Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I am loosing track of time … is this week 123?… and how many days ‘til Christmas? ….no don’t tell me.

I have not been at my desk much over the past couple of weeks …other than to muse over family worries which thankfully are proving not as bad as we first feared …and to stare at possible LO’s that will however, not materialize onto the papers... they are great in my head lol

I have changed my mind about papers etc, more times than there are days in a week … and torn my hair out over the photo of me 30-ish years ago, as there are so few that I would like future generations to gaze upon … and I want the final LO to feel right to me.

I am now playing with paint for it …not really me … but I had the urge and so we will see if it becomes part of the LO …or rubbish in the bin... at the moment I'm in limbo and it sits on my desk.

I actually finished the LO that was there as a WIP, two weeks ago …there is still something, for me, that jars a bit but I think I can live with it so I don’t think I will mess around any more.

The day captured here was a ‘milestone’ for Robbie as he refused to join in last year and became very upset about it all. The wonderful staff at the school, have worked so hard with him and this year he loved it all…although he only joined in when he was ready.

This is China ….one of our 12 year olds …finally letting Rusty come closer than a few feet. When I found them like this I let out a huge ‘Ahhhhh’.

I will be around for a nose and some inspiration, later …and I really need to catch up with those that I regularly visit too. Be patient with me …we are having Internet problems in our area this week too.

Take Care xx


Morning's Minion said...

Wonderful cat photo!

Annie said...

Really hope life settles down for you so crafting times can return to normal.
A x

crafty cat corner said...

China looks like he's saying 'there you are, happy now'
I love the kitten, so cute, would love more cats but finance rules.

Don't talk about faulty internet, ours was out of proper action for over a week, apparently they had 'hurdles' to get over.
I hope you always ring up for a refund, Virgin are very good about this and we got a months charges back. Always worth having a go. lol

JoZart said...

The LO of Robbie is so lovely... really special too. I adore the pic of China with the kitten..... a real Aaaaahhhh moment there and a future LO??
Hope to do instructions for the mini book soon so keep popping in..
Love JoZarty x

Debs Willis said...

Such a cute kitty shot! And I loved your layout - bright and jazzy for a little one's special day


Debs x

Helen said...

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by and your kind words. Everyone has been so good!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Angie, sorry to hear that things haven't been so good for the family recently but it sounds as though things are improving. As for being undecided about layouts ... I'm the queen of indecision. I don't know how many times I pull out materials, shove them around and still can't decide how the layout is going to look. I'll be interested to see how the painting goes. The LO of your grandson is lovely - I like the papers and how you've arranged the photographs - sometimes you've just got to say that a project is done, finished, and then move on. I have heard from some scrappers that they can go back years later to a LO, see what it needs and make the changes then - could be a plan :) Love the photo of the cat and the kitten - Rusty is clearly settling in. Hope you have a good week and that your Internet problems get resolved. Elizabeth x #53

DottyA Cards & Things said...

It must be the time of the year.... It seams like everything is happening around my family and place too... is it the moon, the stars,,, or just life???
I really enjoyed my visit today and all the photos and news too!

minnie_mac said...

Love your Robbie page.

And what a fabulous pussycat photo.


Arkansas Patti said...

Yikes about Christmas. The stores all ready have stuff out and it isn't even Halloween yet.
Love the picture of the cats that have reached an understanding. Sometimes it takes a while for us oldies to adjust.
Hope all family and internet problems are resolved soon.

SueH said...

I’m going to say Aww too Angie, what a beautiful photo if the two of the together on the chair.
I love the markings in China’s face and Rusty looks to have grown a bit since the last photo, he certainly looks very comfy anyway.

Your finished LO looks great. All the lovely bunting across the top is perfect for a sports day.
Happy Crafting!

Carmen said...

I'm so glad tpo read that things may not be as bad as feared. Have been thinking about you all lots.

Yay amd very excited to see you playing with paint - will be keeping an eye out for any progress. Love the finished page - I know that feeling of gratitude to the school so well, he sounds just like Ruby!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

If you're playing with paint and having fun, why should you feel the need to do anything with it? Sometimes the creating is the best part :)
Love the photo of the puss cats! China does look a bit put upon, lol, but cute kitten wins everyone around in the end!

Hugs, LLJ xx

Neet said...

Lovely to see Rusty and China so close to one another. Hope the problems get sorted in a good way for you and that your internet starts playing properly.
You take care - Thanks for sharing, Hugs Neet x #8

Carola Bartz said...

Of course I love the cats! I'm gald that I am not the only one who posts cat photos on WOYWW!
Sometimes we are just in limbo and have to wait what will happen to a LO or our entire artistic work. Perhaps you get a hang on painting or using paint in your LOs - you never know until you're tried.

Twiglet said...

Love the sports day LO. China and the kitten pic is so cute too.

MaggieC said...

I am back online via the old laptop and the Virgin modem (the PC is off to hospital tonight with Shaz Silverwolf's husband). Thanks for your visit earlier and your kind comments. If you would like to see where the rose card started, hop over to Shaz Silverwolf where you can see the anniversary card I did for her and the insert which then turned into the rose card.
Those layouts are looking good, with lots of other good things to nose at. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're decided about the LO now??? Rusty looks so cute!

Brenda... who woke up this morning with a sore throat! Thanks hubby!

Spyder said...

Aw, lovely pussy cats!! Hope you are well, have a great crafty week...I'm sobehind as always!

HapPy WoYwW!

Sam said...

I am with you on the internet problems! Every Wednesday night at about 10 we lose the connection!
Lovely layout you have done there and cute kitties!!
Have a good week!

karen said...

I love the little kitty picture too! So sweet!
Sorry to hear their is upheaval in your family life, I hope it will settle and you can get back to your crafting.
The LO you finished looks great to me with the pennants (bunting)! And I am sure that once you can fully concentrate the LO for the current one will come to you too!
xoxo Karen

Franka Benjaminsen said...

Good to hear the problems are not as big as they look in the first place. Hope it gives you some rest to start crafting again. Like the LO you've made and China and Rusty are adorable.
Thanks for visiting me. xFranka

Shazsilverwolf said...

Gorgeous Pusscats! I know what you mean about having things in your head that just will not transfer to reality! So annoying,lol.Running a bit late this week, have a good week, Shaz

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

The cat and kitten together are adorable. They may become friends, yet. And I like the layout you made, too. Good things come to those who wait and do things on their own terms. Happy belated WOYWW from # 11 this week.

Alison said...

Ah! Sports Days! I remember them well! A great excuse to embarrass our children, as my mum used to do! She was always the loudest! Lol! Great LO Angie! Love your cute kitties too! xx