Saturday, September 12, 2009

Food Glorious Food

When it comes to eating out in Edinburgh you are spoilt for choice. The range is vast ... from cheap and cheerful cafes and High Street fast food to very 'posh nosh' ... usually a little too pricey. However there are a large number of places that may not be modern and full of gleaming glass ... or heavily adorned with velvet and antiques ... yet produce great food at reasonable prices.

Emma found this one one for us all to enjoy lunch at, on DD's birthday.
Not sure why an ironing board and the other bits were suspended from the ceiling ...maybe for atmosphere ?? ... or to worry those who have a little too much to drink lol.

They were friendly and allowed the boys ... and their push chair ... to come in. They didn't rush us and actually had two high chairs. Who would have thought it ... in a Pub!! Their menu was not the normal one found in such places and sounded quite yummy but in addition they had a 'British Sausage Menu'. You chose the type you fancied and they served it with Mashed Potato and lashings of Red Onion gravy ...or you could have them as 'Toad in the Hole'.
Just to make your taste buds tingle I will name but a few ...Cumberland ...Lincolnshire Smokey ... Venison, Juniper and Gin ... Spicy Lamb and Apricot and a Veggie Carrot and Parsnip one.

Even though I was quite full from my Lincolnshire Smokey and mash, I had to have a 'pud' ...well we all did ... I chose Banoffee Pie and I was not disappointed at all.
In fact I could find nothing wrong with the meal at all, which ...if you ask DD ... is a miracle. I always find fault with something ... well several things usually and I get annoyed at spending money on a meal that I could have cooked better myself. I tend to point out the things I feel are poor and then everyone I'm with gets fed up with me moaning ....funny thing is the more expensive ... the more faults I find and the longer I moan.

I would like to add that we ...well I ... had several vodkas and lemonade and became a little warm and relaxed

Take Care xx


my5bratz said...

you're looking relaxed :0) sounds like you had a fab time...went out with friends last night to the Gaels club and wishing I'd thought to take photos...oh well, we'll just have to go again ;0)

Morning's Minion said...

There seems to be a trend in this country as well to display vintage items in eateries. My daughter is still intrigued by a "chandelier" which we encountered in a cafe when we moved her family across the country three years ago. It was fashioned from colorful Fiesta-ware teacups and saucers.
I'm not sure I'd like something the size of an ironing board dangling above my head while I was eating.
I agree that pricey restaurants seldom live up to expectations. [Not that we go to such places very often!] My husband likes quite plain food, nicely prepared. I enjoy some vegetarian dishes, pasta, soup and salad bars. Neither of us can abide "fast food." Our best option in this area is a Mexican restaurant. We have a Mexican friend who sometimes goes there with us and he advises me to try dishes that I might not choose on my own. Most places serve way more than we want to eat at one sitting, so we usually miss out on dessert!
Being a tee-totaler, I don't know much about different drinks, but I would say the spiked lemonade merely added a happy dimension to the meal--a nice photo of you enjoying a family outing.

Helen said...

Hi Angie
I have found your blog at last!


I love your card with the hearts on - its so beautiful - I love the colours, purple and black .... and that arty farty look

I don't stamp a lot ..... but I'd really love to know who makes that set so I can put it on my wish list.

Ruthie said...

OOOOO thanks so much for that Angie - will be going out on Tuesday so will check before hand -



Julia Dunnit said...

What a fantastic photo of you Angie, I'm with you, a gin and smething fizzy with a meal in good company is a great treat. Wish I could have gate crashed!

Ann said...

What a lovely photo of you looking 'mellow'. I drink alcohol so rarely that when I do have one glass it gets me rosy-cheeked and mellow too!
Glad you enjoyed what sounds like an excellent meal.

Linda Elbourne said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time and that photo is wonderful ... you look happy and relaxed ... a lovely picture!

Jocelyn said...

Oh I just adore the pics.....Sounds so yummy....Ok..I am going to have to visit so that you can teach me all about your cuisine.....That PIE made my mouth water and the picture of you is just PERFECT!!!!! So glad that you enjoyed you meal and time spent with the family!!! :) Have a great week sweet friend!!!

Carmen said...

Mmmm sounds delicious, a perfect evening. Though no longer a vegetarian that veggie sausage sounds mightily tasty!

Love thatpicture of you - you do look verrry relaxed.

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