Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our Chilled Christmas Crop

What a great day … and everyone enjoyed them selves …and ate too much....well I did.

Vicki organized the whole thing … delegating some of the dishes to members. The spread was unbelievable …and have I pictures? …no …we all managed to forget as we tucked in.

I thought, however, that I would recount the menu to make you a little jealous instead…lol

The Feast

Breakfast on arrival

Either sausages or bacon in a soft morning roll


Vicki’s Poppy Seed Chicken

Jay's Cottage Pie

Judi’s Lasagne

Angie’s Vegetarian Lasagne

Meat pie



Biscuits and Cheeses

Followed by

Amelia’s Sherry Trifle

Lorna’s Non Cheese Cheesecakes

Vicki’s Xmas Cupcakes

Jo’s Winter compote with Greek Yogurt

Yule Log

Mince pies

Oranges and apples

And just in case that was not enough …



Rhoda’s Special Scottish Tablet

All washed down with flavoured water and gallons of tea and coffee.

Were we feeding the five thousand? …no … only

Members were set two ‘Makes’ to bring with them …a Name Tag and a Tree Bauble.

To keep us all busy during day we also had to bring certain ‘ingredients’ for a layout … and the letters for a title which had to have the word FAMILY in it ... and then we were given the ‘recipe’ of what to do, in which order, and an hour and a bit to complete it.(Vicki’s challenge)

This is my attempt

Each member was also given an envelope containing a card blank with papers ... 1 plain 1 patterned, buttons and ribbon …everyone’s contained the same items but different colours and patterns…they could use as much or as little of the contents as they wanted and they had to complete it mid-afternoon. We could use any adhesive …glitter glue and inks but nothing else. (Jays Challenge)

This is my attempt …I used stickles on the plain card to make parcels, but it is hard to see.

My game was a Smelly Challenge … 15 smells in envelopes …I had no idea how difficult everyone would find it….but they all had a good laugh trying.

There were prizes for all of these to entice everyone to have a go. There were also raffles through out the day too and a Challenge Bag. Now this bag was full of little prizes …rather like a Lucky Dip but one member challenged another to tell an embracing story …or sing a nursery rhyme …or do 5 star jumps …etc etc.

We also had ‘Hunt the Bauble’ with a prize for the fastest …and the slowest

Everyone said it was the most relaxed Christmas Crop they had been to …and they loved it …and some actually managed to do their own cards and Scrapping too …not me …I was too busy eating and chatting …and browsing around the Angel Craft Shop.

These were the only shots I took… near the end … and everyone looks so industrious.

Take Care xx

PS ... Shhhhhh ....A month today is Christmas Day.


Carmen said...

Oh shush with your "a month today" business :P

Sounds like a lovely day. Am indeed very, VERY jealous ;)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Angie - sounds like you had a load of fun ... and food, what a feast. Your layout is beautiful, and what a lovely aspect of a wedding to record - we don't always think of photographing details like this. Elizabeth x

Pam said...

Wow-what a great day!! Sound like a lot of fun!

Arkansas Patti said...

Loved the idea of Smelly Challenge.
I gained a pound just reading that menu. Yikes. Who could move after that?

JoZart said...

It sonds an amazing time that you had! We've got Vicky Stampers Christmas Doo on Sat and your day makes me look forward to it even more!
Pleased you like my paper cuts and the reindeer and sleigh has still to arrive!
Jo x