Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WK 120 …Hoping for inspiration to come my way.

This week has flown by …totally lost Monday and nearly misplaced Tuesday.

I have just read that we are all in for an horrendous winter in the UK, starting mid October ….oh joy …more sky high heating bills…or maybe we should go back to the days of multiple jumpers, thick socks and a throw to bury ourselves under …not forgetting the dash between rooms through unheated halls and sitting in a freezing loo…. well we would save loads of money….and those of 60+ years must still remember a life before central heating....well in the Uk anyway. lol.

Anyway enough of all that …lets get to the job in hand …. WOYWW

Mine is covered in papers and photos …not sure where I am going with them yet but it’s the crop on Saturday and I need to take something. I tend to sort out some kind of kit that suits the photos …DD idea … a great one that works for her …and Vicki … but I usually manage to not take what I really need to finish the LO …and in some cases I cant even start, as by the time I sit down with them I don’t like what I’ve taken …including the papers.

Does anyone else suffer from ‘Cropitis’… the inability to create at a crop? I do seem to be the only one at ours …the rest of my fellow croppers, produce several works of art each meeting…. maybe the chatting and the eating of cakes, just distracts me. lol

I’m off now, and in the morning I will have a think about what I am going to create … and I will enjoy a long hop around as many fellow WOYWWers as I can … and again tomorrow, as I’m out on Friday, meeting old friends in Edinburgh, for lunch… yum.

Take Care xx

BTW ...thats Madison curled up on the bed ...she snuck in when I wasn't looking.


Lunch Lady Jan said...

Although I don't go to crops (apart from visiting Julia's once) I understand about feeling the pressure of having to make something in a certain situation. It just doesn't work for me - inspiration usually strikes out of the blue. Hope you have a great time in Edinburgh, a favourite place of mine. I love Valvona and Crolla's deli and the Botanic Gardens! Hugs, LLJ xx

Fuchsia said...

LOL I had to laugh when reading about the weather we were discussing exactly the same thing yesterday think I am going to invest in more woolies its cheaper than gas these days !!!!
love your workspace

Helen said...

I've never been to a crop, although I don't scrapbook and I understand that's what they are usually for. Your desk looks very busy today - have fun.
I had fun looking through your photos in your previous posts - I forgot to come back last time... they are great.

Twiglet said...

Got to agree about the weeks flying by. Been a bit hectic round here just lately!! I am going to chill this afternoon and knit a little cardi for that tiny new baby girl.

Arkansas Patti said...

Well I am not excited about the pending heating bills but I am looking forward to winter. I know--weird but then I am not one of the poor souls slugging through the snow going to work.
Have a feeling it will be a really cold one this year.

The Crafty Elf said...

I always love to visit here! I spotted Madison right away...she loves being with you, yes? What a great desk! I spied an adorable picture of a baby at the base of the lamp - too cute. A paper with
Zentangle on it...really really really want to try that. I think I would have to agree about the crop. I've never gone to one but would be afraid of taking all the wrong stuff!

Marjo said...

LOL, I am a fellow Cropitis sufferer. Thank goodness for the food and other goodies..what ever would I do if I they weren't there to distract me.

Thanks for sharing, have a great WOYWW!

xoxo Marjo #36

famfa said...

I have to say that cake always distracts me from what I am doing, even eating cake!!

ScrappnBee said...

It depends. Some crops are very productive...especially if I have a mental deadline for a vacation album or a gift. But most times it turns into a chat and eat fest. Happy WOYWW -Amanda

crafty cat corner said...

I remember the winters of old so well. My kids got quite fed up when I used to tell them how lucky they were.
Lino on the floor and only one fire in the house. Outside toilet, Old tin bath lugged in once a week if we were lucky and hoping to be the first in. lol
Shoes worn intil they nearly dropped off, and filling up on bread and marg if you were hungry.
I could go on but that's just a taster. Never did me any harm though and I've made it to 65.
As for the prophecy of a hard winter, lets see, they don't often get it right now do they?

JoZart said...

I can understand what you mean about cropitis.... I don't crop but I take everything bar the kitchen sink to workshops as I never know what I'll really need.
I remember Winters with frost and ice on the INSIDE of the windows "Oh! just throw another coat on the bed!" my mother would say as she passed me the stone water bottle.
Love joZarty x

SueH said...

Angie, I’m ‘only’ 55 and I can remember ice on the inside of our windows when I was small and the Blue haze from the paraffin heater in the bathroom when we had our baths….oh and that smell. I think I was in my late teen before dad installed central heating.

I can’t really comment about taking the right stuff to a crop because I’ve only ever been to one and that was about three years ago.
I do have the same problem thought when I spend a crafty day with my friend Lythan. I usually find I leave half of what I want back at home and although she usually has all the equipment I would need I like you use my own….don’t ask me why but it just doesn’t feel right using someone else’s.

