Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Last Post

I cant believe the year has gone by so fast ...each week feeling like a day this age or a sign of the times? ...I hope the year to come, passes at a slower pace ...maybe I will enjoy it more and the things around me ...hopefully I will have more Mojo for my crafting....and health will be better.

This is for you cat lovers .... HP (Honey Pot) and Phoebe ..rarely in the same room..growling as they pass ... found cuddled up on the top of the bunk bed ...showing a little sign of annoyance, having been woken from their slumber.


See You All In 2012

Take Care xx

Monday, December 26, 2011

Hope you all had a Happy Christmas

So much work and hype .... I cant believe its all over …well its not for us as we have Steve, Emma, Ben, Jake and Olly coming over tomorrow …health and weather permitting. …Steve has the flu cold bug now…I cant wait to give the boys all big hugs …that’s what I miss.

We had a quiet Xmas …loads of wonderful food …and the fun of watching and sharing the joy of Christmas with Robbie and Kristofer. They were so good …chose certain presents to play with and waited for Jay to unpack, put together and insert batteries into the others. They only ate a few of their chocolates from the stocking and didn’t eat any from their big boxes that Santa brought them (well Fred next door) until this morning. I was so thankful that Vicki did so much and I was feeling a lot better but we were worried on Saturday because Robbie was being sick…. Kids bounce back so quickly though.

Xmas Morning

Rusty's Xmas pressy went down well

Steve finally proposed to Emma on Xmas night and was accepted. The ring is made up of lots of small black and white diamonds …beautifully different …and is a perfect choice for Emma. I think they will wait for a couple of years before they marry, as they need to do a lot of saving…. I am so happy for them both.

Take Care xx

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

wk 133 ..Happy Christmas to my dear WOYWW Friends … although I feel more like Bah Humbug

Life is rubbish at the moment …(wanted to use stronger words but thought better of it) …I have missed so many WOYWWs this month…I so wanted to do so much creating and home baking and although I do most of my shopping via the net I do actually enjoy having a nose around the shops …and then there are the few Xmas festivities I really enjoy, like the German Market in Edinburgh … and the children’s school nativities.

Well for me they are all cancelled … So … Bah Humbug. …Thank goodness Vicki will be doing the main meal and most of the cooking.

This cold/virus has hung on so long it is affecting my balance …some days its really bad …others I can cope …and its sucked every ounce of energy too…being a virus nothing can be done ….oh yes and to add icing to the cake …the doc thinks I may have some sort of heart arrhythmia…can I please just add another Bah Humbug ….not that I want to dampen the Christmas spirit lol …I am just feeling sorry for myself.

To make this post a little festive here are a few shots of our mantle piece …all the ornaments have been gathered over the past few years.

…and this is the beautiful bunting I received from LL Jan … for which I am sending another big thank you.

So ladies …and gentle man …I wish you all an amazing and very Happy Xmas and if I’m not back before …a very good New Year.


(ie Long may your chimney smoke … which means long and be well)

Take Care. xx

Friday, December 09, 2011

2 Weeks 2 days to go ...Am I ready ??? NO I'm not.

Just a quick one to say sorry I've not been around ... this is my first December post and ANOTHER heavy chesty cold .... given with love and kisses from Robbie and Kris ... have reduced my blog hops and creativity to zero....cant believe I missed two woyww ....and I am so behind with dropping by my blog friends ....hope I am forgiven.

Not sure what Lucky and China were thinking as they gazed at the corner

Here is Rusty and the boys can see by their eyes how unwell they feel

Will be trying to do some visits over the next few days.

Take Care xx

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our Chilled Christmas Crop

What a great day … and everyone enjoyed them selves …and ate too much....well I did.

Vicki organized the whole thing … delegating some of the dishes to members. The spread was unbelievable …and have I pictures? …no …we all managed to forget as we tucked in.

I thought, however, that I would recount the menu to make you a little jealous instead…lol

The Feast

Breakfast on arrival

Either sausages or bacon in a soft morning roll


Vicki’s Poppy Seed Chicken

Jay's Cottage Pie

Judi’s Lasagne

Angie’s Vegetarian Lasagne

Meat pie



Biscuits and Cheeses

Followed by

Amelia’s Sherry Trifle

Lorna’s Non Cheese Cheesecakes

Vicki’s Xmas Cupcakes

Jo’s Winter compote with Greek Yogurt

Yule Log

Mince pies

Oranges and apples

And just in case that was not enough …



Rhoda’s Special Scottish Tablet

All washed down with flavoured water and gallons of tea and coffee.

