Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Week 38 and I'm beginning to craft a bit

WOYWW comes round so quickly prods me into thinking about being creative when I'm having a dry patch and so my part of the desk has a work in progress on it . The grey cells are just kicking in on this one ...still not sure how it will end up lol.

My brain is going in every direction except straight a head since I watched 'Sir Tim' demonstrating on QVC. I want to try some of the things he did but I'm not sure where I am going to go with them....maybe I'll try some tags.
Did I give in to his charms and spend spend spend ....NO.
I wanted to so much but for once my head won over my heart ....I really have no spare money for crafts at the moment and I knew that chocolates .... one is not enough ....I need the whole box or at least one layer. I actually moved the phone so I couldn't accidentally order anything on the spur of the moment ..... I nearly gave in a couple of times.

In our joint craft room we have a wardrobe that is 12ft long and busting with our joint treasure trove .... and there is even more spread around the room yet I still wanted some of the new bits that were on sale on Craft Day and lots of Tim's stuff !!!!!

Just to give you a feel of how much stuff the three of us have .... this is less than half of the middle sections (top to bottom) and the shelves are 5' long.
DD and Vicki are responsible for the organized shelves ...yet I still can never find anything and always forget what we have.LOL

Well now ...what do you think? ... can I justify buying anything ....ever again lol

Must spend an evening catching up on every ones blogs and leaving more comments ...if I haven't appeared to visit recently ...I probably have but , as I am a slow typist and a little forgetful (who me??) , I may have not left a comment.

Take Care xx


LadyBug said...

Oh oh my!!! Oh!!!
not sure I can say much more!!! how many bottles of stickles?????

Wipso said...

Wow. What a lot of stash you have there. Just wonderful.
A x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Angie, I haven't seen you at Julia's recently, but that may be because the list is so long I never get to the end of it. I've visited a few times today and this time I decided to start from the bottom up and spotted your name :) I know what you mean about not being able to justify buying any more stuff but you know new stuff just keeps coming out. When people think they shouldn't buy something I always say you can't take it with you LOL but I go through phases myself of saying I'm cutting down :-/ If you want to be inspired check out Tim's website for demos
Anne xx

Julia Dunnit said...

The three of you have a lot. ut some people indivisually have alot too, it's all good. But I bet you have the sort of stuff to use if you wanna play Tim's style, after all, on tv he has to just plug his products after all, the style will translate well. Three cheers for your pwers of resistance, you are a strong woman! More cheers for a bit of crafting going sure you will soon be consumed by the photos and stories again.

Linda Elbourne said...

Welcome home Angie - I did n't half miss you. As for that stash ... my mouth is watering ... soooooo yummy and sooooo much ... I wanna come play :0)
Finally well done you for holding firm and not buying yesterday ... I tried it and failed miserably X

Jocelyn said...

I love all the goodies...can I please come and play...!!!!

You are so organized!!!! I have such a mess...I can hardly find a thing..

As for new know we all need to buy more...because who wants to use old things...I know I am such an enabler!!!

Wishing you a wonderful week sweet friend!!!

Carmen said...

Whoa! That is some tasty looking shelves you've got there! Yum, yum!

Glad to have you back Angie :D

Paula Gale said...

Wow - looks like a craft shop in there Angie!! - I could do with having a visit! Also well done on resisting buying anything yesterday - you're a stronger woman than me!!!!

Paula x x x

Morning's Minion said...

This post and the view of your craft supply cupboard reminds me of unloading the closet shelves and packing my fabric stash two weeks ago. It took way more bins and boxes than I could have guessed, and convinced me that if I turn all that cloth into quilts before I die I'll be doing well.

my5bratz said...

OH-MY-GAWD!!!!! should show hubby this and maybe he wouldnt complain how much I have, lol, love that punch!

butlersabroad said...

I love your old photos for projects, I do family history too but I have no photos sadly. That's an impressive wardrobe, rather Narnia like in that is must be a magic one! That's an amazing amount of stash, I'm completely lost for words!


Ann said...

Well Angie, if I need something I know where to come! And I thought my wardrobes were full of stash.
Good to see you getting back into crafting, however slowly.

Glen said...

What a lot of Stickles you have Angie. I know what you mean about temptation. I did buy the TSV as I haven't bought craft stash since last October, so I justified my spend. Those metal flowers are very pretty. Looks like you are going to busy for a long time to come. TFS. ~Glen~