that has not yet found its way up stairs ….well at least it got washed … I shout in my defence … but there seems so much still to do…the laundry bin overfloweth and the washing machine is making funny noises.

The table and floor in the craft room is strewn with work in progress …but not mine .... and my computer desk is just a mess with reminders, paper, shopping lists and coffee cups so sorry no pictures of the work area .

However ....I did find a corner to have a play with my two punches I was given at Xmas and some metal too ….I must be on the mend.

The two middle ones were turning a 6 petal into a dimentional 5 petal and all th3 yellow ones were made of the same paper ...enhanced by distress inks.

This was using a paint brush and a few ink pad

Then I had a go with some metal ....using ideas I picked up from other blogs I had read over the year, while pondering whether to have a go or not.

Two of my inspirations are Linda E and L'Atelier ....not that you all are not my inspiration 'cos you are.... I am so often in awe of your work and the brain cells start to wizz ...sadly they too ofter grind to a halt before an idea matures.

Then I tried alchol inks on the bottom two ...they are a work in progress lol

Well thats me for this Wednesday

Take Care xx