Were we feeding the five thousand? …no … only

Members were set two ‘Makes’ to bring with them …a Name Tag and a Tree Bauble.

To keep us all busy during day we also had to bring certain ‘ingredients’ for a layout … and the letters for a title which had to have the word FAMILY in it ... and then we were given the ‘recipe’ of what to do, in which order, and an hour and a bit to complete it.(Vicki’s challenge)

This is my attempt

Each member was also given an envelope containing a card blank with papers ... 1 plain 1 patterned, buttons and ribbon …everyone’s contained the same items but different colours and patterns…they could use as much or as little of the contents as they wanted and they had to complete it mid-afternoon. We could use any adhesive …glitter glue and inks but nothing else. (Jays Challenge)

This is my attempt …I used stickles on the plain card to make parcels, but it is hard to see.

My game was a Smelly Challenge … 15 smells in envelopes …I had no idea how difficult everyone would find it….but they all had a good laugh trying.

There were prizes for all of these to entice everyone to have a go. There were also raffles through out the day too and a Challenge Bag. Now this bag was full of little prizes …rather like a Lucky Dip but one member challenged another to tell an embracing story …or sing a nursery rhyme …or do 5 star jumps …etc etc.

We also had ‘Hunt the Bauble’ with a prize for the fastest …and the slowest

Everyone said it was the most relaxed Christmas Crop they had been to …and they loved it …and some actually managed to do their own cards and Scrapping too …not me …I was too busy eating and chatting …and browsing around the Angel Craft Shop.

These were the only shots I took… near the end … and everyone looks so industrious.

Take Care xx

PS ... Shhhhhh ....A month today is Christmas Day.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WOYWW wk129 ...and Xmas is coming too quickly

Thank you for all your good wishes… I am feeling so much better … and thanks for the great tips on sealing photos on a canvas…I shall be working my way through them gradually …seeing which works best for me..

This week has been a strange one as it has flown even faster and the only crafting I have managed is making my Name Tag for our Xmas Crop.

I have been planning a game for the day and will be doing a dish to take with me… trying to decide what to take to work on. …not that there will be time to do much, what with eating, chatting and doing challenges …and spending money, as Angela of Angel Crafts is bringing her shop.

I am making this a short one this week …I intend to visit as many desks as I can … apology for no actual desk … it looks the same as last week except the card has moved to give space to make the

Take Care xx

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WOYWW wk 128 ... or is it still only monday really??

I feel that this week has flown past like the Red Arrows …mind you, part of it was spent in bed …my chest was so tight and I had no energy, so I gave in … but I feel much better now ... although the cough is hanging on…. and my ribs ache a little. I just wish I could post and not moan about feeling rough …but then what’s a little moaning amongst friends’ lol.

This is my desk on Tuesday afternoon …where I am playing with my quartet of canvases but had to stop, as several ideas were circulating but going nowhere.

I do however need some advice from some of you experienced arty but messy types out there in blog land. What do you use to seal a photo when finishing off a canvas or altered creation? I had a try with PVA but it affected the surface. Any advice would be gratefully received.

This is the desk later in the day … having put canvas to the back I am playing with a Christmas card …my first this year … ‘OMG’ I can hear you exclaim …don’t worry, DD is making most of them …but I have to create a few myself, for the close family.

I tried to photo graph the final card so many times this evening, ready to post for Wednesday but it just wouldn’t work …this will give you an idea any way …its simple… except for making the tree …an idea from a Miss Arty Class … and the letters really do not look this weird … they are actually lighter shades of the green mat.

Thank you to those who dropped by last week …sorry I couldn’t make it to the end of JD's list …maybe I should start there this week, and work backwards.

Looking forward to dropping by as many desks and tables ... as I can. ...not forgetting floors, sofas, ... and kitchen work surfaces ...or bunkers, as they call them up here.!!?

Take Care xx

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Wk 127 ….Finally, I've finished my canvas

This my desk ….not quite so much mess as last week and I'm actually working on the desk ….some bits have been filed away ….some piled on the end of my bed.

I am now addicted to playing with paint …and I find it de-stresses me.

