Monday, September 26, 2011

West Wemyss …revisited … with a child

Although ruins can still be fun and of course the lure of the sea and a beach is very high on a child’s list of things to do, there is nothing that beats a Play Park for Kristofer…no matter how small it is.

Refreshments are very important too, so we had to pop in to The Walk Inn … which now sports a smart new sign … and was very busy.

…and last of course there are boats …I didn’t actually walk down to the end of the harbour last time …but I was dragged there this time …and he had so many ‘Why’ questions … about everything he saw....I think Nana Anja's answers kept him happy.

It was a beautiful afternoon and the rain stayed away until we got home.

Take Care xx


Arkansas Patti said...

That dish really looks like fun. Sometimes those "why" questions help us grown ups to look a little closer and to see better.

famfa said...

great photos - looks lovely - how ydo you get your photos grouped together like that?

weaverpat said...

What a great day spending time with your little grandson! He looks like he's having a ball.
The last time you posted about The Walk Inn they had just opened. I'm so glad to hear they are doing well.