Thursday, February 18, 2010

Week 37 and I missed it

I am so sorry .... but Wednesday and WOYWW just came and went in a haze...I'm not even sure that there was a Wednesday ....and it was all Smudges fault.

We have ... as most of you know ... too many cats but they are all very precious to us. Five go out but never stay out all night fact most have a quick promenade around the surrounding gardens ...hastily crossing the garden that contains both children and Boxer dogs ...and are calling at the door to be let in within half an hour ... when its cold.
Tuesday night ... around nine ... Smudge begged to be let out. Although Jay and Vicki had their doubts I let him go him instructions not to be long especially as it was so cold. At 11 I was still calling and again at 11.30 The girls then covered their PJ's with a coat and put trainers, on in order to check that no ill had befallen him on the nearby streets. They returned but thankfully had nothing to report ..... we all felt uneasy and I felt guilty.
We went to bed but slept very little ...stupid I know but they are all very human to us so we feel their loss especially when the mind start imagining all manner of horrible things.

Dawn still brought no sign of our lost friend and the frost was so thick that it looked as though it had snowed. All day I called to no avail and I was just listing tasks for Thursday like ....make 'lost' poster and phone all local vets, and also preparing my self to face that he might not return, when I heard a cry at the door ...exactly 24hours after he had left. He didnt even look cold but he was very hungry .... probably shut in a shed or garage ... I wish I could stop worrying about them, when they disappear, but I fear that the day I do will be the day they dont return.

Hopefully I will have some crafting to show on my next post.

Take care xx


LadyBug said...

Oh poor Smudge! but at least he's home safe and sound now with a full tum.

Julia Dunnit said...

WOYWW is meant to be fun, missing it is just fine as long as we know you're OK! Poor Smudge...and I totally get teh sleepless night, horrid situation..absolutely no different to waiting for the 'kids' to come home!

Carmen said...

Angie I totally kow how you feel. When I had cats (oh how I miss them) Rocky was the only one who ever went walkabout. I used to tear my hair out in the beginning just for him to saunter in a few days later as if to say 'what no dinner ready for me?' I never had it with any of my girl cats. In the end I got used to it, I still worried and missed him but I got used to it. My Dad later got some cats and one day same thing happened with Charlie. He just dissapeared. Frantic phone calls from Dad, me assuring him he had probably gone walkabout, Dad ranting and raving like mad man. About a week later in walks Charlie. More ranting and raving from Dad. And he kept doing it. I have come to the conclusion it is a bloke thing. And bloke cats like to go walkabout. Typical man not worried that we are worrying.

Big hugs as I so know what you went through :) Hope you rested up today :)

Jocelyn said...

So sorry that you had to go through all that worry but ahhhh...Smudge is back...thank goodness!!!

Wishing you a great day!!! :-)

Morning's Minion said...

My cats are now indoor only and in spite of dealing with litter boxes it is worth the peace of mind. In other years and other homes I lost several to the road and some who simply disappeared and I never knew what happened. [Something bad, I'm sure.] They are indeed part of the family.

Ann said...

I'm glad Smudge is home none the worse for his adventure. Cats really do become a part of the family and are mourned when lost, as our Smokey was a couple of years ago - went off at lunchtime, never returned.