I have just watched a card lesson on Miss Art’s Paper Crafting School …. and have jotted down some sketches of the cards …they are meant to be for Xmas cards but I think they could be adapted for birthday ... or anything really …any way I am going to give them a go …after I’ve had a play with these 4 little canvases I have just coated in Gesso. I have filed away papers for a couple of LO’sI had in mind, in to a ‘to do’ box …think they can wait as I am having such fun getting mucky.

I finished my first canvas ….at last …and here it is

These are close ups including what I did with the side..

Not everyone’s cup of tea but I’m happy with it …away to be artistic with out being able to draw.

Lastly …..Catch up on my week ….

The washing machine is now fixed and its cold enough to have the radiators on to speed the drying of our Mount Everest of washing …no I don’t have a drier …always thought they cost loads to run.

My arm is a lot better though I think I may end up with a few hairline scars … couldn't resist scratching …ankle is swelling less often …back is still reacting to stress and ceasing up.

I managed to bake a batch of large cookies …well two lots …white and milk chocolate … and plain with cherries. I totally forgot to take a picture as I was so excited with the results and the back was beginning to ache. When I remembered … there were so few left I wasn’t worth it…better luck next time as I will hide them.

Take Care. xx

Thursday, November 03, 2011

NEVER catch a cat.

When Mika is peacefully sleeping on a pile of 12x12 craft boxes which sits up high, on a unit and one is in a world of ones own, gaining much needed inspiration from you WOYWWer’s out there, the last thing one expects is one of the boxes to whiz past you depositing its contents onto the floor…swiftly followed by said feline, who tries to hang on to another box and almost brings it with him while heading for the hard and uneven surface of a printer and box files on its top. Not wanting him to suffer injury ... I try to catch him but only deflect him away from the hard edges and onto a well-padded knee…big mistake. He was so shocked that he clung to the nearest object for stability …my arm …before running out of the room without even a thank you.

This was my arm this morning.

Today was not a good day either. It started last night when I discovered that shutting a cat in my bedroom …without a litter tray … is not the best idea. Wanda is difficult to see as she is a small black long hair and my floor covering is black so when I released her, I sighed with relief that there appeared to be no puddles on floor or desk …forgot to check the bed.

At 1am, after a late night catch up of peoples blogs, I rolled into bed …and rolled out even faster. She had managed to get my duvet, my sheet and all three of my pillows in one shot… I spent the night on the sofa pondering whether there was some spite in the action.

I stripped my bed this morning and headed for the washing machine …meeting Vicki with an arm full of laundry too. Kristofer had been unwell during the night. Vicki popped my load in first and I walked away gratefully … within minutes there was a loud wail, smoke and the stench of burning … the machine had shorted.

I am insured, but a man can’t come ‘til Saturday and we already had two loads waiting…. isn’t it always the way …and there are no launderettes in Fife …even if we had a car.

To cheer myself up this afternoon, I decided to bake a tea bread …a festive one with added cherries, pecans, cinnamon and a splash of brandy …I made two small ones …one for now and the other to freeze …

... really it is best left for 24 hours before eating but I needed to try it with all the extras I had added.....well thats my excuse.

I do hope tomorrow is better.

I am still making my way round as many woyww blogs as I can ...thanks to all those that visited me.

Take Care. xx

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Wk 126 …For me ... when inspiration strikes ….there is no time for anything else...especially being tidy.

My desk is ….well ….a total mess to put it politely …there are other ways to describe it.... but none that didn't need a few **'s
I hang my head in shame … I came up to tidy …honest … and then create
…even meant to put my clothes away …BUT … my brain clicked in to creative mode …before the much needed tidy mode kicked in.

I have been pondering about what to do with my canvas after I had added the flowers that were waiting to be adhered to its surface … suddenly a thought sparked an idea … a phrase came to mind and I had to do something with it …other wise the spark would fade and be no more…nothing stays in my head for long nowadays …so easily side tracked. I actually worked on top of the pile of boxes you see before you ...fearing that the moment would be lost if I moved them lol

I think the canvas will stay a simple, flat, design but I need to cover it in PVA and paint or ink the sides, so when I have done that I will take a photo and post it as it is difficult to see it in this shot ….I’ll probably do it later in the week. It was a canvas of Carmen’s at ‘Woopidoings’ that ignited the grey cells in order for me to complete it …thanks for that xx

