Monday, September 07, 2009

Birthday's & Cards ...Butterflies and The Boys

Today is DD's Birthday ... she is not having a party but has been doing things since Saturday ... starting with drinking with friends. Yesterday we chilled, chatted and opened presents a day early ... ate her favourite supper of 'Poor Mans Roast' ...rather like a meatloaf ... followed by warm Cherry Muffins and ice cream, made by Vicki. Today she is having a special meal with Vicki at a restaurant in our nearest proper town and then going for an evening swim?? Tomorrow is a day in Edinburgh, with her brother and his family, not forgetting a lunch out. ... she said it is a birthday with all that she could wish for ... friends and family... and good food ... not to mention great pressies.
As I sat and made her cards yesterday, I wondered where the years have gone ... is she really 37 ... I still feel I need to protect her ...warn her of the dangers in the big bad world out there ..worry for her. Then I think of me at that age ... and how irritated I got with my mother when she told me to be careful about something or other ... inside I would scream 'Do you really think I am still a child' ... but deep down I knew she did it because she cared and I hope the same is true for us. I really am trying to remember that she is all grown up lol ... but then she will always be my daughter ... a child is for life.

I haven't done anymore to my mini book yet as I feel I may need to order some pictures but as I said above,I did make my DD cards.
Please remember ... I'm not a card maker .... tried to be a little arty on the little one

WHY TWO???? .... no not just incase she didn't like one ... the big one is from the cats .... sorry ... cant help it ... we have always done it ...we are just soppy lol.

Here come a group of butterfly shots ... had to take some more before the flowers on the bush were finally no more. Not good on what they are but I think I have captured a Peacock and possibly a Red Admiral ... but it looks a bit orange ... not sure about the other ...possibly Painted Lady.

Now its The Boys ... as you will know from earlier posts, Emma has not rushed into them feeding themselves ... or the use of cutlery. They are fine with finger food lunches but to save time and sanity, she spoon feeds them all other 'messy' food, 'til their coordination is a little better, but they devour it all with glee anyway.
Well yesterday was a first ... and she sent the photos ...these are just three of them but they made my day and proved Emma's point ...but they are still smiling and devouring everything lol.



Hope they made you laugh .... or revisit those times!!!!

Lastly I cannot wait for the postman as he will be bringing me my very first ever blog prize ...A sizzix Giveaway from Ann, on CUPBOARD CRAFTER. Thankyou again much.

Take care xx


Julia Dunnit said...

What a fab post proud of your lovely daughter you are; I hope me and Miss D will be as close as you two remain. The pics of the boys!! Oh my, they look so pleased with themselves and yes, it takes me back but also of coure, I don't mind the mess now; I realise how short a time it is! Bless them.

Sarah said...

Thats soooo funny, their faces are a picture.
Don't they grow up so quick. So true though however old they are they will always be your children and will always worry.

Lovely cards.

Take care

Ann said...

Lovely cards, especially the one from the cats, they are obviously very talented! And to boys' photos made me smile. Those days pass so quickly - blink and they're gone!
I hope you got your parcel safely.

Linda Elbourne said...

That picture of the boys is brilliant ... and not a card maker??? ... I think you are! That card with the hearts is fabulous ... I love it ... love the other one too but not quite as much :0)

P.S I am the same with my daughter X

Carmen said...

Craigs Mum always sends a card from the dogs. Craig gets very humpty that I get one from the dogs and he doesn't! Hehehehe! Love the cards - I love them both but err of preference for the arty one... maybe it's the grunginess of it that appeals to me ;) been using to much pink cupcakey cute stuff lately.

Those pictures are fantastic and it's true a picture paints a thousand words and yes your post has definitely made me chuckle tonight. I would still give your daughter those words of wisdom Angie, I wish my Mum was still around to give them to me :) I may have moaned and tutted at the time but I miss them now they're not here ;)

Emilie said...

Your cards are gorgeous! And I totaly get why you get a card from the cats... I sign from my dog... so I guess I'm like you...
You bfly shots are great!
And your two little sweety! what a lot of fun!
Take care

Biskit said...

Love your cards! Butterfly shots are fabulous, and those shots of the boys are just wonderful.

Morning's Minion said...

Oh those boys! Classic! My husband is an identical twin and he eats everything very slowly. He insists it is because he got every other spoonfull when his Mom was feeding them--so he learned to savor each mouthful and make it last!
I am quite in awe of what you can do with paper and embellishments--so clever.
By the way, when I was growing up my cats always had a Christmas tree of their own--very important to include the cats!

Mole said...

I love the hearts card ... of course you're a cardmake!!!!!
And as for the messy monsters - well!!!!!

Genevieve said...

Oh! Double trouble! Those kiddos are so cute!