Thanks for asking about the wedding stationery.
The ones in the photo are what I made for my God Daughter last year. They were happy for me to make them as their wedding present to help keep their costs down, but if I do stationery for anyone else I obviously charge for the materials and time.

Sorry this turned out to be so long Lol!

Happy Crafting!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't go to a crop for EXACTLY the reasons that you list! Hope you have a great time out in Edinburgh, sad to say I've never been. Loved the second part of your trip out.

Brenda 88

Pam said...

A hard winter ahead? Oh my. Just make sure you bundle up and stay warm enough to get some wonderful crafting done.

Bubbles said...

I'm looking forward to the cold winter - snuggling up under a pile of blankets with the cat and the dog and a peg on my nose (the dog is a bit old and smelly *lol*)

I never get anything done on a craft-night... too busy laughing and gossiping :)

Hope you've had a wonderful WOYWW!
aka Sheleen at PatchworkApples

voodoo vixen said...

Lovely busy desk Angie... I did read something about the weather being disgusting for you guys and yep. me is old enough to recall times pre-central heating and I don't want to go back to it... try vacuuming.. it always warms me up and I have clean carpets as a bonus!!

April said...

Oh your bit about the cold winter has made me smile!! I'm 31 not 60+ and I remember having no central heating :o) just a coal fire in the living room, ice on the inside of my bedroom window... brrrr I don't think I could cope now! I do have happy memories snugged up with my Mum in front of that roaring fire in the winter months though :o) not looking forward to another bad winter :o( luckily chunky knitwear is all the rage this year! Those papers on your desk are just gorgeous! Hope your inspiration returns soon. x

Cardarian said...

I don't do crops 'cause there are none around here but I can understand what is happening to you! He, he maybe it is the cakes that distract you!
Enjoy the lunch in Edinburgh!
Lots of hugs,

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Shozzy, Not crops to go to here we dont have them although they have craft days sometime but not often near here - always have to travel too far so generally craft on my own-some.
The times have been sharing are so much fun so rather enjoy the company and maybe that is what you do too - have fun blog-hoping and finishing your LO.
Happy WOYWW and thanks so much for popping over running late again this week - I have come to the conclusion Wednesday goes from one week to another - not just on the day!!
Shaz in oz.x

Shazsilverwolf said...

Glad I'm not the only one who loses days! Loved your post, and Madison is gorgeous! Happy WOYWW, Shaz

Sue said...

Hi Anjie, I remember going to Trafalgar Sq and feeding the pidgeons too! in bedknobs and broomsticks when he sings feed the birds always takes me back there too, hee hee. Now what a wonderful array of photos to crop, good luck choosing, I have that problem with my cards deciding which papers to use!!! these executive decisions we have to make eh! Happy Crafting to you, Sue xx

DottyA Cards & Things said...

I have a hard time doing scrapbooking any more... I think I like the quick high I get when I finish a card and it takes me to long to do a page anymore!!
Happy Scrapin!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Angie, remember life before central heating ... I've still got the chillblain scars! I've never been to a crop but I do think I'd be the same as you - I'd find I hadn't taken just the very piece of paper, card, embellishment, photograph I wanted. I never have a plan, my pages sort of grow organically, so short of taking the entire contents of my craft space I'm not sure I'd accomplish much at all. Elizabeth x #125

Sue from Oregon said...

Oh my..I spy some very interesting pictures on your desk! Lots of inspiration!

Tertia said...

I don't do many crops. I have some friends that come over to scrap sometimes and then I end up doing nothing anyway. I am so glad I now know that it has a name. 'Cropitis', I like it, sounds like a great excuse - thanks.

Sam said...

I can spy some lovely papers there.
As for the weather we are in for a good week next week so enjoy it while we can. At least when it is horrid we can sit inside and scrapbook to our hearts content ey!!

Twiglet said...

Just to say thanks for positive vibes for Annie & co. They certainly need all they can get at the mo. x Jo

Mrs A. said...

Just read with horror your news about the bad winter expected. We had already agreed the heating wasn't going on until Dec1st to pay for the 20%extra fuel costs the gas board is going to charge.! Woollies, blankets here we come!! Hope your crop went ok. Have a nice lunch. Hugs Mrs A.

MaggieC said...

I don't think I could cope with trying to create with others. I am too disorganised and just grab things as I need them for any given project. Having seen you comments about the weather, I think we shall be stocking up on logs and coal ready for our multifuel burner, in case the boiler freezes up again this winter.

Neet said...

I don't crop but I know what you mean. When I go to our stamping club I spend most of my time chattering - get very little done. Happy WOYWW - Hugs, Neet x

Carola Bartz said...

Madison is a good cat that she doesn't walk through your stuff, leaving tiny kitty paws on your photos... Have fun at the crop, hope you can create something!