My ankle has felt better this week …but my back worse …told you I cant win ...its one or the other ...very rarely neither. lol

Thanks to all that dropped by and left comments last week …every one is so appreciated …I love reading them so much and will get round to as many as possible this week.... only managed about 40 last week ...oops

Take Care. xx

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Sorry the pumpkin shots are not the best ... they do not do them justice ...Vicki did all the carving...with a little help from Kris and Robbie ...who both thought it was a little yucky removing the seeds from inside ... I thought boys loved getting messy lol. I love the cat one fitting for us.
The flesh has been kept to cook with ...along with that of several other pumpkins ...bought while we can still buy then here ... the season is so short for us.

This is Robbie and Kris ...all ready to go 'Trick or Treating' ....they loved it.

We had loads of callers this year ...all in costume ...and all so polite. I bought loads of goodies and they nearly all have gone.

And this is a photo I stole from Emma's face book page ... Ben, Olly and Jake ...all dressed up for Halloween ...and for those who remember their births ...yes that is little brother Olly in the middle.

Hope everyone had a great evening.

Take Care xx

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

WOYWW …Again Already? … Yep its.Wk 125

I did do better last week …I managed to visit and comment on 95ish in number order … and the last five …a few didn’t seem to be there when I clicked on them. …and I may have missed one or two by clicking off, thinking my comment had registered, when I should have verified it …hope I am forgiven for those that I missed.

Now down to business …WOYWW … well its still Tuesday technically.

I really have the paint bug …I had to play some more …this time on a canvas. The background I created last week has been filed away …and is still awaiting a flash of inspiration …probably a LO.

This week …using the same initial technique of streaking my paint and bubble wrap …I have added extra dabs of colour ... and stamping. I really could not get it to work at first …even though I had used Gesso to seal the canvas and then I remembered someone saying that one should stamp on tissue and apply it to the canvas with PVA or Modge Podge …and it worked…does any one have other tips for stamping onto a canvas ?

Hope fully I will be able to show you the finished canvas next week.... I am so enjoying this form of creating.

I may not manage so many visits this week, as I tend to pay the price …either a sore back or a swollen ankle …the later this time.

Now all I have to do is move everything off my bed so I can get in it lol

Will be around as many as I can tomorrow... Night Night

Take Care xx

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Heavy on Cute Catness

The new member of our family has two favourite places to be ....inside Vicki's top

... or in Robbies Builders hat
Rusty will happily let the boys wander around the house, carrying him in it, and some times will put himself in it for a snooze.

China ...and
Sid ... love the little rascal ... but hate being woken from a sleep

or having their bed stolen.

And although Willow is quite fond of him ....she is definitely not amused by too much boisterous behavior.

Take Care xx

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WOYWW Wk 124 ….and playing with paint too.

Three cheers...I finished my LO of ME … and after all the changing of mind …I actually went back to the first paper. The embellishments I used have meaning behind them so I thought I would let you in on their significance…the lace flowers are a larger version of the ones on my wedding dress …my engagement dress in ’66, was white with a black and white ‘op art’ bodice … and when running a youth club in the late 70’s/early80’s I found I had a love of motor bikes hence the zip trim, which hints leathers….and then I hand wrote the text as it was about me …even though I have rubbish hand writing.

Nearly forgot about my WOYWW desk with all that nostalgia …

... not an clear square inch …I just keep moving things from desk to bed to floor to desk at the moment…depending on which area I need to use. Can you see the item which shouldn't be there…looks like an alien hand …I wondered where I put it lol…. it’s my back scratcher!!!

An artist I am not ….some may have seen my first strokes of white paint on black, destined, at the time, for the previous LO …but it was not to be. I did however take LL Jan’s advice ….to create with out having a purpose in mind.

Out came assorted paints and my beloved two sizes of bubble wrap. I streaked it at right angles with an acidy green, then from corner to corner with a deep forest green…using my large bubbles, played with a burgundy and a deep beige followed by small bubble wrap in a tone lighter … such fun …and I got my desk so messy.

This was the result of all my efforts

And this is my favourite patch

But I had the urge to play more so got out Brushed Corduroy and Vintage Photo Distress Stain …yes I gave in and bought a couple of the T.H stains …and added a touch of these with the small bubble wrap.

It is hard to see the difference the inks made but this close-up shows what the subtle effect was.

