Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Its Week 36 ...and I'm back

I received JD’s wave just now and am imagining the others that maybe wafting through the air to me ...... THANKYOU

Now that I feel little more human and have done some blopping over the past couple of days …. and even left some comments …I realize how much I have missed my far flung friends and maybe returning to blogging might have prevented me slipping into an abyss of self pity and depression caused by this fluey thingy I have had. I managed to throw it off just in time to catch it or something very close again ….three times …or is it four … in the past five weeks.

Grrrr ….. pleeeeease will no-one give it back to me

It is week 36 of WOMWW …I may have been off the radar but I have kept track

Now then …. what have I got on my work area …… what work area I cry? The table down stairs is covered in clean washing that has not yet found its way up stairs ….well at least it got washed … I shout in my defence … but there seems so much still to do…the laundry bin overfloweth and the washing machine is making funny noises.

The table and floor in the craft room is strewn with work in progress …but not mine .... and my computer desk is just a mess with reminders, paper, shopping lists and coffee cups so sorry no pictures of the work area .

However ....I did find a corner to have a play with my two punches I was given at Xmas and some metal too ….I must be on the mend.

The two middle ones were turning a 6 petal into a dimentional 5 petal and all th3 yellow ones were made of the same paper ...enhanced by distress inks.

This was using a paint brush and a few ink pad

Then I had a go with some metal ....using ideas I picked up from other blogs I had read over the year, while pondering whether to have a go or not.

Two of my inspirations are Linda E and L'Atelier ....not that you all are not my inspiration 'cos you are.... I am so often in awe of your work and the brain cells start to wizz ...sadly they too ofter grind to a halt before an idea matures.

Then I tried alchol inks on the bottom two ...they are a work in progress lol

Well thats me for this Wednesday

Take Care xx


Julia Dunnit said...

Hellooooo! How nice to have the counter back! Week 36 eh? Who'd have thought it! Those flowers are lovely..the metal ones look great but the paper ones are just delicious! Bet there are a kerjillion things you can use them on. Take it easy gal, you don't want to tempt the virus back so this time take time to get well.

Carmen said...

Can't believe it's week 36 already! We'll have to partaaay at week 52 wont we?

So lovely to have you back Angie - big SQUEEZIE cuddles.

Love your flowers especially the metal ones - what will you do with them? Ooh I can't wait to see. The colours of the paper ones are so pretty - very spring like.

Jocelyn said...

Love your creations and so glad to see you back sweet friend...I have missed you!!!

Take it easy and take good care of yourself!!!!

Ann said...

So glad to have you back!
Gorgeous metal flowers and I like the paper ones too. What you gonna use them for? I'd love to see them on one of your historical LO's.

Paula Gale said...

lovely stuff - and the flowers are gawjuss!!! (I think thats how you spell it wrong!!)

Week 36 - I've only been blogging since 2ndish week in January and found this to be a great feature - so nice to 'meet' you.

Hope you're fully recovered now.

Paula x x x

Morning's Minion said...

Angie, I'm glad you are back in blog world and hope that you're done with flu and its nasty aftermath.
Your flowers in progress look so interesting. As I try to sort and pack I am grimly reminded that I have way too much fabric and crafty stuff. Maybe I won't have to buy any more for my retirement years!
Be well!

Peter said...

Good that you're back and celebrating it with nice flowers too I see! They look lovely. It must be so nice for you to be feeling like making things again. Glad that you are on the mend.

Helen said...

Hi Angie

I have missed you and haven't seen your lovely comments for ages and I was getting worried xxxxxxx

Sorry you have been poorly, take care, and take things easy xxxx

I LOVE YOUR FLOWERS especially the paper ones.

Anne said...

It's lovely to have you back - I've missed catching up on your blog!

Glad you are starting to feel a bit better - take it easy with the recovery, it takes longer than you'd think.

Fab news about the wedding, too!