Thursday, November 03, 2011

NEVER catch a cat.

When Mika is peacefully sleeping on a pile of 12x12 craft boxes which sits up high, on a unit and one is in a world of ones own, gaining much needed inspiration from you WOYWWer’s out there, the last thing one expects is one of the boxes to whiz past you depositing its contents onto the floor…swiftly followed by said feline, who tries to hang on to another box and almost brings it with him while heading for the hard and uneven surface of a printer and box files on its top. Not wanting him to suffer injury ... I try to catch him but only deflect him away from the hard edges and onto a well-padded knee…big mistake. He was so shocked that he clung to the nearest object for stability …my arm …before running out of the room without even a thank you.

This was my arm this morning.

Today was not a good day either. It started last night when I discovered that shutting a cat in my bedroom …without a litter tray … is not the best idea. Wanda is difficult to see as she is a small black long hair and my floor covering is black so when I released her, I sighed with relief that there appeared to be no puddles on floor or desk …forgot to check the bed.

At 1am, after a late night catch up of peoples blogs, I rolled into bed …and rolled out even faster. She had managed to get my duvet, my sheet and all three of my pillows in one shot… I spent the night on the sofa pondering whether there was some spite in the action.

I stripped my bed this morning and headed for the washing machine …meeting Vicki with an arm full of laundry too. Kristofer had been unwell during the night. Vicki popped my load in first and I walked away gratefully … within minutes there was a loud wail, smoke and the stench of burning … the machine had shorted.

I am insured, but a man can’t come ‘til Saturday and we already had two loads waiting…. isn’t it always the way …and there are no launderettes in Fife …even if we had a car.

To cheer myself up this afternoon, I decided to bake a tea bread …a festive one with added cherries, pecans, cinnamon and a splash of brandy …I made two small ones …one for now and the other to freeze …

... really it is best left for 24 hours before eating but I needed to try it with all the extras I had added.....well thats my excuse.

I do hope tomorrow is better.

I am still making my way round as many woyww blogs as I can ...thanks to all those that visited me.

Take Care. xx


Morning's Minion said...

When such CATastrophies occur [sorry, couldn't resist that] one wonders....are the cats perverse or do we unwittingly bring these things upon ourselves?
Of all times for your washer to give up--with two malodorous heaps waiting to be laundered!
[I recall when my children were young despairing that they always became that sort of 'unwell' during the night, resulting in bedding to wash!'
I hope tomorrow is better--and whatever part the washer requires needn't be ordered from a foreign land!

crafty cat corner said...

I often go up to the work room to find stuff pulled out of the cupboard and strewn all over the floor. lol
There must be something going on in the stars for you or something.
Don't cats scratches hurt, I wonder why?

BetteK said...

Oh your poor arm ... naughty pussy-cat! Those tea-loaves look absolutely delicious ... is it too cheeky to ask for the recipe? Whenever I make anything fruity (apart from traditional "heavy" celebration cakes) my fruit always sinks to the bottom.
Thanks for your lovely messages on my blog! Debbie x

weaverpat said...

We've had the 'catching the cat' episodes. They end up saved, and we end up injured! Cat scratches HURT!!
The defiling of the bed is usually the act of a cat who is peeved. Waaah! You just can't win with the kitties today!
Those cakes look delicious! After all that stress, I would have had to eat them both!

Elizabeth said...

Murphy's Law was certainly well in evidence for you over the last 24 hours, and oh, those scratches, they look so sore. I do not, definitely do not, approve of declawing the dear creatures but sometimes wish they were born without claws ... they'd get a lot more cuddles if they were. I can only hope that your luck takes a turn for the better, the washing machine is easily repaired and you never shut a cat into your bedroom again. Here's to a better day tomorrow. Elizabeth x

Carmen said...

Oh! Ow! Ow! Ow! I can remember having to declaw my sister where the cat had lunged at her from a fall position and somehow hooked her claw in one bit of the tender throat area and had the claw come out another bit. Not realising this was tender skin and not fabric she was just tugging it back as any cat would while my sister screamed GETHEROFF! Will always remember to this day. yeowch.

Handmade with Love said...

Oh Angie, I hope you are able to laugh about the cat antics now or maybe you will when the washing machine is fixed! I hope your arm heals quickly and wish you a much better week this week! Tracey x
p.s. thanks for you advice on my old book, I will wait for that very special project before I tear a page. x

Chrissie said...

Sorry I'm so late visiting... your cakes and your cat look fab... no so the arm. We used to have a cat whose favourite pastime was making a dive for my legs especially when I was carrying a cup of coffee or some-such... only in play you understand... but painful nevertheless.
Enjoy the rest of your week!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Angie, OMG! What a trial. So good of you to save the cat but pity about the arm, hope it's feeling better. Sorry but I did laugh when I got to the bit about the bed though I'm sure it wasn't the least bit funny for you. Hope the washing machine's sorted now :-)
Anne xx

Alison said...

Ooh! That teabread looks delicious Angie! Hope your arm & washing machine are all better now! x

Neet said...

Oh dear, what a day and night you have had. Hope things get better - sending you lovely healing thoughts.

famfa said...

Oh my goodness, what a catalogue of disasters. Except the loafs of course. Look good. Going to carry on reading as seem to have a bit to catch up on