Now the question that remains is …. What do I do with my painted piece of card???

Maybe add a photo some where …stamp on it …stick things on it …cut it up for cards fronts or keep it as is, for posterity….I rather wish I had done it on a canvas as I do like the effect but I think it needs a focus …the cogs are clanking in my head at the moment…un-oiled and a little rusty…any ideas gratefully received.

Emma … ‘Of Dropped Stitches’ (see side bar)… has a guest crafter posting on her blog. Elise makes paper bouquets, amongst other things … ‘that’s a touch different’ I can hear you murmur and I would have to agree. I really think they are gorgeous and fun and do not have to be just for weddings … well worth dropping in for a nose.

More of them can be found on NerdNuptials… I know we do not promote Etsy shops but she, as yet, does not have her own blog. A big thank you, from Emma and Elise, if you have time to pop by.

I will try to visit a few more blogs this week ...I dotted around last week and got a little muddled I will try to be more organized this week but will be hopping for at least 3 days, so bear with me.

Take Care xx

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I am loosing track of time … is this week 123?… and how many days ‘til Christmas? ….no don’t tell me.

I have not been at my desk much over the past couple of weeks …other than to muse over family worries which thankfully are proving not as bad as we first feared …and to stare at possible LO’s that will however, not materialize onto the papers... they are great in my head lol

I have changed my mind about papers etc, more times than there are days in a week … and torn my hair out over the photo of me 30-ish years ago, as there are so few that I would like future generations to gaze upon … and I want the final LO to feel right to me.

I am now playing with paint for it …not really me … but I had the urge and so we will see if it becomes part of the LO …or rubbish in the bin... at the moment I'm in limbo and it sits on my desk.

I actually finished the LO that was there as a WIP, two weeks ago …there is still something, for me, that jars a bit but I think I can live with it so I don’t think I will mess around any more.

The day captured here was a ‘milestone’ for Robbie as he refused to join in last year and became very upset about it all. The wonderful staff at the school, have worked so hard with him and this year he loved it all…although he only joined in when he was ready.

This is China ….one of our 12 year olds …finally letting Rusty come closer than a few feet. When I found them like this I let out a huge ‘Ahhhhh’.

I will be around for a nose and some inspiration, later …and I really need to catch up with those that I regularly visit too. Be patient with me …we are having Internet problems in our area this week too.

Take Care xx

Saturday, October 01, 2011

...and Rusty Diego makes 20

...well 19 plus our 'Green House' cat Marvin.
I can hear you all scream ..."Another one" ...but there is a reason or three.... well I thought they were good reasons lol.
Firstly Emma and Steve's cat got out again before it could be neutered and had a second litter only 4 months after the first. Secondly several of our cats have reached 12 and one is VERY close to Kristofer ...with everything that has gone on in their lives I am not sure he is ready to loose 'a best friend' so we thought it would be good for them to bring up a kitten of their own but learn a lesson in sharing too.... and lastly ....who could resist this little 8 week old cutie ....

The family came over today with him and he is adorable ...we just have to see who he gets on with ...feline wise...but I don't think he will put up with any nonsense

I have added some background to my Sandy LO on G the P if you want to have a read

Take Care xx

PS The boys chose the name

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WOYWW wk121 …. Yet another week flies by

I have been trying to get back to this LO since Saturday …the second of the four I prepared for crop day …. (the first is two posts down if you want to see my vintage one) ...this is a WIP

and the three pretty laces, ribbon roses and packs of mini letters are part of a little spend at the Angel Crafts shop … and yes I also gave in to a small pack of the Flexipens …I will let you know if I think they are as good as they seemed . lol

Yeah ….I managed a really short post....I will be around to have a nose around your desks later.

Take Care xx

Monday, September 26, 2011

West Wemyss …revisited … with a child

Although ruins can still be fun and of course the lure of the sea and a beach is very high on a child’s list of things to do, there is nothing that beats a Play Park for Kristofer…no matter how small it is.

Refreshments are very important too, so we had to pop in to The Walk Inn … which now sports a smart new sign … and was very busy.

…and last of course there are boats …I didn’t actually walk down to the end of the harbour last time …but I was dragged there this time …and he had so many ‘Why’ questions … about everything he saw....I think Nana Anja's answers kept him happy.

It was a beautiful afternoon and the rain stayed away until we got home.

Take Care xx